Death Whisper

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Hes dead.She alive.Because she survived.And she will always be alive.Kiling him left no blood or pain on her hands.She smiled all day.She slept like she'd never slept for 10 years.

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011



The fist came out of no where.She braced herself for the blow and cringed away."You stupid,evil,no good,lieing cunt!"he screamed."I'm sorry Mac!"she screamed.He pushed her to the bed and stratteld her and held her wrists down with his heavy weight.He pulled one hand away and punched her in her stomach.She screamed a blood curdeling scream and wanted to pull away.But after 9 years of being beat by your husband,you know the things you can and can't do when hes hitting you."Mac!The baby.Your gonna kill our baby."she tried to say in a soothing voice hoping to calm him.He raised from kissing her neck."W-what?"he asked as if as he didnt know she were pregnant.And he didn't.

"Baby?"She swollowed hard and tried to speak but her lips were as if sealed.Finally she got to where she could talk."I'm pregnant with a baby Mac."He screamed loudly and dripped spittle on her face.She turned her face to stare at the window.To see women jogging and old men walking their dogs.She wished like crazy that she had a normal life like they did.But could she ever?She doubted against doubt that mabey one day she could.But not as long as she lay under the fist of her husband Mac.She had to do somthing about it ,and if she ran,he would only come after her.

"Your lieing!"he screamed.She cringed away painfully."I-I'm not baby."she said calmly.He smiled."Good.Even better.Now when I hit you,I know im not only taking your life away-"he smiled."But two lives."he smiled evily and she put her feet to his stomach and pushed with everything she had.He stumbled backwards.She scrambled off the bed and hit the floor.She pulled herself to her feet and pushed off trieing to run.He grabbed her ankle.She screamed and kicked with her other foot.He screamed when the blow hit.He grabbed his nose.Blood gushed from his nose."You stupid whore!"He yelled."How do you like it you twisted,evil,man?!"He smiled naughtily."I love it baby."he said licking his lips.She groaned in disgust and ran.She went through the laundry room and out the door and into the garage.She made it to the gargae opener and pushed the lever up.She waited for the door to rise.She panted and cursed under her breath.Finally the door opened enough for her to climb under.She got to her knees,then her stomach and climbed under.

She made it half way under and his fists grabbed her waist."NO!"she kicked and tried to free herself but his hands had a death grip on her and he wouldnt let go of the thing he "Cherished" most.He pulled her under him and stratteld her once more."I hate you Mac!"she yelled."I know."he said smiling."I hate you too."He reached over her and grabbed a garden trowle and held it over her chest."See you in the next life?"he asked."Your dreaming."she said and spat bloody spit in his face.He growld and plunged the trowle down. 

 The blast came from nowhere but from her neighbores pistol gripped in his steady hand.Mac fell across her and pushed the trowle deeper into her chest.She spewed blood from her mouth.Her neighbor Moorgan rolled MAc off her and smiled a comforting smile above her."Hey,hey,hey."he said soothingly.She smiled up at him."Now he'll never know."Mally said lieing on the ground."Shh."he shushed her,and stroked her long black locks."He dosent need to honey."he said and bent to kiss her forhead."The police are on their way.We'll get you all fixed up."he smiled trying to not only reasure her,but he himself."I'm pregnent Moorgan.Hes yours.Or her."He smiled."I know honey.But don't talk."Mally had no problem with not trying to talk.But if she was going to die she wanted to say what she wanted to say the most."I-I-I love y-you Moorgan."she managed to stutter out.The last thing she heard was,"I love you to baby."


She woke in a cold hospittle.She opened her eyes painfully and looked around.Nurses hung over her and a doctor in a mask."More seditive."he ordered.She blacked out once more.When she woke again.She thought she was in heaven.Moorgan's face loomed over her frail fragile body."I'm here."she heard him say.And everything went black again.Finally she woke and seen and seen Moorgan again and he sat on the bed."Hey babe."he smiled."I'm glad your okay."She didnt feel like smling but she forced one anyway."You saved me."

"I know."he said."Moorgan?The baby?"He didnt smile.But looked away."Gone.But i'll marry you and we can try again.I love you Mally.And I will never loose you unless you want out.I wont stop you."This time she smiled."I will count on it.I love you nd this new life i have ahead of me sounds like a plan."

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