I Am The Devil, But You're My Only Demon

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Been a long few weeks... Not sure how well I'm holding out. Today, I had a pretty okay day for the first while, but the last bit wasn't so pleasant. When I needed someone to turn to, I found I had no one who would listen to me; I was alone. I wrote this poem about a few people, partially real, partially fictitious. Surprised that this poem isn't about love? *snicker* So am I.

Submitted: October 31, 2011

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Submitted: October 31, 2011



Push me into the corner again

Wind up and strike my soul again

Punch a hole in the walls I built

Sometimes I feel you're here to kill

Me; stab me through the heart

Your words are so sharp

I can't hold on, the dark closes in

Your shadow looms above me

I see your knives at the ready

You'll cut on a whim

So unpredictable

You ask the question

Beg the real answer

The words pass my lips

The guillotine guilt slices down

And I feel my arm begin to weep

Old habits never leave

My heart begins to cry

Your words like bullets

Bouncing off my bones

Hitting my every inside

I promise I won't fight

I know you'll kill me again the next time

I count the seconds while I'm safe

Wait in my corner to receive the pain

Why is it I'm here?

Why do I live in this hell

The cold winds, the ripping hail

Your killing stare

My silent nightmare

I'm the devil, I'm the killer

The burner of dreams

In silence here I scream

You can't hear me

Fifty feet below

The fires still burn my soul

The waves are crashing in my head

Underwater, I'm drowning

You call me Sin

My lungs, my veins fill with water

The life-giving, life-taking fluid

Pulls me under, turns me black

The weights you tie with your tongue

You can't, won't take them back

Killing me

The blue turns black in my sight

My blood chills as you start to cry

I've hurt you yet again

Somehow you don't understand

When I'm hurt I strike out

I slice when you hit me

I cry when you break me

And shake when I'm betrayed

But again I'm the villain

Crying inside the mask you taped to my face

The world is ashamed of my name

But I can't escape the shackles

In my chains I'll have to stay

As they hit me and scream, I plead

This isn't me...

I can't explain

How badly it hurts

You call me a liar

You tell me I broke you

Trespass my boundaries and throw your spears

Crashing into the glass case I made

I don't know what more abuse you expect me to take

In the corner, I no longer feel free

Take me away take me away

The night swallows me whole

I cry the night alone

Sleeping in my casket, the life I made

Watch every eye, every star begin to fade

Hide away and sleep off the pain

Until tomorrow you live again...

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