Chemo Buddies

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Spencer had everything going for her, great job, her own place, and a date with a guy she had been wanting to go out with. Something the doctors told her has changed everything, and now her future seemed very dim. Devon had a great job, his own place, and a girl that he fell in love with at first site, but now his health has caused him to put his life on hold. Will Spencer and Devon find each other? Or will everything fall apart?

Submitted: September 12, 2010

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Submitted: September 12, 2010



Spencer sat in her lounge chair, her head leaned back against the soft pillow. She closed her eyes as the doctor's words rung in her ears over and over. "You have cancer," he had said. "You have cancer." The words rung in her ears again. She wiped at a tear angrily as it slid down her face. She hated the word cancer, it was an ugly dirty word to her. What kind did the doctor say I had? Spencer put her head in her hands. "Acute lymphoblastic leukemia!" She cried. Then she thought about Devon. How can I go out with him now? She asked herself. It wouldn't be fair to go out and fall in love and then annouce you have cancer.

Spencer had met Devon at the sonic. They always parked by one another. She always ordered the number 2 hamburger, and she had noticed he always ordered the same. She had caught him looking at her a couple of times and she was sure he had noticed her looking at him as well. Finally last Monday she had gotten her nerve up and asked him out. He had said yes for a date on Friday, which was tonight. But now Spencer didn't no if it was a good idea or not. She would soon be fighting the battle of her life and doing it alone would probably be the right way to go. She was sure he wouldn't want to be tied down to a soon to be puking bald headed lady. More tears spilt down her face as she reached for the phone to call Devon.


Devon walked alone the sandy beach, gazing out at the monsterous waves. He felt like walking out into the ocean and let one of them waves sweep him away. He thought his life was finally going somewhere, and then he got the news from the doctor. "You have Osteosarcoma," the doctor had said. Devon had sat in his chair wondering if that was bad, and if it was fixable? Then the doctor had said it in english. "It's cancer." Devon wasn't the type of person to get scared, but he was so scared. He didn't no what to do or who to turn to.

"Why me!" He yelled loudly over the roaring waves. Then he thought of Spencer. How can I go out with her now? He asked himself. Would it be fair for her to go on this date? And maybe fall in love? Heck he knew that he was already in love, but still it wouldn't be fair. Was he to tell her he has cancer over dinner? Devon bent down and picked up a sea shell and threw it in the ocean angrily. "Crap!" He yelled. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. His fingers trembled as he punched the buttons.


Spencer's fingers felt numb as she punched the buttons. The line was busy. She layed the phone down besided her as fresh tears streamed down her face. Then the phone rung, Spencer jumped as she answered it. "Hello," she mumbled. She cleared her throat. "Hello," Spencer said louder.

Devon started to hang up. "Uh-it's me, Devon." He looked down the sandy beach at the people laying out enjoying the warmth of the sun. "Hi," he choked out. He couldn't do it. He wanted this date more than anything. One date want hurt he told himself.

Spencer wondered was something wrong? Then she decided why he was on the phone with her that she should just break off their date. "Uh-I needed to talk to you. Uh-" She couldn't do it. She wanted this date more than anything right now other than not having cancer. One date want hurt she told herself.

"I was wondering?" They said at the same time.

"You first," said Devon.

"Would you mind if we met at the park and just talked there. I'm not really hungry, and well I need a walk."

A smile came to Devon's lips. "I was just going to ask you the same thing," he said.

"Okay then," said Spencer. She stood up, but had to sat back down as dizziness swept over her. She took a deep breath. "Shall I meet you by the pond around six?"

"Perfect," Devon said as he limped back toward his beach house. "See you then."

Spencer hung up the phone. She stood up, still feeling alittle dizzy she waited a minute before taking her first step. She went inside and poured herself a glass of water. The clock struck five. She took a sip of water then headed up to take a shower. Just the walk up the stairs wore her out. Maybe a walk in the park was a bad idea she thought to herself.

She stripped off her clothes and stood under the running water. The warmth of the water soothed her nerves, and she was beginning to feel more like a human for the time being. Spencer dressed in a pair of yellow bermuda shorts, and a poka dot blouse. She combed her hair back into a poney tail, securing it with a butterfly barrette. She glared at her long shiny starwberry blonde hair. For it felt like the thousand time she started to cry. The thought of loosing her hair was too much to bare. She grabbed a tissue and dabbed at the running mascara. "Stop this!" She yelled at her reflection. "Feeling sorry for yourself want help." At that she headed out the door resisting the urge to call Devon back and crawl into bed and sleep.


