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Submitted: December 02, 2013

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Submitted: December 02, 2013



The woods were dark, leaves rustling with the wind. Four sat around a fire, bathing in its warmth. It had been a long day, hiking through the dense forest. But it was worth it, the trial of the trail. Each step brought a new wonder and them closer to nature. Further and further away from airwaves, radio waves, microwaves. There was no signal here, no network. Just the way Tony wanted it, he had wanted to come alone, but this is are what best friends are for. To get in the way when you want to do some serious alone time mopping.

He had know Julie since they were children, her boyfriend John was his best friend and Julie's best friend Tania was his girlfriend. He didn't really mind that there were here, now he wouldn't get drunk around the fire and mop. That might be what he wanted but its not what his grandfather would have approved. Grandpa Anthony had raised him since his parents passed away. Now as he finished university, as Anthony called it waster-versity and was ready to take care of himself, Anthony passed away. It was sudden, he was healthy for an 79 yr old veteran. Perhaps it was the shock or losing his only parental support, Tony wanted to get drunk and be mopey. But that was not to be, so he laughed as they remembered his grandfather catching the four of them after they had taken a joyride. That had been John's plan, he always had a way with machines.

So they laughed and roosted some marshmallows, not the most nutritious meal, they were saving that for tomorrows lunch. It would have been nice, within sight of a small waterfall a picnic and then they would pour Grandpa Anthony's ashes in with the fall. He had wanted to be in this forest, he loved it here.

But this was not to be, for as the flame flickered the shadows around them grew thicker. This would not be out of the ordinary if not for the denseness of the shadows, which went unnoticed by Julie as she dozed off by the fire. Tania wasn't so lucky she felt the cold hard surface of the shadow against her, before she could scream she was surrounded. The shadows were harder then steel and as they closed in around her even her screams did not make it past their dense frames.

To Tony and John it appeared as if slowly she was absorbed into the darkness. They both sprang towards her, John's foot caught on a rock twisting his ankle and taking his head to the ground. His head hit a log and as luck would have it he passed out. Tony arms reached for the shadows. He realized his error to late, as his hands met the cold hard surface of the shadow, he too was enveloped in darkness.



On a another planet.


Light gleamed through the wall as he awoke, first came the realization that he had fed, he was not hungry, he content, rested, the light was bright. As he turned he saw saw his shields set out and he remembered. Today was his initiation, he was going to enter the ranks of scholars that studied the worlds mysteries. Now he remembered how he had prepared and been tested. How after what felt like eons of hunger he had finally proven himself worthy, having the determination required to tackle the unknown. How his body ached after enduring brutal battles against nature itself, with mighty waves pushing him back he had moved forward. Thus showing his unwavering search for truth. He remembered the words spoken to him at when he first gained consciousness..."do not be late". Those words had always puzzled him, and as usual as he lay still thinking about those words he remembered he was late.

His people have been called many names that they are not aware of, they refer to themselves as Ommdev. Their people have lived for eons traveling across space though they are not aware of it. Their awareness of their place in the universe came slowly, like ours, while we move around the sun staying within our solar system they weave a more wider orbit. It was in his lifetime that they realized that they were moving between galaxies, their orbit extends through the known universe. The transit between galaxy allowed for conformation of this theory. They managed to predict the phase cycle that would occur during a transit, they became fully solid, part of the universe, and not in the dark manner that the old religion claimed but as themselves. As the transit ended so did this state, now they could move through matter and travel through this new galaxy and its many solar system. Oh how bright it was, he remembered as he stared at the sky.

But there were many mysteries yet to solve, what force propelled them thus, how did they phase and can it be controlled, how to communicate with the beings within the galaxies they had seen, what had happened to those galaxies they past and most important to him why was nutrition so scare, and what was sustaining them?

The last two questions were taboo and only the remnants of the old religion had been allowed to study this matter. Even now that initiates are allowed to ask any question even if they haven't taken the old oaths, his will shock the witnesses that attend. "meh" he exclaimed, he was going to be late.

As he raced towards the grand hall, he marveled at its symmetry. To say his people enjoyed symmetry was an understatement, they required it. Over centuries this could be observed in the effect it had on their domesticated flora and fauna. They would not however destroy or scorn lack of symmetry but instead look for the symmetry, their psychology would not allow them to be content till symmetry was found. In fact several initiates had gained fame by finding symmetry in odd objects. The root of this behavior was believed to be the old religion. The main teaching of the old religion was that all things are connected, that in fact the degree of connection between something that was always observed connected and always could be proved connected was the same as something that was never observed nor proved connected. This brought forth a earning to see things as the same, which manifested itself through a need for observing symmetry.


