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Chapter 1
Brian walked into the store already knowing what he wanted but knew that he would still end up shopping for over an hour. He could not believe it was almost Halloween. It was just three short weeks away. He wanted to get his costume early cause there was a few party's he planned on attending. If what he had heard was correct Kayla would also be attending the party's. This was his chance to finally talk to her outside of work. They both worked at the sporting goods store next to the mall. Brian had a crush on Kayla since she first started working there a year after he did. Brian was too shy to talk to her since he was not that attractive. He was scrawny weighing a little over a hundred pounds and wore glasses. She was always friendly with him at work but he wanted more than friends. He wanted her to be his girlfriend. 
Chapter 2 
A week had passed since Brian bought his costume. It hung in his closet still unopened. He would not open it for another week when he had his first party to attend . As Brian pulled his dinner out of the microwave someone knocked on the door. He was not expecting anyone. He set the food on the kitchen table and headed to the front door. He lived in a large. Three bedroom house, that also had a basement set up as a man cave. His parents had left it to him when they died. They were killed in a car crash two years ago. When he got to the door he saw that it was Phillip. Philip was the total opposite of Brian. He was six foot had muscle and ladies. He was one of Brian's few friends. 
"What's up, I was not really expecting anyone tonight." Brian said as he let Philip in the door. He was actually glad that he came over. When ever Philip came by Brian could expect excitement to follow . 
"I sort of need a place to crash for a couple of days. Me and my lady friend had a bit of a falling out." Philip said heading to the living room. He knew that Brian was erasing dinner. That was how predictable he was. Brian always did everything at the same time.
"Sure you can stay in the spare bedroom. Maybe we can go out a little later." Brian replied. He wanted to get a drink and maybe, just maybe bring home a girl. If anyone could help Brian it was his friend. 
Chapter 3 
Brian sat in the break room enjoying his lunch break. At the moment he was the only one in there. Most people left for lunch, Brian however never left. He did not want to chance coming back late from lunch. He always took exactly an hour. Not a minute more or less. So far the day had been going good. Just four more hours and he would be heading home for the day. Philip was still staying at his house. It seemed like he brought home a different girl every night. Brian wanted to say something. As he was finishing his lunch Kayla walked in. This was weird. She never at lunch at work. Brian could tell that she had been crying. 
"How's it going." She asked as she sat across from Brian. She was wearing a pair of grey slacks and a white blouse. 
"It's going good so far. How is everything with you?" Brian asked. She did not reply, as she tried to wipe away the last of her tears. After a second of silence she got up and left. Brian had a feeling she was not done crying and that she wanted to be alone when she finished . He was not mad that she left only sad that he could not comfort her. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed a number. He knew that he would probably not see her the rest of the day but he was glad that at least he saw her for a dew brief moments . The rest of the day flew by. Like Brian thought he did not see Kayla anymore but he knew that he had made her day better and that was what mattered. 
Chapter 4 
Kayla drove around not really having anyplace in mind. She did not know why she always fell for the wrong guy. Her phone had been ringing off the hook since she got off of work. Paul just did not get the hint. WhT she hated the most was that when everything was said and done she would go back to him. After about an hour of driving she finally ended up at home. What she saw on her front porch took her breath away. Then her heart sank as she feared who it was from. Slowly she made her to the the porch where a dozen red roses waited for her . She kept looking around to make sure no one was there. The note on the flowers only said I "thought you could use some cheering up". With that her heart lifted again. There was no way this was from her boyfriend. Somewhere out there she had a secret admirer. She took the flowers and headed inside. This turn of events gave her hope. 
