The Incredible Escape of Ensign Brandt (Chapter1)

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The wounded fighter pilot drifted a scant 500 yards from Japanese shore batteries. The sub skipper faced shoals and treacherous reefs yet together they forged one of the epic rescues of world war 11

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012



NAVY HELLCAT FIGHTERS roared from the decks of the aircraft carrier USS Hornet . Their mission :pre-invasion assaults on the islands of Guam, Saipan and Tinian in the West Pacific . the date:13June 1944. on the approach to Guam, Ens .donald C. Brandt glanced at his watch. It read 0913. although he was flying place No. 13 at 13,000 feet on his 13thmission on the 13thday of the month, he shrugged it off. At 0931, Brandt was over the center of guam, Preparing to at tack. He saw a cluster of flak shred distant clouds. In the next instant his plane shuddered as two hurts hit its forward section. The hellcat began to jig wildly, dragging tails of black smoke . Brandt kicked the plane into a shallow dive, trying to reach open sea before jumping. He forced the canopy back and prepared to bail out.

Despite his 360 m.p.h. seeped Brandt was somehow sucked out of the Hellcat. Stunned , his legs bicycling in space, he groped for the rip cord and popped his chute. The canopy billowed, but one of the risers was jammed beneath his blackstrap and he was flung side-ways. The impact broke his lower right ribs. He felt a dull scream inside his head, and he hung crazily over his flaming plane as it plunged into the sea.

He reached for his .45 |Colt, but it had been lost in the dizzying fall. His equipment was dragging him down, he ducked under the surface, removed his heavy shoes and ammunition belt, and then bounced up, gasping for air. He saw planes heading back to the carrier and felt terribly alone in the sudden silence.

At 1014, THE SUBMARINE Stingray, prowling the southern tip og guarm on lifeguard duty, received a call that a pilot was in the water Brandt’s position was given in coded reference points, The sub’s skipper, lt. Comdr, Sam Loomis, Jr, was warned that Japanese 5.5-inch shore batteries were still in action. Loomis responded that he would proceed to the area immediately. Submerged, it would take him art least until noon.

To be continued….

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