An adaption of the three little pigs.

Chapter 1
Chris could not believe that he was finally going to be moving out if his parents house. He had graduated a year ago and was about to be the first of his brothers to get a place of his own. His other two brothers were Barry the middle one and Adam the youngest. Chris had been looking for a while. Nothing that he liked was in his budget. His girlfriend Anna was the one that finally convinced him to get what he could afford for now and save up for something better. Both Adam and Barry all agreed to help him move. 
"Is everything already boxed up?" Adam asked heading up the stairs to Chris's room. Barry was only a couple steps behind him. 
"Yea, just put all the boxes and stuff in the front yard Anna is going to take me to get the truck be right back." Chris said and walked out the front door. 
"Let's take the big stuff first and then the beds." Barry said to his brother. He could not believe that it was just going to be him and Adam in the house now. By the time they got the last box down Chris and Anna arrived with the truck. Bryan showed up at the same time Chris and Anna did. He always showed up trying to hang out with Chris and his brothers. Usually they blew him off but today was different. 
"Hey how's it going." Chris said. He knew that if he played his cards right he could get Bryan to help him load and unload his stuff. 
"I'm doing good. Do you need any help?" Bryan asked eager to finally be a part of the group. 
"Sure, can you help my Adam and Barry load all this in the truck, then unload it at my new place. 
Chapter 2
A week after moving into his new house Chris had a house warming party. Well it was really more of a get together. His brothers came with there girlfriends and Bryan showed up. 
"Hey , how is it going Bryan?" Chris asked as he let Bryan inside. 
"I'm doing good thanks for inviting me." Bryan said . He had two full bags in his hands. "The rest of the beer is in the car." Bryan said handing Chris the bags. Chris could not believe that he had actually brought the drinks. This was going to be an awesome night after all. 
"Barry can you help Bryan get the rest of the drinks from his car." Chris yelled. As Chris went to the kitchen Barry headed past him to the front door. 
"What do you have planned for Bryan tonight." Adam asked. Knowing that it would be awesome. He did not know why Bryan kept coming around. 
" Well I think tonight we could get him to drink a little pale ale. I was hoping your girlfriend could get him to do it. " 
Adam smiled at the idea. He had to get lots of pictures. 
Chapter 3
Two weeks had passed since the little get together at Chris's and Bryan had still not come back around . Chris was hoping that Bryan finally got the hint and stayed gone. As he was getting some orange juice out of the fridge his phone rang. He knew that Anna would pick it up so he poured himself a glass of juice. If it was important she would tell for him.
"Chris there is someone on the phone for you ." Anna yelled as he was putting the juice back in the fridge. Now he knew that the call was important. 
"Be right there babe." He responded heading to the bedroom with his juice in hand. He was not sure who would be calling on a Saturday morning. His wife was still laying in bed when he walked in. She handed the phone to him. He did not bother asking her who it was she had already rolled over and went to sleep.
"Hello who is call?" Chris asked. The caller I'd read unknown. He was not sure why Anna would answer an unknown number. 
"This is the big bad wolf. Your days are numbered." With that the line went dead. Chris did not pay any attention to the caller. He just put his phone in his pocket. It was probably a prank from one of his brothers. He knew that Anna would be asleep till about ten. Chris wanted to use this time to cut his grass and clean up the yard. At noon they were supposed to meet Barry and Adam at the lake. This would probably be the last time going to the lake for the year. 
Chapter 4
"Did you bring the beer" Barry asked Adam as he got out if his car. Melissa was not far behind. Adam was always the first one to arrive. He was also always the one with beer. 
"There is some in the ice chest. Where is Chris it is already one?" Adam complained. Katrina was sitting at a picnic table with all of there stuff. She was wearing a one price swim suit that looked similar to Melissa's. Barry and Adam had on black swim trunks and a t shirt. 
"You know your brother. He is always late." Barry responded grabbing a beer from the ice chest. He offered Melissa one but she declined. Just as the words were spoken Chris and Anna pulled up. He pulled an ice chest from his truck while Anna got out of the car. 
" How is it going. I'm glad to see you finally made it." Adam said. Katrina was already hugging Anna and Melissa. Barry gave Chris a beer. So far it seemed like only the guys were drinking. 
