Three Crosses Carved in a Tree

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Camping and Ghost Hunting at the same time!!!
The forest is full of mysteries, behind those mysteries are stories!

Ghost hunting can a hobby to some, a challenge to many but I know someone who is really obsessed with it. His my friend Junar but the funny thing about him is he didn’t tried a Ghost hunting ever.

When we are drinking in a bar Junar always share the stories he read from books. I was not paying attention to him because he always tell that he really want to try Ghost hunting, until my other friend Jonatz told us where we can find ghost. He said her lola (GrandMother) once told her a very scary story but he forgotten about the details of that story. The day after that we went to Jonatz province with one purpose, “Ghost Hunting”.

After more than 5 hours of traveling, we finally arrived in an old house where Jonatz lived when he was young. His aunt prepared a lunch for us. After eating 3 of us gathered in the room of Jonatz’s grandmother. She started sharing the story.

During the Spaniard colonization in the Philippines, a family decided to live in a forest where they can escape the brutality of the Spaniards. They live happily for years, the Father who is a farmer had a farm where he grows crops so that his family can eat. When he has big harvest, he goes to town and sell some of it. The Spaniards discovered about that farm. The Spaniard warns the Farmer that if he don’t give his land his family will die. The Farmer didn’t give his land because its their only source of living. When the Farmer is away the Spaniards took the farmer’s family, killed them and then hanged them in a Pine Tree. The story became famous because that forest is near their area.

5:00 pm we left the house and went to the forest where the Pine tree is located. We are so disappointed when a guard blocked us saying that the place is already a private property and trespassing is not prohibited. While our friend Junar trying to convince the guard I was distracted when I saw a guy, He looked at us and rushed in the forest. I was gonna ask the guard but Junar already convinced the guard by paying 500 pesos and the guard told us that we must leave tomorrow after our camping. After an hour of hiking, we found the tree, it’s a very big Pine tree guessing like a hundred year old tree. First we build our tent and started to cook because it was getting dark.We planned to wait till midnight and check the tree.

12:00 it was a full moon that night. We observed the tree and we saw 3 cross carved on the trunk of the tree. A very cold wind passed on us, I had a goosebumps all over my body, Jonatz rushed in our tent. I called Junar and followed our friend. We saw our friend sitting in the corner and when we tried to talk to him he didn’t answer anything. Worried about our friend we packed our things and then went back to town. When we are on the way, its like we can’t find our way out because we keep on returning where we build our camp. We are haunted, we decided to build our tent again and sleep, tomorrow maybe we can find our way at daylight.

In the morning, we actually got out of the forest but the bad news is our friend Jonatz is still not talking. When we arrived in the house of Jonatz’s grandmother. We got shocked when Jonatz cried and shouted that he saw 3 bodies hanged in that big Pine Tree. I don’t know how to react on that so I asked Junar. “I saw it too, thanks to you that you called my name because I was also stunned on what I saw, I didn’t told you because I knew that you didn’t saw it and it will just make the situation worse if three of us are not stable”, Junar said. I went to Jonatz’s Grandmother and told him what we saw. “The 3 cross that was carved in the trunk of the tree was carved by the guy who saw the body of the family”, the old lady replied. “How come there are 3 bodies, I thought the only one that was killed by the Spaniard is the mother and the son?” I asked quickly. “The third body was the Farmer’s body, he was the first who saw his family hang up in the tree, what he did is he took a rope and hanged himself in the tree”, she mentioned. I was saddened and returned to my friends. I asked what’s the Farmer look like. “He was wearing a white shirt and his pants is full of mud” Junar answered. I was stunned that was the guy I saw when we are talking to the guard. I predicted that maybe he saw the gun that the guard is wearing and rushed to his family. After he saw his family hang up in the tree he took his own life to follow his family. A father that won’t left his family, taking his own life just to be with them.

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this was very interesting! your choice of words is very well done choosen :) keep it up !
` Mona

Tue, August 31st, 2010 8:32am


Thanks i'm still an amateur in writing.. Thanks again

Tue, August 31st, 2010 2:30am

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