The couch sessions

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A short fictitious short between a psychologist and a patient.

Submitted: March 28, 2011

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Submitted: March 28, 2011



The Couch Sessions

`So tell me why you are here?'
'I don't know.I just thought i'd try this.I think I need to talk things through.'
'Well then, we can start with how you are feeling of late.'
'Like i'm stranded on an island by myself.The island isn't very big but there's enough resources on it for me to survive.'
'Describe for me what's on this island.'
'Pure white sand for one thing.There are only two palmae trees where dates grow from.They are really tall yet you will find one at each end of the island.There's an oasis in the middle of this island.'
'And what do found yourself doing on this island?'
'I spend my days collecting pebbles from the shore line.At night I spend my time studying the night sky.I've renamed the constellations with people that i've met in my life.'
'What do you do with these pebbles you collected?'
'Well I keep the really pretty ones and as for the other ones I throw them back into the ocean.I plan to use them to make necklaces and bracelets.'
'And these people you've named the constellations after,tell me about them.'
'The truth is I don't know them that well.They are people that I only met a few times yet they had an effect on me with there physical attributions.What i've done is i've created a perfect person from my view point with these people because I didn't get to know them well enough so I my opinion of them is unbiased.As for people that I do know in my life,they have been tainted with everyday imperfections.I care for them because I know them well and not for who they are.'
'Any relatives?'
'God no!'
'Strong response.'
'Too many imperfections.'
'Describe yourself living on this island.'
'Well i'm me but a better version of me.I'm at one with my surrounding.Everything feels natural and right.What's the word i'm looking for...'
'Yes that's the word.I'm not in a constant state of war with myself and my surrounding.'
'Describe your physical self to me if you can.'
'I'm shirtless all the time.My hair has a lighter color in it from the sun.It's soft and full of body because i haven't been using useless products on it.I'm tanned everywhere but for some reason i'm never naked.I've always been in good shape so again I feel like i'm at one with the natural order of things on this planet or universe.I don't know.Gee... I sound narcissistic and i'm starting to see that I am.When do we cover Freud? 'Cause i'm blaming this flaw on my parents.'
'Please,can you tell me if are yourself or you are watching yourself?'
'How close are your eyes to yourself?'
'I don't know for sure.I guess you can compare it to like watching a movie.Sometime close and other times far away but it's always me.I haven't chanced anything about myself.I like my physical attributes.I consider myself handsome.Well...compared to the norm.That sounded terrible...I knew this guy whom all the girls found really attractive but his lack of self knowledge took away a lot of his beauty.You could see it in his eyes.'
'Yes and can see self beauty in yours.Have you taken an IQ test lately and if so what was your score?'
'Yes.One hundred and twenty-six.I don't see it as a big thing.It's logic which is math.Nothing more.I don't consider myself smart and my grades can prove that.'
'Back to you being on this island.Have you tried to figure out a way of leaving this place or improving your chances of being rescued?'
'No... well sometimes but there is nothing on the island that can help me.I've tried to swim back to civilization but I either drown or get eaten by some great white.That`s pretty funny now that I think of it because it's a lot like Sallinger's character from The Catcher and the Rye.When Holden gets punched in the stomach and he later pretends to himself that he has been shot.Funny stuff...The truth is I think i'm hyper sensitive like Holden.It's not paranoid personality disorder because it's not what people say to me,it's how I see the world.Everything affects me to much,good or bad but I can't think of a better way to live life.You have to be pretty selfish to feel indifferent about everything that surrounds you.God... the mind is like a prison is it not?Day in and day out trapped in this cell or maybe trapped on an island.'
'Have you ever dealt with drugs and alcohol?'
'A little bit of both,alcohol is an acquired tasted I never acquired and as for drugs I experimented like most people.'
'Tell me how you arrived on this island.'
'Plane crash!I was on this large airplane,a seven forty-seven or something commercial and the plane stared heading down towards the ocean.On impact I jumped up in the air, which I think is impossible but I needed a reason to be the only survivor.Once in the ocean I started to swim and within twenty-four hours I found this island.'
'Why didn't you bring anyone else with you?'
'I don't know.It felt like kidnapping if I had so I didn't.Maybe I couldn't think of anyone I wanted to bring with me.That's not true.I could think of a few people I could of brought along with me on this island just to show and tell them how sorry I was for being me.'
'Everybody has to learn sometime.Life would be boring if no one did.One more question and will end this session.How do you feel right now?'
'Sad...I realize i've been selfish but I also know that what you reap is what you sow so I guess in my sadness I feel happy because it's always about ourselves on a subconscious level.Right?'
'We'll continue this in our next session.'

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