"I had a couple of things to do before I headed this way. " Chris downed his beer in on drink and grabbed another one. There was very few people at the lake which Chris liked. He did not like it when it was too crowded . 
"Well we are all here let's go for a swim. " Adam said and headed down to the water. Chris and Barry were not far behind. The ladies were all sitting around the picnic table talking. 
Chapter 5
The drive back was quite since Anna slept most of the way. 
"Do you think you can drop me off at my parents." Anna asked as she woke up. 
"Sure no problem." Chris said since it was on the way any way. She had been stating with him more and more often but it was nice to have the house to himself once in a while. Her parents were not far from where they we're. Anna fell back asleep after she had asked. 
As Chris pulled his car up to the front of his house he noticed that the porch light was out. He knew that he had put it on when he left. He did not pay too much attention to it however thinking that it probably burned out. He always bought the cheap bulbs. He parked in the front of the house where he always parked and headed inside . Other than the porch light being out nothing seemed amiss. As Chris put his keys into the door someone walked up behind him. Chris did not see the figure until he was opening the door. By that time it was too late. The last thing Chris saw before he blacked out 
was someone in a wolf mask. 
A week had passed since Adam had heard from Chris. The police had not found any clues yet or had any suspects. 
"How are you holding up?" Barry asked Anna. They were all at Adams new house . He had gotten a bonus from his job giving him the money he needed to finally get his own place. The company even paid for his stuff to be moved. It was a two story four bedroom two bath house. Tina was also moving in with Adam. He had offered to let Barry move in with them but he declined . He said when the time was right he would get his own place . He was not jealous about his younger brother moving out before him he just was not ready yet. 
"I'm doing good. I keep thinking if I had not gone home that night I would be missing too." Anna replied. Adam did not know what to tell her. 
Adam went to the kitchen to get himself another beer. The party seemed to be going good. Anna even came which surprised Adam since Chris was still missing. Adam felt bad about throwing the party but also felt like his brother would understand. Barry and Melissa were also at the party. They were the first ones to show up. A bunch of Adams friends had managed to make it as well. Adam grabbed his beer and headed back to the garage or man cave as he had liked to call it. He had set it up fairly nice. There was a pool table a card table and a beer pong table. 
"What took you so long?" Barry asked as he polished off the rest of his drink. He was drinking crown and coke. That was usually his drink of choice. 
"You and Melissa want to play a game of beer pong?" Adam asked he was surprised that no one was playing yet. At the moment most of the action was at the pool table. 
"Sure lets go this time I am going to win." Barry waved Melissa over. She had a bud light in hand. He was not sure if she would want to play, but he knew that she knew how and was pretty good. Adam however was very good at the game . The best he had ever seen for that matter. 
"What's up babe" she said giving him a kiss . Instead of answering he just looked at the beer pong table. She got the hint at once. A smile crept over her face. Barry knew that smile well. She was in. 
"I will be right back." Adam said and headed for the door. Barry looked around and noticed that. Tina was not in the man cave. Adam must be headed to get her. 
Chapter 8
Adam headed upstairs once he got inside. He had a feeling Tina went to bed but he was hoping that he was wrong. He was looking forward to playing beer pong with Barry and Melissa. He knew that he could beet them by himself. He wanted Tina on his team however. What he saw at the top of the stairs stopped him dead in his tracks . There was a trail of blood from the top of the stairs to his bedroom. The door was closed . On shaking legs Adam made his way to the bedroom . He was hoping this was some kind if a sick joke. He did not make a sound as he went over the carpet. The door opened just as quiet as he moved. On there king size bed was even more blood. It looked like something was under the sheets. With out lifting them he already knew who it was. 
"Your next, " a voice said from behind Adam. Adam turned to see someone in a wolf mask. It sounded like a male voice. Before Adam could do anything the person in the mask put a taser to his side dropping him like a sack of potatoes. 
Chapter 9 
"Do you think he is coming back?" Melissa asked. It had been almost thirty minutes since Adam had left.
"I'll go check on him." Barry said and headed for the door. He had a feeling Adam and Tina were fooling around. Once inside the house he went straight to the stairs. He was going to check there room first. He did not even get to the top of the stairs when he saw the blood. There was even more than earlier. It was starting to go down the stairs. Barry ran downstairs unlike Adam he was not going upstairs without someone to watch his back. After Chris had disappeared he was not going to be next. 
