Lost: My Unfound

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I was watching the beautiful magenta sunset from a window sill this evening, and I began to feel alone in the glow of such a sight. I felt like I was a solitary piece to a two piece puzzle... Somehow, I found some peace in that light. In that solemn peace, I found my head talking to itself. Luckily for me, it was talking to itself in verse.

Submitted: October 27, 2011

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Submitted: October 27, 2011



What would you do if I put my faith in you?

Would you break me down like so many outdated walls?

Would you hold me close so that I'd never fall?

Would you smile at me like we were all alone?

Would you pull me in and take me home?


I want to trust you,

But your face I do not see

I don't even know

If you've ever met me.

Maybe far away,

Maybe so nearby,

Maybe your longing for me

In your soul's sweet lullaby...


Who would you be, with or without me?

Are you the bad boy, chased down by the cops?

Are you the daredevil, the car that never stops?

Are you the poet, singing his sweet sorrow?

Are you the dreamer, wishing for tomorrow?


How I long to know you

Be near to your heart

If only you could hold me

So that we can begin to never be apart.

When will we be together?

When will the sun start to shine?

Will it be tomorrow

That you're finally mine?


Why can't you just be here?

Why don't I know you now?

Will we be drawn together somehow?

When can I see you, whoever you may be?

All I want is to be near you, and I hope you to be near me.


Someday we can be a couple

A pair we will always be

I feel I am tied here alone

And from the shackles you will free me.

So live your life right now

I will wait my time

Maybe you are out there now

Reading my lonely rhyme...







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