Seconds to Freedom

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A short story about the last day of school in a classroom. This got published in a local newspaper.

Submitted: December 23, 2012

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Submitted: December 23, 2012




It was the last few minutes of the school year and the students struggled to hold back the feelings of joy and excitement that plagued them from the eye of the rigid teacher who prepared himself to dispense a detention, to any of the children, which would be served on the first day of school the subsequent year.

All the students were eagerly watching the clock as the seconds counted down. In the mind of the majority of the students, every second that passed became one more second closer to utopia. In contrast, to some of the students, the clock had stopped minutes ago and they prepared to accept the reality of school ceasing to discontinue. Nevertheless, the loyal clock ticked toward a long vacation free from the bonds of math and papers.

As the last minute sluggishly approached, one student, an energetic boy, could not restrain his delight any longer and abruptly jumped to his feet and began singing the song “Vacation” by Connie Francis. The moment this transpired, the teacher determined that he would terminate this immorality and immediately appointed a detention to the boy. This nauseated the boy, and he attempted to abolish this injustice. Regardless, the teacher would not accede to a debate with the sullen student.

This teacher was always petulant; furthermore, he would allot massive assignments that  demanded completion in diminutive time periods. On one of the worst of these occasions, he assigned a massive research project in the midst of final exam preparation for his class. Even if this does not appear as taxing work, it was, since this teacher’s class had at least 50 pages of notes to study.

As the last 30 seconds approached, the hapless student slumped back to his seat in cheerlessness, and the other students watched in sheer awe and incredulity. Seeing this, the teacher seized this next opportunity like a character pouncing on his cue in a play and said,

“Quit staring, I should give you all detentions for just the looks on your faces!”

In accordance, and almost like a dream, the students began to shift around nervously, as if the teacher dictated to them at gunpoint. However, one student, a daring senior, who came to accompany his class of juniors, stood up, and snapped,

“What is wrong with you? Why would you do that? These poor kids are barely making it by as it is! Do you ever have any fun when you are at home? Do you not have friends?”


Immediately the final bell rang, and the students hastened out of the room to evade the spectacle at work and inaugurate their summer life. However, concerning the senior, no one really knew what happened to him subsequent to that class. Some students asserted that the school had him jailed for harassment, yet others declared that the school commanded him never to return. Anyhow, all we know is that he tarried after school that day and composed a letter of apology to the teacher for his actions. Afterwards, he proceeded home and began formulating a story.

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