Adventures of Chase

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this is a story about Chase the half breed on a epic adventure to purgatory

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012






"Are your proud Jack?"  Chase walks away with his head hung low  while drowning the out the angry voices behing with his reasoing. He lifted up his wings to the sun  and then holds his head up high, he slowly ascends into the broad heavens.

His problems seem surmountable, he doesn't know why but for some reason it feels like he isnt completetly normal. He's dangling on the edge of humanity and his soul is questionable. Now he's in the heart of therapuetic out of space. He closes his and then reopens with his hands stretch outwards. He is ready to go to a place where he's never been. A true calling or a beckoning of some sort. He makes up his mind that he's never returning to earth.

"NEVER!" he shouts but no sound comes out. It is as if the deeper he goes into to the space, the stronger the vacuum.

Ipod doesn't make any sense hear. He says to himself. The cold beauty amazes him as drifts of into space gawking at every planet, star black holes, rocks and comets.

Two faced universe, he utters to himself. Its cold beautiful and silent on one side, but on the other its tumultuous and violent filled with raw explosions.

"Wait" he says to himself. "What's this?" He slowly zooms in. " A beautiful green planet looks placent on this black stary canvas."

He descends slow and it met by a violent green light that grabs him  like a venus fly trap grabbing a fly. He shakes and wiggles because he's trying to escape the odd comodity.

The more he turns, the tighter the grip of light is. He's descending down into the atmosphere like a comet and skins begins to melt because of the heat of the light ray.

"AHHHHHHHH!" he screams. Is this the end? Is this really the end! He's thinking to himself.

"No!" interjected the voice. "We must devour you first?"

"Who are you?" Shouted Chase in anger twisting and turning from the burns. " I am Onnonn, the light."

"What the fuck!" screamed Chase in shock. " You're alive!"

"HAHAHAHAH," laughed Onnonn. "Very well indeed, we feed of any living being that flys into out atmosphere."

The light begins to drag him.

"Onnonn!" he whispers. "What do you want with my rotting  body?"

Chase starts to laugh, "You don't even have any teeth!"

Onnonn flares up his teeth like a anger vampire.

" Fuck!" coughs Chase. "It was like a scene from the most horrific horror movie he's even scence.

"But I wasn't in your atmosphere!"

"Does it even matter?"

Boom, Chase slams violently on the ground made of hot jagged crytals. He's in so much pain he doesn't know whether he should be dead or barely living. He nothing more than mere skelton muscles. His blood left in the hold of the light, jus a thin stream is running, keeping him alive. Even that is boiling out slowy from the heated temperture of the crytals.

His wings are featherless, he's never been so fearless in his light. The drive to fight even in this perilis situationhas been awaken.

"Onnon!" cries a voice in panic. "Come quick!"

Onnon drops Chase. "Stay here!" he growled. Then hegins to fade away.

The heat is about to dry up the last trickling stream in Chase's body but a gush of hot wind blows him into a puddle of water  in the rocks underground.

"Thank you Jesus he cries. Then he scoops up a little bit of water that taste so great.. It begins to restore him bit by bit.


"You know..." slithers the voice in the darkness. "They say this is the same water that was used to create Man on Earth. That's why you're healing so quickly."

"Who the fuck! What the fuck are you?" bellows Chase.

"You sure know how to greet a gal...." she said laughing. "Now you've hurt my feelings." She said deepening her voice.

She pulls out her knife and begins to hiss light an angry cat.

"Her tail stags to fan back anfd forth like wat  submarine ready for action.


"Wait, wait!" he shouts. "I'm sorry I think your very pretty!" 

She meows and begins to lick her hand that is covered by fur.

" Fuck dread!" he exclaims. "Your a good Kitty!"

" Don't fuck with me pussy boy!"

"What?" asked Chase gazing at her quizically.

"That's what I said!" she calming herself down. " I was beautiful and until the light grabbed! It almost destroyed me."

"You still are." gulps Chase.

She disappeared quickly and then she was on top of Chase's balls.

" I don't play with pussies i fuck them!" she's says menacingly while mashing and twisted Chase's balls.

Chase pushes her off with all his strength and then rolls into the healing waters. He's now completely restored.

"I'm sorry uh ........ what's is your name?" he asked in a crouching position.  He doesn't want to move to quick to alarm her.

Because he knows he needs her to get off the island.

"My name is Sky she said in a fighting positon."  she continued " i am the proud Princess from the Planet Wywa."

" Drink." he offered her a hand of water. "It will heal you!"

"Are you crazy? She shouts. " It will destroy me. I've heard of this water on my planet, it was not made for our kind."

"Trust me, I'm not human!"

"Then, what are you?"

" I don't know yet, but  I drank. Weren't we all made from the same God's hand?"

" Yessss,"

"Then drink!"

And so she did, she was too restored from to her orginal form. Her hair was thick black and curly like an African. She was slender, tall and dark skinned. She was beautiful.

Almost too beautiful for Chase forgot where and who he was for  minute.

"What's wrong?" she asks him.

He doesn't answer.

"What the fuck is wrong?"

" Your beautiful." he said gazing as if he was star struck.

"Motherfucker!" she screams with her sword weild and charging towards him. She slips on a wet rock and finaly looks at her reflection in the water.

" I am!" she giggles and jumps up and down.

"Now, can you stop trying to kill me?" he asks fustrated.

"No." she answeres cold and softly. "But atleast you can rest, for now.

"What a bitch!" he murmers.


"What!" she says argumentatively.

"Nothing." he replies like a spoiled child




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