Little Miss Muffet Learns A Lesson (CONTEST ENTRY)

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Little Miss Muffet loves to play with spiders. Her mom and dad had told her time and time again not too play with spiders because they could be dangerous! But Little Miss Muffet wouldn't listen. Finally she pays a prize and learns a very good lesson!

Submitted: October 16, 2010

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Submitted: October 16, 2010



One day Little Miss Muffet was out playing with her friends, Loud Bill and Tall Mary. They was digging in the dirt making mud pies. They was having so much fun until Little Miss Muffet found a spider. She was fascinated with spiders even though her mommy and daddy had told her time and time again not to play with them. Little Miss Muffet knew that Loud Bill was scared of spiders, and this gave her an idea. She watched the spider as it crawled onto a stick. Little Miss Muffet giggled as she stuck the stick in front of Loud Bill's face. At first he couldn't do anything but sat there in the dirt, he was frozen with fear. Then all of a sudden he took off running with Little Miss Muffet right on his tail.

"HELP!" He yelled. "GET IT AWAY! " Loud Bill yelled as loud as he could.

Little Miss Muffet was laughing so hard that she thought she may pass out. "Tee hee, Tee hee!" She laughed.

Loud Bill looked over at Tall Mary with pleading eyes. "HELP ME TALL MARY!" He yelled.

Tall Mary grabbed at Little Miss Muffet's dress tail but missed. "I'm going to go tell your mommy," Said Tall Mary in an angry voice.

By then Loud Bill fell to his knees trembling. He was crying loudly as he threw his hands up to try and keep the spider away. "STOP IT!" He begged.

Little Miss Muffet looked at Loud Bill. "Get up, it's only a spider," she teased.


Tall Mary walked up and stood beside Little Miss Muffet. "Don't you know spiders can be dangerous?" She asked her as she looked down at at her. "If one bites you you'll be sorry," Tall Mary told her.

Little Miss Muffet studied the spider. She counted it's legs one by one. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8," she counted. "Wow!" She exclaimed. "Look at it move!" She held the spider back in front of Loud Bill's face.

"IT'S GOING TO BITE!"He yelled. "Loud Bill began to kick his feet on the ground. "I WANT MY MOMMY!"He cried.

About that time Little Miss Muffet's mommy came running out of their little brick house. "What on earth is wrong?" She asked Loud Bill who was crying so hard he couldn't stand up.

Tall Mary was very angry now. She looked at Little MIss Muffet who had thrown the stick down when her mommy had appeared. "Little Miss Muffet was teasing him with a spider," Tall Mary told Little Miss Muffet's mommy.

Little Miss Muffet looked down at the ground, watching the spider as it crawled away. She tried to look innocent. She looked at Tall Mary and stuck her tonuge out at her, then she looked at Loud Bill and kicked the spider toward him. "GET IT AWAY!" He cried as he ran into Little Miss Muffet's mommy's arms.

"Little Miss Muffet you tell Loud Bill Your sorry, then go to your tuffet and wait for breakfast. "Sorry," she moaned.

" You two run alone home," she told Loud Bill and Tall Mary.

When her mommy came in she could tell by her face that she wasn't happy with her. Little Miss Muffet sat down on her small tuffet. Her mommy placed a bowl of curds and whey in front of her. "When your done you can go to your room and write 100 times I will not play with spiders," her mommy told her.

Little Miss Muffet took in a deep breath. "Mommy I'm sorry," she said, her lower lip quivered.

Her mommy turned slowly around to face her daughter. "No I don't think you are sorry," she said firmly. "How many times Have me and your father told you not to play with spiders?" She asked Little Miss Muffet.

Little Miss Muffet held up her hands to count on them. "You don't have enough fingers or toes to count on."Her mommy paused. "That's because we have told you time and time again. Oneday a spider might bite you!" She shouted. "Spiders are not to play with!" Her mommy added. "Now eat and then go to your room and write 100 times I will not play with spiders." Then she left the room.

Little Miss Muffet was almost finshed with her breakfast when along came a small spider and sat down beside her. She was so happy to see it. It was a yellow one with tiny eyes. She wanted to let it crawl onto her napkin but she didn't want to make her mommy even mader so she hurried to her room to get started on her punishment. She sat down at her small desk and pulled out her paper and pens. She hated doing this. 100 times was alot of times to have to write. Last time it was only 50 times! Her mommy had told her that if she kept disobeying she would keep adding numbers to it. And she did!

1.I will not play with spiders.