Chapter 10
Barry and Melissa sat at the table eating breakfast. Barry could not believe that both his brothers were gone and one of his brothers wives. They had not found Chris or Adams body. Tina however was found in the bed under the sheets. She had been gutted like a fish . A year had passed since that grisly day. Barry's parents had passed away in a car accident a month ago leaving Barry alone. Well not alone he still had Melissa and his sister in law Anna. The three of them had grown very close since the passing of Chris Adam and Tina . When Barry's parents passed away he was left a small ten acre price of property that he did not know they owned. It was right outside of town. There was a small house on the property. That was where Barry and his wife Melissa lived . Anna came over almost every night to visit. 
"What time is your sister in law coming over?" Melissa asked. She was hoping it would be early cause she wanted them to go to her parents house later. 
"Not sure I know you have plans for later so if she does not get here in time I will just send her a text ." Barry responded. Melissa did not knowing a time but she did not ask anymore about it. Barry headed outside to check on his plants . Since moving out there he had started a garden . He enjoyed being out there on his days off it relaxed him. He had tomato plants lettuce cucumbers and fig trees. All of them were fairly small still. Barry knew that this batch might not end up being ready in time but he wanted to start now even if it was late in the season. There was a fence around the garden . He took the hose with him as he headed that way he needed to water everything. Melissa had suggested him putting in a sprinkler but her preferred to use the hose. As he was watering the fig trees he heard a scream. It did not really sound like Melissa but it was a woman's voice. He froze in his tracks. His gun was inside. Since everything had happened Barry had bought himself a gun. He had also taken some defense classes , as well as Melissa. Dropping the house he slowly made his way to the wooded area of the property which was not too far from the garden. He could use it to get to the house undetected. The whole time he kept praying that Melissa was ok. He knew that if he just ran into the house he would be killed for sure. 
Chapter 11 
As Melissa was about to get in the shower she heard a scream , then the lights went out. She was not sure where Barry was but knew that the voice had been a women. After a second she realized it was Anna. Her blood froze. Who ever had attack the others was here to finish the job. She had a feeling this day would come. Barry had insisted she take some self defense classes. She stepped out of the shower and quickly locked the door. She could hear moment in the house but was not sure if it was coming toward here or away from her. This was not a good place for her to be. The bathroom was a small room with no windows and only one exit. She looked around the room to see if she could find some type of weapon. Her best bet was the towel bar, which was a long mettle rod with a little effort she pulled it off the wall . Not a moment too late. As she turned to the door someone started kicking at it. 
"I'll huff and puff and blow your house down." Came a male voice on the other dude of the door. Melissa knew that the door was about come crashing down. She raised the bar above her head prepared to attack. She would not go down without a fight. As the door flew open she charged bringing down her club. It caught the attacker on the shoulder. Her let out a yell but kept coming at her. He was wearing a wolf mask. He slammed her into the back wall knocking all the wind and fight out of her. Get towel fell to the ground leaving her fully naked. Before she could try to counter he used a taser and dropped her to the ground. 
"As much as I would like to play with you I'm afraid I do not have the time. He took a knife out of a sheaf in his pants and stuck it in her belly. He knew she would be dead shortly. He then wiped his blade on her ample breasts and headed for the door . 
Chapter 12 
Barry could see the front door open and Anna laying in the door. He was not sure if she was dead, she was covered in blood. The only weapon he had was a knife. He had no idea what the killer had with him. Slowly he made his way to the front door. He kept his ear peeled for anyone approaching. As he stepped into the house he heard someone toward the back of the house. Someone was kicking in a door. He thought it was the bathroom door. Without thinking he ran to the bathroom. Melissa was laying on the tile floor blood pooling around her. She had lost almost all color. 
"I love you." She whispered. Barry held her hand and gave her a kiss. He knew that she was gone . He heard someone walking up behind him. 
"Looks like the finally little piggy is about to die. " a voice came from behind him. With speed Barry did not know he had he turned and lunge at the attacker. Two gunshots were fired and they both went down . Barry had managed to get his knife into the killers as he got shot. 

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