Ode To The Lost

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Decided today was the day to dabble in odes... This is definitely dedicated to a few people: all of whom should know who they are.

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



Missing you all terribly;

Wishing I was better;

I don't want you to slip by me.

Give up? I will never.

You all make me smile

We had some amazing times

You were an awesome best friend

Won't you stick around a while?

So please listen to my rhymes

So you can see I don't want this to end.


I promise that I'll change

Make a turn for the best

Expand my friendship range

You can put me to the test.

I only want you back

I'll leave myself behind

I want to clean this sour tie

Make the facade to crack.

Just know you're on my mind

So, please, give me another try.


You should know who you are

Each and every one

You're so close to my heart

You're always so much fun.

I just hoping you're listening to my poetic plea

And finding it in your humongous hearts

To give me another chance.

Don't do it just for me

That's not where friendship is or starts

It is and always will be a two-partner dance.








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