See What These Friends Have Done

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Written 05/15/1996

Submitted: July 31, 2014

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



When the partys all over and all is said and done

You're looking for a drink and there is none

Most of your friends they have all gone home

And you're sitting there, the most all alone

You have a few partys every now and then

That never last to long when they come to an end

You say that you've had a real good time

Right down to the last drop of wine

Head aching in the morning and you're all alone

See what these friends have done to your home

Oh it's such a mess, with empty bottles of brew

See what these friends have went and done to you

So you bought it all in and passed it all around

All your friends know how to party down

You say that you spent all of your dough

Right down to the last penny you know

It's time to leave now and they're walking out your door

Except for the ones passed out on the floor

You can't wake them up and it's an awful sight

And here comes the law, it's been one hell of a night

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