Trash Check Four

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The Past Due Fine reintroduced 01/21/2014
A short story for haunt sorrows contest, using words that aren't in my dictionary.

Submitted: July 31, 2014

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



Trash Check Four

The Past Due Fine


The Fertilizer and Dippity-do had been towed by the Roaming Around through the Badtorn Burnhole and docked to the Dashonin space station, Ohwhat For, under the command of Fryemin Crisco. Everyone aboard the Dippity-do would get v.i.p. treatment and the crew of the Fertilizer would soon find that they had been knocked uncon ... uncon ... oh to heck with it, they had been knocked out temporarily, so as not to interfere with The Leading The Nations attempt at rescuing the Rockingson family and keep their space ship, now an antique, in one piece before it was sent back to Birth and placed in the Fitzonian Museum.

“I am Combustible Ohno of the space station Past Due Fine---

“What's my ship doing here?” Dirt asked as he pulled himself back up and into his seat on the bridge.

“We've been the most generous with you Captain Dirt, but you still owe us a few payments on your ship. And wouldn't you rather like to make these payments to us rather than to our collector, Stabyou Inthegut?”

“If the Nations had of stayed out of my business I could have paid my ship off, Ohno. But Askem Aimaway is taking the treasure of a life time back to Birth, thanks to His Loneliness on the planet Forgotten.”

“If you can bring me Hand Soslow and his ship the Million Acorns before Stabyou Inthegut gets to him, then I may knock a few credits off of your bill.” Ohno said as he smiled on the viewscreen.

“The last I heard of Soslow, he was on the run with Stewacrockof the Bookie and a Bedat Knight by the name of Rude Shystalker.” Dirt said gazing at the viewer.

“Yes, the Harp Lord, Heart Breaker, is after the boy and the Princess, Letus Organize of Balderthan.” Ohno replied.

“Will the Leading The Nations stay out of my way this time?” Dirt asked while looking at his Finnimbrun.

“I'll see what I can do. Gotta go take a bathroom break, I'm about to blow. See you back here with the Million Acorns, Ohno out.”

“Crap, now we have to brave the Burnhole and enter into Republic space to find Soslow before Lord Breaker or Stabyou Inthegut does.”

A little while later on the prom deck Professor Rockingson and his wife were having a few drinks at Pharts Bar.

“Can you believe it Yawn, we'll soon be back home on Birth.”

“Morescream, I'll believe it when I see it, and right now I'm seeing doub ... triple. What the dickens did you say this drink was called, Phart?”

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