I Dream Of Exterminating You

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*Ahem* I have little regard for the quality of this piece of... err... work. This is merely me trying to express my insurmountable anger and disappointment toward a certain few members of mankind. I have decided that, rather than containing my unhealthy thoughts, I would explode them figuratively onto the "page" and make my feelings known. Pardon me if this is atrocious. I'd like to definitely say that few of you know what ever happened to me in any sense: you're basing everything you're saying on lies. You're all killing me, by the way. Every time one of you blames your life on me, I die a little bit more. Watch how far you can push me before I really DO snap.

Just watch me.

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011



I'll slice through your heart like you sliced through mine.


Tear away your tears, you won't need them where you're going.


Rip out your eyes, since you don't want to see what it is you've done to me.


If ignorance is such bliss, why do you know what you're doing when you're doing this?


Don't lie and say you're sorry while I cut off all your toes; you're a backstabbing liar and everybody knows.


I sever all your sinew, shred every inch of skin, you're screaming out in pain, waiting for the end to begin;


I'll keep cutting slower, to let you feel the pain. With all your words and your deceit, you hurt me just the same.


The shards you left of my trust I use to cut your veins; making bruises, but nothing really stains.


Slashing like a sword sent from hell, I snip the nerves in your legs, your feelings ringing a bell.


You're coming undone, and oh, isn't causing another pain so much fun?


Unlace your ribs with a crack and some shining steel; this is such a pain you thought you'd never feel.


Picking at your organs, bit by shaking bit, you thought you could play the game, but never thought of who you hit.


Drawing closer to your heart, I'm glad that now you know how it hurts to fall apart.


Standing among your carnage, I watch your beating heart's rage.


I drop my scalpel, I no longer feel that well;


If it's pain I want to be had, I'm just like you, just as bad.


I'll walk out of my head and far away, I'll let you be the one acting this way.







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