This need for symmetry is what formed his question, disguised as a search for symmetry he could not he held back by supporters of the old ways. It would be his defense against blasphemy. He walked up the steps of the hall, in a distance he could hear the committee. He was in luck they had not yet began. He wondered why, but quickly decided not to worry about. he had bigger questions to tackle.

The administrator of proceedings appeared before him, "Just in time, you need to make your way down to the pit, if you survive the climb to the platform you will first be congratulated DO NOT at this time sit, you will then be asked if you want to ask a question"


She smirked, "If you don't have one, one will be provided for you later, simply bow your head and say "Grant me" understand"


Pointing at a set of stairs to her left she said " Down that way, GO no time to waste"


He didn't need to ask her but he said "Just to be sure if i have a question i simply state it and the say Grant me, right?"


She laughed "Yes, now get going", she thought she might have to see this, most that asked their own questions provided quite the laugh.


He didn't understand this part, sure the climb up was a little tiring but who would falter here after all they had been through to get here, "This is stupid, why am i doing this?" he thought. Then smiled and continued upward.


The committee stared at the young one, proud that another had made it through. The high guard congratulated him first "Shah bash", the others followed. He smiled. Then they claimed and silence filled the room. "Do you want to ask a question", the high guard said. He stared at them, almost bowing his head under their gaze. Then he remembered his trails, lifting his head he said " Where is the symmetry in our nourishment?"


Silence filled the hall.


One of the committee had the slightest of smiles.


"Grant me"


The high guard waited another moment, "Seek"


The administrator woke out of her shock, "You may be seated"



"The rest of the ceremony is closed to the public, please exit the hall in an orderly manner"


The doors closed, his chair hovered so he could now see straight in to the eyes of the committee, most of them were smiling now.


"Do you know what you have done, you cant take it back now, even if you did someone else would bring it up, you should have waited for privacy" said the high guard

"Oh come now it had to happen eventually, but hope you can handle it, you would be laying the building block, if you falter it could set us back for years"

"You mean to tell me we are going to allow this, they will be riots"

"If you need to have your people hurt this boy, let us be clear any action taken against a initiated scholar will be met with devastating consequences"

He coughed.

"I was told never to apologize for asking questions, and as for my safety, there are no reported believers in the north crescent"

"There are believers everywhere, some have merely forgotten"

"The north crescent, Why the north crescent"

"Wait wait lets get out of these bloody costumes and chairs, the meeting room tomorrow will do, the man needs some rest"


He couldn't help but smile as he left the hall, this was it he was initiated. All doors would be open, he mere had to ask. He stepped onto a transport platform, do i really need to meet with them again, he thought to himself. He could ask the transport platform to take him to the north crescent, though it make more sense to go to the transport terminal. from there he could take a transport sphere. The north crescent was a mountainous region, uneven terrain with remarkable and undocumented flora and fauna. A transport sphere was better equipped to handle the journey. He laughed, "Its real, i can start planning how to get there".


The metallic handle on the platform turned clear buzzing as it did "Initiate, please return to hall for processing" it echoed in the secretaries voice. He stepped off the platform begrudging.

"I thought that was all that was required of me"

"Oh yes, it is, your an initiate but only the council, you and i know it"

"i don't understand"

"i need to log you into the system, share the code with the rest of the wave, especially if you are going to the north"

"They wont simply take my word for it"

"Of course they would silly boy, but this way they don't have to, it was part of high guards question, the symmetry of trust"

Still puzzled he followed her to the wave monitor room, light filled the room, a single chair in the center.

"have a seat, lets not waste time"

He had been scanned before, everyone was after every milestone in ones life. He was nervous, he was puzzled. He had been scanned a month ago after all the trials, he had done nothing since, but with for this day. There was no reason anything should be different with his wave. Ones wave comprised of not only ones mental and physic pattern but also the history of all its progress, surely a month of doing nothing was not going to amount to much progress. Could simply asking a question lead to a change, he wondered out loud.

"You would be surprised, i believe the last initiate was assigned this question, she is finding some interesting stuff"

"You might met her, she is at the north crescent station, funny girl" with a hint of glea in her eye "she keeps a pet shaitan"


"well thats something that would change my wave, i did not know that shaitans could be tamed"


"They cant"


Then everything went blank, but he knew not to panic this was part of the scan. It helped get reproducible results if there was no external input. Blocking thoughts of a growling shaitan he imagined a yellow ball and focused on it, its the image he used for every scan since he would remember.


