I'm Not The Player, I'm The Game

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Really inspired tonight. I felt this undeniable sense of appreciation and care from so many people today, and I thought I should assimilate all those feelings for all those people into a general poem of affection. (:

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011



I feel myself shake when I am near you

I can't stop my soul's quake when it hears you

They all tell me no, we cannot be

I don't even know what I see

I sit down alone on the floor

You sweep in through the closed door

Set yourself down at my feet

Make those eyes, trying to look sweet

I hear your voice, I'm feeling calm

I think you want me there in your palm

Make me high with your pretty words

I feel myself being ripped into thirds

I see the line of your face

Pushing myself away just in case

The glowing colour in your eyes

Lights in me a million fireflies

Open the door to find the note

Read all the crazy words you wrote

Feel my insides slowly shutting down

You pick me up and cure me of my frown

I don't need your silent sympathy

All I want is you nearer to me.

Take me down

Spin me around

Pull me up

Say I'm your love

Though I know that we will never be

I can't wait to sleep at night so your face I will see.



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