2. I will not play with spiders.

3. I will not play with spiders.

4. I will not play with spiders.

Little Miss Muffet had just finished when her mommy came to the door. "Let me see your work," her mommy said. "Good, next time it will be more," she stated. "Go eat your lunch."

On the way down stairs Little Miss Muffet remembered the small spider that came down at her small tuffet. She did want it to come back, but she didn't want to get into trouble by playing with it. She stopped in the door way of the kitchen. A smile came to her lips. She would just sat away from the spider and then she wouldn't get into trouble. "Mommy can I sat on your tuffet?" She asked.

"I suppose so."

Little Miss Muffet climbed up on her mommy's medium tuffet. She felt special sitting up there. She began to eat her curds and whey while she looked toward her small tuffet to see if she could see the small spider. But she couldn't. About that time a medium spider came and sat down beside her. WOW! She thought to herself. This spider was even better than the small one. It was brown with black lines running through it's back. She picked up her napkin to put the spider in. She heard her mommy coming. That made her stop and think about the punishment she would get. Little Miss Muffet threw her napkin down and hurrried out to play.

Little Miss Muffet sat down on the ground under her favorite oak tree. She becan to build a cave with some rocks and sticks that laid nearby. She had built about two caves when she noticed something moving up the tree. It was two spiders. She picked up a small stick and the spiders crawled on. She put one in one cave and the other in the other cave. She had forgotten already what her mommy had said. She began to build a dirt fence around the caves when she heard something. Little Miss Muffet looked around to see if someone was coming. She didn't see anyone but she could hear small voices.

"Let me out!"

"Let me out first!" The other voice yelled.

Little Miss Muffet peered into one of the caves. The spider was so mad at her for locking him up. "Oh I'm not going to hurt you," she told the spider. Then she peered into the other cave. The spider opened it's little mouth. Little Miss Muffet was sure she saw teeth. She decided that she would free that one first. "I'll let you out ," she told the spider. "I like you," she added. Little Miss Muffet let the spider crawl onto a twig. Then her mommy came out. Little Miss Muffet hid the twig behind her back.

"What are you doing?" Her mommy asked.

"Nothing," said Little Miss Muffet.

"What's behind your back?"

Little Miss Muffet threw the twig down and slowly bought out her hands. "Nothing."

Her mommy's eyes got big. "It's on your hand!" She yelled.

Little Miss Muffet looked down at her hand as the spider crawled around. She had never held one before accept when they were on sticks and stuff. Then her eyes grew big. Her lips trembled. She couldn't move at first. The spider looked at her and jumped to the ground. Little Miss Muffet grabbed her hand. "It bit me!" She yelled. "OUCH!" She cried. Her mommy hurried and wrapped the spider in a handkerchief that she had in her apron pocket. Then she took Little Miss Muffet inside and called Docter Magic. Her mommy held her until Doctor Magic arrived.

"Let me take a look," Doctor Magic said calmly.

Little Miss Muffet held out her small hand for him to see. Her hand was red and alittle swollen. Her mommy showed him the spider that had bitten her. Little Miss Muffet turned her face and held tight to her mommy.

"Is it poisonous?" Her mommy asked Doctor Magic.

"No, your very lucky little lady. Never ever play with spiders they can harm you." Doctor Magic put some cream on the area, then placed a pink bandaid on it.

"Thank you," her mommy told the Doctor.

Little Miss Muffet knew her mommy was upset with her. "Go to your room and lie down. We will discuss this when your daddy gets home."

Little Miss Muffet laid on her bed. Her hand still hurt really bad. She tried to go to sleep but couldn't. Everytime she closed her eyes she saw spiders crawling all over her. Then she heard her daddy come in. Little Miss Muffet was afriad of what was going to happen. She heard her door open. She pretended she was asleep, but then she felt something on her hand. She jumped into her daddy's arms, crying.

"There there," he soothed.

"I thought a spider was crawling on me," she cried.

"Come on down to supper," he said. "I think you finally have learned your lesson." He picked Little Miss Muffet up. "You learned your lesson the hard way," he added.

Little Miss Muffet thought about the small spider at her small tuffet and the medium spider at her mommy's medium tuffet. "Daddy may I sit on your tuffet?"

"I guess oh,"he said, sitting her down on his large tuffet.

Little Miss Muffet felt safe sitting on her daddy's tuffet until a large spider came up! She saw loud Bill and Tall Mary. They couldn't believe their eyes. Little Miss Muffet was afraid of a spider. Little Miss Muffet heard Loud Bill saying this as she ran past him:







little Miss Muffet never ever played with a spider again!



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