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how them man of my life taunts me

Submitted: April 11, 2011

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Submitted: April 11, 2011




This is what you want to do

Toss me aside like ole' shoes

Whiles she tasting you, enjoying every pleasure of you that is sacred to me.

Teasing me like cheese on a rat trap

tellling me lies that you love me.

Texting, me out of the blue you roll my as out,

toss me out like dirty water in the backyard

Or tossing me out like pigeon feed

leaving me lonely.

Hopeless, mellow-


searching for willow like pocahantus.

Thats what you do to me.


MY Bitter common sense wont allow to chase

but flee from you.

Hoping that you'd come back around like high fashioned shoes.

So theres an empty space in my closet...how buggin

Closet full of feet with no shoes.

That is what you do to mee.

Spiraling down the road of endlessly,

every minute you spend away from tortures me

your hang loose with a vulture

giving your love to a scavanger

I wanna be mcgyver

And rescue you from this train wreck

But the skull that lies above my kneck

says rest and give myself a rest.

Nest. before i trip out and start seeing giant eggs,

somehow i wish i was in shell

thats you do to me.

das what you are doing to me


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