The Search(not completed just some dialouge)

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uncomplete, dialouge based story so far. my partner does the wording. haven't decided most names of things like some characters, places, the town.

please tell me what you think. please disregard the fact about it being not any where near done. and it's almost all dialouge.

This is the search of soulmates. Stormy one day helps a strange who collapsed in the sidewalk and helps him up. That man is Leon. together they find romance. Will Stormy and Leon be destinied for each other?

this is actally based on the authors' love. it has many twist and faantasies about the relationship but that's what makes it a fantasy love story. Most events are true. Dates and events were to be used as if it were real. to count 1 date is off but that is to make the story a fantasy.

Submitted: January 07, 2010

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Submitted: January 07, 2010



"Hey Stormy did you get those pictures of the meadows in Ireland?" Editor

"Yeah I'll get them to you as soon as they finish developing.." Stormy

"Sit them on my desk when you finish, it's late so I’m heading home." Editor

"Okay. I'll lock the place up when I finish." Stormy


Stormy almost finishes late in the night with the sun coming up. She locks up the editing department and heads off to go home. She's walking down the sidewalk and sees a man carrying piles of papers. The man suddenly collapses. Stormy runs over to help the poor man.


"Thank you." said the man

"My name is Leon. What is your name kind stranger?" Leon

"My name is Stormy and do you need help getting home? You have all these papers to carry, let me help." Stormy

"I wouldn't want to burden you at all. And besides my house is a few blocks away." Leon


Stormy started to gather the papers and noticed that they were sketches of nearby scenes and were marvelous.


"Did you draw these yourself?" Stormy

"Yes I did. I have other work at my house if you'd like to see it." Leon

"May I ask a few questions?" Stormy

"You may ask any questions you wish." Leon

"How come all of these drawing are of nearby paces?" Stormy

"Well I have a weak body so I can never travel too far from home. But I love drawing scenic pictures. This maybe odd telling a stranger but my dream is to capture the world, you know draw, and paint the famous places of the world." Leon

"I'm a traveling photographer, I take pictures around the world. I can give you some of my pictures that you can draw. And my final question for now is, will you let me stay the night? I worked all last night and my house is a few more blocks down. I wouldn't ask but I'd really like to see your artwork." Stormy

"I have no problem with that." Leon


They continued to chat while walking to Leon's house. When they arrived Leon unlocked the door and Stormy was in awe of the magnificent work.


"Wow I'm almost speechless, I can't think of any words to describe how great your work is." Stormy

"Thank you Stormy. It's not much but make yourself at home. And you're

welcome to stay here anytime you'd like. It gets lonely here sometimes." Leon

"Thank you very much Leon. Umm..." Stormy

"Yes? You can ask me anything you'd like." Leon


Leon saw that Stormy was starting to blush and avoid eye contact a bit. Afterwards Leon started to blush too.


"Never mind i'll tell you in the morning, good night Leon.." Stormy

"Sleep well Stormy." Leon


The sun had just started to peak out but Stormy had worked all night. She needed some sleep and so did Leon. The night was peaceful one. In the afternoon when Stormy awoke, Leon was painting her gentle sleep.


"I'm sorry that I was painting you in your sleep and without your permission, you just looked so perfect, I couldn't resist. Come and see how it's coming along." Leon

Stormy laughed a bit and said "Leon it's fine you have my permission to do as you like."

"How did you know you were safe here? You let a stranger in your house and let her spend the night. How did you know I wasn't up too something?" Stormy

"You helped a poor man up and collect his papers having no idea if they had any value to another, nor seeking anything in return. You're a good person Stormy." Leon

"Leon? What smells so good?" Stormy

"That would be your breakfast. I made it while I was painting you for when you woke up." Leon

Stormy goes and takes a bite of the food prepared by Leon. "Wow this is delicious Leon, You're not only a good artist but a chef too."

"I told you it gets lonely here so I cook my own food, and over the years you can get quite good at cooking." Leon

"How old are you then Leon?" Stormy

"23 years. And you? Leon

"I turned 21 years old in mid-June." Stormy


It's September 30th and Stormy’s pictures are due for the book today.


"Leon would you like to come down to the editing department? You can go through my artwork and take whatever you want. I have to turn my photos in today anyway." Stormy

"Yes." Leon


The two get ready to leave for the editing department, and leave shortly. On the way Stormy and Leon pass the sidewalk where they first met. They arrive at the department and go to Stormy's office.


"Stormy? What pictures am I allowed to take?" Leon

"Anything but the stuff on my desk." Stormy

"I must get to work now. I'll be back out when the pictures develop." Stormy

"Ok I'll look through these. I guess I'll wait here until you finish Stormy." Leon


The editor walks in and sees Leon going through Stormy's photos. "Thief, Thief, get away from Stormy's work." cried the editor.


"W... wa... wait I'm Leon, I met stormy early this morning. She helped me up when I collapsed. I'm an artist and Stormy said could paint some of her pictures." Leon

"I'll let Stormy decide if you are telling the truth. Until then you sit right in that

chair and don't move." Editor


An hour later Stormy finishes developing the photos and comes out of the dark room, only to see Leon basically being held prisoner by the editor.


