Shandra Clause

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After ten years of searching Mrs. Clause's daughter has been found.

Submitted: July 31, 2014

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



Shandra York, born December 25, 1990, was found on the door steps of a home in New York City. Now, shortly before her twenty first birthday, November 25, 2011, she is found living out of a washing machine box, in an alley, in New York City, by Santa's elves.

Shandra has no idea how her life is going to change, now that these elves have found her, and brothers and sisters, is she ever ticked off enough to kick some serious butt.

"Santa Clause, my ass! There's no such thing, and you know it. Now go away and let me get some sleep, before I start kicking yours!”

"But lady Shandra, you have the birth mark of a Christmas wreath, on your right hand!” said the leader of the elves, that had been sent on this expedition to find her, ten years ago, after the new century Santa met and married her mother, the new Mrs. Clause, July 4, 1999, and she was moved to North Pole City.

Mrs. Clause had been raped in March of 1990, while in Central Park, on a blind date, but she had no job and couldn't afford to raise a child, and the rapist had been ran over and killed by a garbage truck while he was trying to out run the police. So, after Shandra was born, Selena had left her baby, along with a hand written note, on the door steps of what she had thought, would be the perfect family to care for, to love, and to raise her baby, Shandra.

Growing up, Shandra had no close friends, no family to speak of, and no home, except for the box, that she now lived in.

She made her money at night, as a stripper in a bar that was far enough away from her alley home, so that she wouldn't have to be bothered. And when she could, she spent her money on a self defense class that she was taking.

Shandra's mother, Selena, had no idea what so ever, that she was destined to become the wife of the new Santa Clause, but destiny brought them both together on this Christmas night in 1998, after Selena fell down the stairs, and into the son of Santa's life, while he was being trained to take over the reigns from his father.

"If I have to come out of this box, it's not going to be a very pretty site to see, when I kick all your little butts back to the friggen North Pole!” Shandra stormed at the elf leader.

"Can she do that?” asked another elf, that stood near by.

"It's possible that she may be able---

"You just don't listen do you, so it's ass kicking time!” Shandra thundered, upon leaving her box home, and now standing, blonde haired and bare footed, out in the alley, dressed in her hunter green night gown.

It wasn't the site of the elves that changed her foul mood, it was the eight reindeer hitched up to a big red sleigh that calmed her down a little bit.

"Holy shit, I'm having a nightmare!” she belted out, at the four elves that stood there, now shaking in their boots.

"No … my … my … lady Sha … Sha … Shandra … this … is as real … as it gets.” the scared lead elf managed to say, as he shook like a leaf on a tree.

"Did Harry, at the bar, put up the dough for this little show, as a twenty first birthday present?” Shandra asked, to the elf that spoke to her.

"No … my lady … Santa has sent us to find you, and … and … and … to bring you home, to North Pole City, to be … be … be---

"Well, to be what, given a lump of coal?” Shandra asked, as she walked over and began petting one of the reindeer.

"To be reunited with your mother.” said another elf.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, that's a good one, I'll take the lump of coal!” Shandra said, as her foul mood returned.

"My mother may as well of left me for dead, for all that I care about the bitch!”

"That's no way to be talking about our Mrs. Clause, my … lady!” blasted all four elves, as lights in the apartment buildings were turned on, and windows were thrown open wide.

"Get that piece a shit outta the alley, and shut yer traps down there, so we can get some sleep up here!” yelled one of the tenants.

Stuff it up your ass, Mr. Scrooge!” Shandra yelled back at him.

All four elves grabbed Shandra by her arms, and then forcefully shoved her into the sleigh, after a bit of a skirmish, which ended when all the tenants began throwing what ever they could launch out their windows at the elves, Shandra, and the reindeer.

"Get us the shit out of here, you little assholes!” Shandra yelled at the elves, over the uproar in the alley, as a police car turned in with it's blinding lights, and blasting sirens.

The lead elf had the reindeer pulling the sleigh down the alley with a police car hot on their tail, til it bolted up and into the night sky.

"Did you see that?” the officer who was driving, asked his partner.

"No, I didn't see a thing, and you didn't either.” his partner answered.

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