Evidence, Sweet Evidence

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I figured maybe I should write something at least bittersweet once in a while. Well, tonight seemed like the night if there was one of late. :) I got to smile at least a little this weekend, so, this poem is for my smile and the reasons I have it.

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



Notes of evidence, scattered on the floor

Sit alone and wait for something more...

Sweet words are warming

Hit me, completely disarming

Hold me closer, pulling me in

But every time it seems they win,

I have to push away

My heart, it seems, in pink can never stay

A million pretty words kiss and draw me in

The emotional ice I'm skating on is growing very thin

Still the lyrics' love abounds me

Poetic prose surrounds me

Hearing things I've never heard

Your soul's in every word

Sometimes it makes me feel alive

Then takes away my breath so I almost can't survive

Then I remember where I've been

And recall that loving me is loving sin

I'll turn around and put it out of my mind

Try to leave my head behind

When I think I'm walking alone

Beautiful words give me a world I can call my own

Let me sleep in my head's own cloud

Though they're not actions, these words speak as loud.




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