Here's Slamming You, Kid

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Continuing in my incredible poetic funk, I decided to end the short week I've had with a quick shout to a few people, combined into one passive-aggressive piece of slam poetry. Here's hoping I get out of this hole I've written myself into, CHEERS!

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011



You bring me in, spin me 'round

Toss me down to the ground

You think I'm the next toy you've found?

Your nose breaking is such a pleasant sound

I'll play your game, taste your fame

Watch you continue dancing fine

I'll sit here, you can watch me waste time

While you call my name

Always there in my lonely space

Keep your eye on me just in case

Everywhere I turn I see your  face

Don't you know you can be replaced?

I try to push you away

Switch you on, so here you'll stay

I know you just want to play

So maybe you'll let me have my way

I'll keep you on your feet

Not that you ever thought I was sweet

But I guess you thought I'd make you complete

You're the dirtiest game player I think I'll ever meet

I think my heart is in your eye

Your brown eyes that lie

You cheat and watch the ones you hurt die

Oh, boy, you're so hard done by.

Try to spoil me with your poison

May as well hit me with your handgun

Next you'll say it's all in good fun

Bet you'd like to think you've won

You can't hold me down, babe, I'll put up a fight

Something about you just isn't right

Dream about me all you want at night

God knows you just might

So here I am

I'm waiting on your stupid plan

Pushing back as hard as I can

What is it that makes you a man?




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