Standing up he asked "how does blocking of senses work?"


"Well i don't know, this doesn't, it briefly extracts your consciousness"




"i don't fully understand it but its in the archives, i believe it was the high guards question, so long ago, i remember that day," laughing she continued "he was so nervous he almost tripped over himself"


"Off you go now, but don't go off to the north for at least a couple of days"


......meanwhile on earth


Fear, that had been the word to summarize the years that had past since the incident. Tony did not like that word but he had no courage to argue, he was afraid. Not of the shadows, he knew what lurked there and that nothing could be done if they choose to act. No, his fear was deeper, he blamed himself for what happened. At first it was just that he didn't get to her in time, then it was that he choose the camp site, then that he let them come along and finally that he had loved them enough to bring them along. While the fear of fear itself is wise, the fear of love is debilitating. But not paralyzing, Tony had been busy, he had made leaps in the field of physics and was now head of the department of temporal relative defense strategies. It had taken 10 years to find the truth of what had happened that night. It would not have been possible if the location did not retain traces of what happened. He had been able to get a grant to get the equipment, but he hadn't told them he was going to lug it through the woods. But it had worked out and then he was able to reproduce the effect, the energy had fortuitous advantages. This lead to the more funding and his eventual post as head of department of TRDS. Most of the public did not quite understand how the new leaps in technology were possible. It seemed to them that they now had an an unlimited supply of energy via a loop hole in time and space. Which is actually exactly what it was and the weapons developed using it were devastatingly accurate. The world was united by the strength this gave the American army. As well the prosperity that came with clean unlimited energy. There was peace on earth.

But this peace made Tony uncomfortable, not just cause he knew there was something out there in the dark, but because he feared love. Still he had managed to continue his search for the Terrestrial Galvanized Bioforms (TGB) and for Intelligent Tachon Neutralizers (ITN). But there was a small portion of scientist that were starting to refer to TGB & ITN as Things that Go Bump In The Night. He knew that given a chance they would spread. Still it would years before they had the momentum required to oppose him, he was a hero, a some what eccentric celebrity.

He didn't feel real when he was in front of the cameras, he almost didn't believe it was him when he saw the footage.

The person speaking had charisma and a life force that was drawing people in. They were his ideas, but the delivery was what sold them. performances like that would buy time.

In theory it would work, the meta intelligence blaster (M.I.B), it could destabilize a field that had any network function, i.e a brain. Well it wouldn't work so well on terrestrial beings, but the nature of TGB & INT would allow for the propagation of the destabilizing effect. He had a working prototype for a month, but nothing to test it on.


That was soon to change.




He would have never thought it possible but here he was riding a shaitan across the icy planes. And the impossible thing was that wasn't the most improbable thing that had happened today. He had figured it out what it was that sustained them. The horror of it, it was straight out of the old stories, well not quite. The old ways had them portrayed as gods that picked chosen to be scarified. But it was just them needing sustenance. The victim had to conscious for the transfer to work, they drained matter through time and space via consciousness. He paused and thought victim, no not victim, that was the wrong word. He needed to learn more, the device he constructed had let him be conscious during the last transit. But he could not wait for the next transit to happen he need to build a device that allowed transition at will, he needed to examine their food source.

There she was nuzzled close to her shaitan, peacefully resting next to the monstrous thing. She had taught him that while shaitan cant be tamed they can tame you. The shaitan had a complicated set of ritual behavior to differentiate between friend and foe. No two shaitan had the same set, and they tend to have poor memory. This explains why they didn't overrun the planet, they were all but unstoppable, but apparently mating rituals were even more complicated.

He pauses thinking to stay, but them remembers he would tell her what he knows if he stayed. He could not keep it from her, he had to get back to his lab. He placed the supplies he had said he would bring her. And climbed on to his shaitan, waking on his hands till he was on its back, the flipping over. They charged toward his work.




M.I.B had worked well it didn't kill it, the power settings might need to be adjusted. But he had knocked it unconscious, captured it. He noticed the beginning of a disturbance in the earths magnetic field, a blimp really, just slightly higher then background variation. It was the location that caught his eye. It was the camp site where he had gone to deal with his grandfathers death, where he has lost his friends. Part of him drove up cause he wanted to pay respect to them, to show he hadn't forgotten them. The part that packed the M.I.B in the trunk, did it cause it wanted to stop being afraid.

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