Devon sat down on the couch. He propped his leg up. The pain was so bad he grabbed the pill bottle off the coffee table and swallowed one without water. The doctor had prescribed these for the pain for the time being. He glared at his watch, it read five o'clock. Devon stripped off his clothes and stepped into the warmth of the tub. A shower was out of the question since he was unable to stand on his leg. Maybe a walk wasn't such a good idea he told himself. Devon leaned his head back resisting the urge to call Spencer and just fall asleep to forget about the nightmare he was living in. With that thought he stood carefully and dried himself off. He dressed in a kiki pair of shorts and a light blue old navy shirt. Off he went for a date he had longed to go on since the first time he had layed eyes on Spencer.


Spencer sat in the swing waiting for Devon to show up. She was beginning to wonder if he had changed his mind, it was already 6:15. Disapointment flooded through her, yet if he didn't show up she knew she would be off the hook and wouldn't have to tell him that she couldn't see him again. She was about to get into her car and leave when he pulled up, honking his horn.

Another wave of dizziness swept over her. Devon limped toward her as fast as he could and caught her in his arms. "Hey, you okay?" He asked with concerned filled eyes.

A wave of embarrassment hit her like a slap in the face. "Sorry," she said. "I'm fine," she added. "But what about you? Was that limping I saw?" Spencer asked, sitting down on the park bench.

Devon sat down beside her. He was feeling like it was a mistake to have come. But he was here now, and when he looked into her blue eyes his heart raced and his skin became clammy. He couldn't help but notice that she didn't look well at all. "It's nothing," he finally answered.

For awhile they both sat starring out at the pond watching the ducks dive in and out for bugs. The sun had gone down behind the trees and the air had became chilly. Devon went to his truck, trying to hide his limp as he went. He turned the radio on, then pulled out a light blanket and bought it back and wrapped it around Spencer.

"Thank you," she said, taking a deep breath.

"I love this song," they said at the same time.

Brad Pasley was singing We Danced. Spencer and Devon took each others hand. Devon wrapped his arms around Spencer. They danced to the song they both loved. They kept dancing long after the song was over. Neither one wanted the date to end. Spencer pulled away and gazed into Devon's eyes. She ran her fingers through his black hair, then rubbed them across his fresh shaved skin. He smiled at her, then he bought his lips down to her's. They both pulled away suddenly.

Spencer turned away for a minute to compose herself. Spencer didn't see that Devon had done the same thing. They both turned back around, their eyes meeting. "I can't see you again," they both said.

"You first," said Devon.

"I just opened my restaurant Midnight Snacks and I don't have the time to start a relationship." Spencer closed her eyes trying to keep the tears from running down her face.

"I'm sorry," he told her. "I have alot going on as well. I just opened up a small cafe myself." He hated doing this. They had so much in common. They liked number 2 humburgers from the sonic, they both liked the same song, and they both owned their own restaurant. "I just didn't think one date would hurt," he confessed.

"No problem," Spencer told him. "I wanted this date too."

They said their good-bys. Devon drove off first. Spencer sat in her car letting the tears fall freely. She finally wiped her face and drove away. She knew tomorrow was her first chemo treatment, and the real battle of her life would be starting and she was doing it all alone.


Devon pulled his truck to the side of the road. He pounded his fist on the steering wheel causing the horn to beep. He was so angry at having cancer. He pounded the steering wheel once again before pulling back onto the street. He knew he needed to get home and try to get some much needed rest, because the fight of his life would begin tomorrow. His first chemo treament. He also knew as bad as he hated it he would be doing this cancer thing alone.


That night Spencer didn't get a wink of sleep. All she could think about was her first chemo treatment. She felt bad now, but she knew enough about chemo that she would be feeling worst after the treatment. Her stomach already had butterflies floating inside it, and she felt sick by the minute. She grabbed her purse and headed to the door, she had just enough time to run by the restauarant to make sure things was in order. "Maybe I'll just not go to the chemo treatment," she told herself. Just as she closed the door her cell phone rung.

She fumbled in her purse until she found her cell phone. "Hello," she said, feeling out of breath.

"It's me Mary," the other voice said. "I know your fixing to go out of town, but I need you at the restauarant for a minute."

Spencer took a deep breath. "I was just on my way. What's up?" she asked as she got into her car.

"I can't get the office door to unlock. And the money bag is in there in the safe, and I can't remember the combination. I am so so sorry," Mary said all in one breath.

