Don't let anyone tell you your dreams are unrealistic.

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This is the first story I wrote for my Tumblr account. It's a short short story (about 300 words) that I wrote after seeing this post on my dashboard.

Submitted: September 02, 2012

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Submitted: September 02, 2012



I was flying through the sky. Everything was so beautiful the wind was blowing through my hair and I felt invincible. I could still see my house, our street and all the people preparing for work in the early morning. I flew higher and the meadows sprung from the horizon, it was the most beautiful view ever. I started to move west towards the seaside. The meadows disappeared, but huge cities took their place. They were just as beautiful, if not even more interesting to look at. Streams of people walked down the streets, all part of one big machine, with traffic lights guiding them along. The high skyscrapers and office buildings formed the skyline. I never wanted to leave this place. I passed the city and finally reached my destination, the seaside. The beach underneath me was clear and empty. I had never seen such a clean beach before. The sea behind it was just as empty and beautiful. I slowly descended back to earth and landed on the clear beach. As I set down I could see the sun shining its first beams for this day and the sea was softly cleaning my feet. I felt like I was being pulled away into the sea and became part of that sunrise.

Suddenly I woke up. As I turned around, I realised I wasn’t lying in my own bed. I wasn’t even lying in a bed. Confused I opened my eyes and realised where I was. I smiled. I really was flying. I looked out of the window and saw the first sunbeams of the day crawling over the white clouds. Just five minutes later we broke through the thick woollen layer and there it was, New York. We flew right over the high skyscrapers and I realised it had been the truth all along. Dreams do come true.

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