To Lie Or Not To Lie

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Yeah, I know Chief Maybemaybenot of the Weepeeonewe Indians. Not really.

Captain Jenkins, I caught these two Injuns trying to sneak into our

encampment.” said Lieutenant Dave Baker while he held them at


Good job Lieutenant Baker.” replied the Captain as he looked the two

Indians up and down.

I’m going to be needing their names and what tribe they belong to.”

You heard the Captain, so we’ll start with you, the short one of the two.”

said the Lieutenant.

Me Tellyoutomorrow.” answered the shorter Indian who was staring at

the Lieutenant’s pistol.

Oh yeah, how about you telling me today!” the Captain stormed.

What want to know today?” the Indian asked as he turned to face

Captain Jenkins.

Your name for one thing . . . I want to know what your name is?” the

Captain asked as he drew closer.

Me Tellyoutomorrow.” the Indian answered once again.

Well we’ll let it go for now.”

How about you Injun?” the Captain asked as he pointed to the taller one

of the two.

Me Dontknowcantsay.” answered the second Indian as he turned to

face the now maddened Captain.

Captain, how about letting me put some led in them for being a couple

of non compliant redskins?” asked Lieutenant Baker as he forcefully

shoved both Indians to the ground.

Now now Baker, don’t treat our company like the ignorant savages that

they are.” the Captain said as he stooped down in front of the fallen


I’ll ask the both of you one more time, because there may not be


What, are, your, names?” he asked.

Me Dontknowcantsay and him Tellyoutomorrow.” the taller Indian

answered while looking up at the distraught Captain.

Well don’t that just ruffle my feathers.”

An Injun that doesn't know his name and the other who wants to tell us

his name tomorrow.” Captain Jenkins replied as he gazed over at

Lieutenant Baker.

What tribe do you belong to?” asked the Lieutenant.

Look like we both are going to die anyway, so may as well say.” said the

shorter Indian.

You sure about this?” asked the taller one.

No, not really, but what choice do we have?” asked the shorter one.

Tell us and we may let you go, because the two of you are on wacky

toebacky or something.” said the Captain.

You no let us go if we tell you because it get us in deep trouble.” The

taller Indian responded.

You’re both in deep trouble as it is, so out with it.”

The name of your tribe?” asked the Lieutenant.

Name of tribe is the reason not many of us are left.” said the shorter


Come on Injun, the name of your tribe?” asked the Captain as he stood


Weepeeonewe ( we pee on you ).” answered the taller Indian.

Not while the both of you are laying there on the ground your not going

to be taking a wizz on anyone!” fired off the Captain.

Next time, if live through this, we lie when they ask us our names.” said

the shorter Indian.

“Me agree.” answered the taller one.





Submitted: September 24, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Stormbird Throneshaker. All rights reserved.

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