"Calm down," Spencer felt a wave of dizziness sweep over her as she came to a red light. She let her window down and took deep breaths. She felt so tried . She didn't know if she had the strength to even keep driving.

"Spencer," said Mary. Spencer you still there? Spencer are you okay?" By then Mary had become frantic. "Spencer!" She yelled.

Spencer finally regained control. "I'm fine," she mumbled. I'm almost there."

Spencer heard horns beeping behind her. The light had changed from red to green, but now it was orange, then red again. Her faced turned as red as the light. She felt warm as she waited for it to turn green again, which seemed to take longer than usual. When it finally turned green she speeded off, leaving the angry line of people behind.

Mary was waiting by the door when Spencer pulled into the parking lot. She checked herself in the mirror. The makeup she had put on eariler did nothing to help her paleness, or to hide the dark circles under her eyes. "Hi," she said as she went inside the restauarant.

Mary followed behind as she went to the office door. Spencer showed her how to get the key in and to jiggle it so that the key would turn, "Just stay calm," she told her friend. "You can do this. I'm trusting you to take care of the place." Next Spencer wrote down the combination for Mary.

Mary took the piece of paper from her. "Thanks," she said as she watched Spencer sat down behind the desk. "You really don't look well," she told her. "What time is your flight?"

Spencer gazed down at her watch. Her stomach did a flip. She had twenty minutes to spare. "Uh," she looked around at her restauarant, longing to just head into the kitchen and start cooking.

Mary put a hand on Spencer's shoulder. "Are you okay?" She asked. "Time away will help," she added. Whatever it is, time away will rest you up. You been working so hard on the grand opening, which was a huge success . So go rest up and get back soon," said Mary giving her a huge hug. "We'll be fine here," she added.

Spencer hated lying to her co workers, but she wasn't ready to share her health problems with anyone yet. Telling them that she was going out of town for a day or two seemed the best way to go. Maybe chemo want be as bad and I can just show up tomorrow and tell them I decided not to go out of town after all she told herself.


" I thought you were going to take a couple of days to rest that leg of yours?" Michael asked as he flipped burgers on the grill.

Devon took a man's order. "My leg is fine," he stated. "one large fry and a tripple trio meat burger!" Devon yelled. The truth was his leg was acking like crazy. Every move sent pains shooting through his knee.

"It doesn't look fine," his friend said. "I know what pain looks like, and it's written all over your face every time you take a step," he added. "Order up!" he yelled.

Devon took the burger to the man. He stopped and watched a man and woman out the window kissing. He thought of Spencer. He had lost track of how many times he had picked up the phone to call her, but in the end he felt like that would be a huge mistake.

"Devon to earth," said Michael.

Devon turned around so that he could face Michael. "Sorry," he looked back out at the couple who was now holding hands and heading toward the cafe.

"Where were you?" Michael asked as he added more fries to the fryer.

"No where man, I'm just thinking about some things."

"Anything you want to share?"

"No, not at this time." Devon took a step toward the counter, but his leg gave away and he went down. Michael hurried to his friends side.

"I'm alright," Devon snapped.

"I hate to break it to you but your not." Michael helped Devon to his feet. "Your going home," he stated. "Roger will be here in a matter of minutes to help out here,"Michael said as he helped Devon to his truck. "Go home!" Michael ordered.

Devon cranked his truck. He thought about going home, but he knew he needed to head to the hospital for his first chemo treatment even though he didn't want too. He looked at his watch, he was already ten minutes late. Devon took a deep breath before heading out.


The nurse lead Spencer to the room where the chemo treatment would take place. There was four ladies already leaning back in chairs taking treatments. They all looked up when Spencer came into the room. Spencer tried to smile, but was sure she wasn't doing a very good job of it.

"Let me introduce you to the ladies," said the nurse. "This is Spencer, and this i----"

"I'm Dorothy." Dorothy looked at the nurse. "Sorry," she added. "I get through chemo by running my mouth."

"And she does it well." Another lady said.

"That's Martha, she's my chemo buddy." Dorothy laid her needle point down. "This is Rose and her chemo buddy Jenna."

The nurse began hooking Spencer up to her treatment. A tear slid down her cheek, she hurried to wipe it away, but everyone saw. The nurse put a soothing hand on her shoulder. "Listen to these ladies, they can help you." Then the nurse left to do other duties.

"We're in a group called chemo buddies," Dorothy explained. "A young man was suppose to be here," she added, looking at her watch. "He looked about like you ready to back out."

