Headless White Lady

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A legend in our place really scary... there's a lot of ghost around but seeing a headless white lady is A double scare

I am Josh. I live in the Baguio City, Philippines, our place is a well known place for ghost hunting cause there are many spot where you can see ghost.

In our place the story of a ghost is the Headless white lady, according to the elders in our place there was a lady during the Japanese era that is raped and killed, and the worst done to her was her head was separated from her body. They say that the two big trees in our area was where the Japanese buried her body and head, the head was buried in the large Mango Tree and the body is in the Narra Tree.

A lot of people already encountered this ghost, some say they saw a headless lady, walking in a straight path from the Narra Tree to the Mango tree. Another was once drunk guys tried to put gas in the Mango Tree and tried to burn it but in they were shocked because the tree won’t burn even though they put gas on it, and suddenly they suddenly saw long hair coming out from the trunk of the tree.

I didn’t believe in these stories and I didn’t even believe in ghosts until one time I encountered it. It was cold day in January, my family members went to the province to visit our grandparents. I wasn’t feeling well during that time so I decided to stay and also to take care of the dog. After cleaning the house all day, I started to play computer.

At 10 pm that night my dog started to howl strangely, the howl was a bit scary cause its like the dog’s howl in scary movies, at first I didn’t mind but since he didn’t stop I got irritated and let him enter the house. He just went under the sofa so I went back in the second floor where the computer room is located. Few minutes have passed I hear someone knocking at the door in the second floor. I was shocked because the door in the second floor is only used for site seeing and it doesn’t have any stairs going up. I was thinking maybe it was my friend who I called to come over, but the knock stops after that I received a text from my friend that he cant come cause he is on a party.

The knock started again, I rushed to get my base ball bat in my room, thinking maybe there was a thief trying to enter the house. I slowly walk near the door and when I opened it, I was stunned and dropped my weapon. I saw the white lady, bloody and headless. Seeing the neck bleeding I can’t prevent myself to puke, I thought the world has stop I cant hear anything just my heart beating so fast and hard, I closed my eyes. After few seconds, I heard my dog barking, that made me back to my senses. When I opened my eyes, the lady disappeared. I quickly closed the door and went to my room, buried myself in the blanket and started praying, I cant sleep during night.

Early morning I went to my friend place and tell him what happened that night. He also said he saw the Headless White lady walking, he also heard a voice of a crying lady asking for help, and shouting “Where is my Head”. My friend told me that one week before the incident the Mango tree where the lady’s head was buried was cut down so that a new building will be build. He said that maybe the ghost was lost since she cant find the Tree where her head was located. Up until now the Headless White lady is still roaming in our area looking for her Head.

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That's quite creepy..

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Thanks :]

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