"What are you doing to Leon?" Stormy

"This thief was going through your work and going to steal it." Editor

"I told him he could." Stormy

"I told you I was with Stormy." Leon

"I'm sorry uh... it was Leon right? I'm sorry it's just Stormy's work has always been extremely good and valuable." Editor

"It's perfectly fine. I understand." Leon

"I'm finished Mr. Editor." Stormy

"Okay thank you and I'll publish these in the travel book." Editor

"I'll see you when I return from South Korea." Stormy

"Okay I guess I don't need to tell you to take good pictures because you always do." Editor

Stormy laughed a bit. "Ok we'll be off now."

"Leon where do you want to go for lunch? My treat to try and repay your kindness and my boss's accusation." Stormy

"You already repaid me with these pictures. Now I can start painting the world." Leon

"Umm... Leon? Can I stay the night again? It gets lonely where I live too." Stormy

"Stormy I told you that you can stay whenever you like." Leon


For the next few days the two went almost everywhere with each other, and Stormy stayed every night. Then the fateful day, on October 5th, Stormy confessed.


"Leon are you umm... single?" Stormy

"I have a weak body so most girls don't want to date me. Plus I'm basically a

starving artist." Leon

"Leon? Will you.... be... my my my... boyfriend?" Stormy

"Stormy are you serious? This is a total surprise because I like you too. But I gave up on love a long time ago because of my weak body. So my art is my children." Leon

"I really like you Leon and I'm serious." Stormy

"I will be honored, if you'll accept me as your boyfriend." Leon

"I will be honored to be your girlfriend Leon." Stormy

"Um you may think this is strange but..." Leon

"I thought it was love at first sight!" both

"I'm inexperienced with love and sorry you may not be my first love Stormy but I wouldn't want you to be, a first love bears no fruit." Leon

"Same here." Stormy

"Stormy where did you get your name?" Leon

"When I was a baby I was a wrathful child and my parents thought of me as a storm. Why do you bare the name Leon?" Stormy

"I was born on July 31. So I’m a Leo. My parents named me Leon because of it, and now they say it's a perfect name because I have a lion's heart." Leon

"How did you become interested in art?" Stormy

"When I was young my parents were not that wealthy, we could just get by. I had a weak body so I didn't go outside much, and I didn't have much too do. I started to draw and draw and I became really good. How did you discover photography?" Leon

"I guess it's a similar reason but I came from a somewhat wealthy family. They had this really nice camera and I took it without them knowing and went outside. I took many beautiful pictures. When I returned my parents were mad because I took the camera, but please to see my pictures. I was happy being praised and I enjoyed taking the pictures. So here I am today." Stormy

"Where are you going next?" Leon

"Seoul, and Daegu mainly." Stormy

"Where do you want to go tonight to celebrate we're a couple?" Leon

"I don't know how about a walk around the town where you like to draw? Stormy

"That works for me." Leon

"The office is having a party in October 16th, would you like to go with me?" Stormy

"I'd love too. I'm just worried I’ll faint and something bad will happen." Leon

"Don't worry if you faint, I'll protect you Leon." Stormy


The two walked around to many places, to alleys, to the river, to buildings. Leon drew everything he could see. At night when they started to get tired they left to return home.


"Leon I've been spending the night here so much, this maybe weird but can I move in? It's closer to the department and I can see you." Stormy

"Sure we'll go and pick your stuff up tomorrow if you want." Leon

The next day they arrive at Stormy's house. It's been unused for a few weeks. She hasn't really been house except to pick up clothes every now and then. It seemed like it was abandoned. Lights are out, dust has been collecting. Stormy starts grabbing small things and tells Leon what to take.

"Stormy will all this fit into my house? If it doesn't I was thinking of moving. My house was getting to crowded with all the artwork. Plus with you living there also when I was used to being alone." leon

"We'll buy a new house together how about that? But I really do like being in your house. I feel safe there. But I guess that's just the feeling I get when I'm with you." Stormy

"Ok. I saw a house for a great deal. It's 5 times the size of my house. It's just a few blocks away from my house. We'll keep my house and use it as a studio. Both for your photographs and my pictures." Leon

"That's a good idea. My house is old and small. Plus it's far from work and far from the stores." Stormy

"We'll leave the big stuff here for now." Leon

"Let's go home for today." Stormy

The two left to go to Leon's house and go drop off what they grabbed at Stormy's house. They decided to go out for a walk tonight. A full moon is glowing tonight. The stars are shining, and not a cloud in the sky. Leon's body has been getting stronger he hasn't collasped as much or as badly. Now it's just dizzy spells and such.

"It's beautiful out Leon. Could you paint this marvelous sight to be our first piece in our house? It'll be the night of our decision." Stormy

"I could paint it but it'll take time and as long as your by my side." Leon

"Of course I'll be by your side." Stormy

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