Martha looked up from her book. "Was his name Donny?" She asked.

"No, I believe it was Danny," said Dorothy.

"No, that's not right," said Martha. The two older ladies looked at the two younger ladies.

Rose looked at Jenna who was in deep thought. "I know it started with a D," said Jenna. Rose nodded in agreement.

"I hope he shows up soon. He already knows about our group, we explained to him the other day when he was here being shown around. Anyways he can be your chemo buddy," said Dorothy.

Spencer leaned her head back. Her eyes studied a Thomas Kinkade painting. She closed her eyes longing to be there on that boat, sailing in the ocean. A smile curved her lips. She was there. She could smell the salt, she could feel the wind blowing through her hair. The sea gulls was flying over the boat in hopes of finding food. Then she felt the warmth of someone elses hand. Her breath caught in her throat, it was Devon. He bought his lips to her's, she could taste the salt of the ocean on them. She moaned as he deepened the kiss.

"Spencer," said Dorothy. "Spencer," she repeated. "Didn't the nurse call her Spencer?" She asked the others.

"Yes," said Martha.

"Spencer!" Dorothy yelled.

Spencer's eyes flew opened. Her face burned with anger. She was back at he hospital with chemo running through her veins. The other ladies looked at her. They could tell by her expression that she wasn't happy with their intrusion.

Dorothy put her hands in the air. "I'm sorry dear, I was worried something was wrong."

Spencer felt sorry for the way she was acting. "No, I'm sorry," she said. "I just was somewhere else for a few minutes and you bought me back."

"From the looks of it you must have been there with someone special," said Rose who was holding on to Jenna's hand.

"No, there's nobody," she lied. "Hey, is she alright?" Spencer asked Rose who was now bathing Jenna's face with a cold cloth.

"Yeah, chemo is always hard on her," Rose answered. "But we help her through it," she added.

"Now, who is that somebody you were with?" Martha asked.

"It was nobody," Spencer answered.

The nurse came back to the room. "Your done Spencer," she said as she unhooked her.

Spencer stood up. She felt tried and dizzy. Her stomach began to churn. The others jumped up. They knew all to well what was fixing to happen. Spencer's hand flew to her mouth. She took off at high speed to the trash can, almost knocking a gentleman down.

"Spencer, is that you?"

Spencer leaned over the can, throwing up what little she had eaten that morning.Devon took off running toward her, his leg giving away. He went down and slid into the trash can. Devon was in pain, but his laughter spilt out. Spencer's mouth flew opened. For a minute she just stared at him, but then she to started laughing so hard she couldn't breathe.

"What are you doing here?" They asked at the same time. "You have cancer?" Again they both asked in unison.

"It's a small world!" Dorothy exclaimed.

"I bet hewas that someone special you were with a while ago,"said Rose.

"I knew his name started with a D!" shouted Jenna.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Devon asked.

"I didn't think it would be fair to tie you down with a puking soon to be bald headed girl."

"That should have been left up to me," Devon told her as he sat up on the floor.

Spencer wiped her face off with the cold cloth the nurse had given her. "What about you?" She asked. "Why didn't you tell me you have cancer?"

"Same reason," Devon answered.

"Let me get this right," said Dorothy. "You both broke it off because you didn't want to tie the other down with a sick person?"

Spencer and Devon nodded.

"Well if neither one of you had been sick and you say got together or even married would you have left her if she had gotten sick?" Martha asked Devon.

"Of course not!" He exclaimed.

"Would you have left him?" Dorothy asked Spencer.

Spencer brushed at the falling tears. "No," she cried.

"Then I don't see a problem of you being together helping each other through this trying time." Dorothy took a seat. "Live and take one day at a time, but live. No matter how hard this cancer get's you down you just live."

Devon took Spencer by the hands. "She makes alot of sense." He stood up. What do you think?"

Spencer stood on shakey legs. "I think there's just one thing left to ask you," she said.

"And that is?" Devon asked, starring at her nervously

"Will you be my chemo buddy?" Spencer asked.

Devon took her into his arms. "I thought you would never ask.

"What a day," said Martha.

"A wonderful day!" Dorothy shouted.

Devon's lips came down on Spencer's. Rose and Jenna cheered and clapped.

"I'll be your chemo buddy as long as you need me, and I'll love you forever," he wispered into her ear.

"And I you," Spencer whispered back as their lips met again.


Stay tune for part two: Our Time Spent Togather

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