What Are You Going To Do Now, Genie?

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Newbud takes a chance and risks that his half witted plan to save the earth just might work.
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Submitted: July 31, 2014

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



Newbud unscrewed the cap from the bottle of water that was now in his right hand. He bent over to pick up Aladdin's lamp, and then purposely began pouring water down and into the lamp's spout.

"I hope that this works." Newbud said into the wind, as he continued pouring water from the bottle, ever so carefully, into the lamp.

"Hey up there, stop that, right now!" Genie yelled, from inside the lamp.

"What are you trying to do, drown me down here? This is the only home I've got---

"Just grant me one more wish, and I'll quit trying to drown you, down there!" Newbud said as he stopped pouring water into Genie's lamp.

"That's not fair, you got your wish, so live and die with it---

Newbud started pouring more water into the lamp again.

"Hey, haven't you got any decency about you at all---

"Genie, if I'm going to die, you're going to die too!" Newbud said as he stopped pouring water into the lamp.

"I see that you need air to breath, oh not so great and powerful genie, that you think that you are?"

"Okay, okay already, you win!" Genie replied.

"I give you one measly bottle of water, and you think that you own me."

"Well, are you going to grant me another wish, or do I pour the rest of this water---

"Alright, it looks like you've got the upper hand on me, so I haven't got any other choice but to grant you one more wish." Genie replied, from atop the table that he was standing upon, to keep from drowning.

"Good, I knew that you would see things my way." Newbud said, as he rubbed the lamp and recited the incantation to bring the genie out.

"You really don't have to rub my lamp and say all that mumbo jumbo to get me to come out." the genie said as he arose in his smoke form before materializing solidly before him.

"I thought that, other than just adding water, for instant genie, that that's what everybody had to do before you came out---

"That's what I wanted everybody to do back then, but now that we're here, in the . . . whatever century this is, it sounds so . . . so---

"So hokey?" Newbud asked.

"Yeah, forget about that, and tell me what your wish is, and this time . . . it had better be a good one, if you're going to save the earth."

"Instant genie huh! Why I ought to turn you into a drowning fish right now---

"I've still got plenty of water here, Genie!" Newbud said, as he showed the genie the half full plastic bottle.

"The other half should just about do you in---

"You're a very smart cookie, aren't you?" Genie asked, gazing hatefully over at the bottle of deadly water.

"Alright, lay your wish on me then."

"Okay, I want you to restore the earth to be like it was before mankind messed it all up." Newbud said unthinkingly, as he gazed up at the genie.

"Are you sure that that's what you want me to do?" Genie asked, as he gazed down at Newbud, who sat there with the lamp in his left hand and the bottle of water in his right hand.

"Yes Genie, that's what I want you to do. I messed it up really bad, so are you going to grant me my wish, or do I put you back in the lamp and drown you like a rat---

"Are you really sure that you want me to grant you this wish---

"Genie, don't tempt me, or I'll chuck you back in this lamp for sure. All I want is for the earth to be filled with lots of pretty flowers, and beautiful trees, and crystal pure water in all of the lakes, rivers, and oceans again---

"You're for sure that you want it restored like it was before you messed it up---

"Genie, are you wanting to go back into the lamp. I'm not kidding around---

"Okay, okay already, it's your wish, and your wish is my command." Genie said, as he spread out his hands and gave Newbud his final wish.

The earth was now made over anew, as it once was, shortly before God created mankind upon it, for the very first time, and it was untouched by the evil hands of all the Newbuds, that had nearly destroyed it.

Genie looked down upon the pure white sandy beach and knelt down to pick up the half full plastic bottle of water and his precious lamp. After having emptied all the water from the only home that he ever knew, he tipped the plastic bottle of water back and drank down every last drop. He then swung his right arm back behind him with the empty bottle gripped tightly in his hand and made ready to throw it into the sea,when a voice from the heavens stopped him short.


"Okay, okay already!" Genie replied, as he made the bottle vanish into thin air.

"It looks as if I'm going to have to start all over, Genie." God said, from up on high.

"How about dinosaurs again, would you like dinosaurs?"

"Dinosaurs would be nice." Genie answered, as he gazed up at the beautiful blue sky, dotted with fluffy white clouds.

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