Tributes to my Fiance, Nikki

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all poetry I do is for my fiance.

Submitted: February 04, 2010

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Submitted: February 04, 2010



The Destiny Stars

Each night I look into the sky.

Looking at the destiny stars.

I stand here now,

hoping my soulmate is watching too.

The stars brought us together,

and they'll bring us together again.


No matter how far away,

you will be close to me.

You will always be in my heart,

Forever and always.

Distance can't stop love.

You are always with me.

I'm always with you.

Another World

When I'm with you I'm happy.

When I'm not I long for you.

With you I'm in another better world,

without I'm stuck in this cold world.

I can only feel warm with you.

When you're not with me I'm as cold as ice.

Test of Love

No matter wht troubles,

that are ahead of us,

We will pass this,

Test of Love.

We've passed them before,

and we'll pass the ones in the future.

My love for you is True love.

I will stay with you forever

and pass any and all

Tests of Love.


Nikki is like a thorny rose.

I don't regret plucking that rose.

Now I can't let go,

or it'll hurt far worse.

Now my blood has wilted the thorns and rotted away.

The beauty of the rose,

now in my hand,

has grow into my hand.

Never to let go.

Notes:the first half is a quote I read long ago. But I wrote the second half. Nikki the pain isn't from you yourself it's from the pain and suffering we've gone through this past month.


Each day I fall for you more.

Each day I'm more attached.

Each days I lose my sight.

Each day you worry I'll leave for someone else.

Each day I can't see them.

Each day I can only see one person.

Each day I remember your beauty.

Future Meadow

Today we stand in a city

with all these interuptions and noises

Tomorrow we stand in a meadow

with only each other.


There is one key to this dark prison.

There is only Nikki

My prison was destoried by the

love and affication of that one key.

Never again will I be lonely in the

dark prison.


A shield is a protector

Meant to protect those who weild it.

Without the shild bearer

a shield is uselss.

With, the shield has a meaning.

Nikki, you gave me a meaning.


Long ago my heart was trapped in the icelands.

Alone and cold.

To freeze and die alone was it's fate.

Sarah found my heart and took it out of that frozen hell.

But she dropped my frozen heart and it shattered

Nikki found each piece and mended my broken, frozen heart.

You melted the ice and warmed my heart

To never again be cold

To always be with you.

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