Chapter 5 
Brian opened his costume carefully, not wanting to damage the packaging. He still had every costing he had ever worn downstairs in his man cave. They hung in a closet. Most of them had been worn several times . Philip had already left to another party. Which was good cause he did not want anyone to see him in his costume. That was the one thing he liked about Halloween, you could go as who ever you wanted and nobody needed to know who you really were. Once dressed he looked at himself in the tall mirror on the bathroom door. He was pleased with his look. It was a different approach from what he normally went as. Once he was dressed he turned off all the lights and headed out. He did not expect Philip to be coming home tonight. The first of November he said he would be moving anyway. Brian was not sure if he was moving in with another girl or getting his own place. It was already dark outside , at 7:30. Brian wanted to be a little late the party started at five but he knew that it would be going to everyone either passed out or went home. He did not plan on drinking too much. The main reason he went was to see Kayla in case she showed up. If she did hopefully it was without her asshole of a boyfriend. The day after he had sent the flowers she came to work with a huge smile on her face. He had not seen her that happy in a long time. When he asked her why she was so happy all she said was that she had a good night. Then yesterday she came to work with a black eye and her spirits were broken again. They did not talk, she tried to avoid everyone that day. The party was only a few blocks from his house so he took his bike instead of driving. The place was already packed by the time he arrived. There was a couple in the front yard drinking neither paid him any attention. Brian put his bike in the backyard and headed inside. There was string lights and a bar set up in the backyard but no one was there yet. He knew that soon that was where the fun would be. It did not take long for his wish to be answered, unfortunately it was followed by disappointment. Kayla and Paul showed at 8:15. It was clear to Brian that she did not want to be there. What else was clear, was that Paul did not care what she wanted or how she felt. He was checking out a pair of blondes dressed in a skimpy cat costume and the other in a witches costume. Kayla noticed but pretended not to see. 
"Can you get me a drink, I'm going to see who is here." Paul told her so he got talk to the other girls . Brian could not believe that without a peep she went to do as she was told . As he had though even before Kayla was out of sight Paul made his way to the blondes. Brian saw her turn and look and then she was gone. Brian's blood was beyond boiling .
"Are you ladies here alone?" Paul asked. The two girls looked at each other and grinned . Paul was a lot like Phillip in the sense that very few girls ever turned him down. Brian did not know why cause he was a real ass . 
"We are but we can see that you are not." The taller one replied. 
"She does not mind." Paul said as Kayla walked up with his drink. Her head hung in shame she game him his drink.
"You want to go upstairs?" The tall one told Paul who nodded yes.
"Be right back babe. Keep her friend company while we are gone."Paul said following the blonde . 
"My name is Cali, and yours is?" She asked Kayla who was clearly not happy about the whole situation. Brian watched the scene unfold in total horror. 
"Can you get me another beer ?" Cali said before she even found out Kayla's name. With the she was gone off to get a beer. 
Chapter 6
Paul and his new friend found a bedroom that was unoccupied and locked the door. 
"Your girlfriend is pretty cool to let me borrow you, the name is Beatrice by the way ." She told Paul as she pushed him towards the bed. Paul just smiled. 
"Would you mind if my girlfriend played with her while your busy up here." Beatrice said, not really asking. 
" Kayla has never been with another girl before but I do mind. " he responded pulling off her top . He was tired of talking and ready for action. What neither of them knew was that there was a bathroom that connected to the room and hallway. As Paul climbed on top of his conquest someone made there way into the bedroom as quite as a mouse. Paul was the first one to see the hooded figure. 
"What the fuck are you doing you pervert." Paul yelled. He had no idea who was in the costume. Beatrice turned to see who he was yelling at. 
"Your number is up." The killer said and pulled a scythe from under his robe. This sent Paul into a frenzy. He was off the bed and standing in seconds. Beatrice was frozen with fear. With one fluid motion her throat was cut and she bled out. Paul charged the cloaked figure only to get tangled in his clothes and fall on his face. He closed his eyes waiting for a death that never came. When he finally looked up the killer was gone. He quickly put his clothes on. 
Chapter 7
Brian arrived at work early Monday morning. He wanted to surprise Kayla with some flowers. She worked in accounting in an office at the back of the store. Very people were in yet so he made it to her office with very few questions to dodge. He did not want anyone knowing who he was giving the flowers to including Kayla. He wanted to send them Sunday but last he sent flowers to her house she got a black eye. He did not want to make the same mistake. From what he heard soon after he left the cops showed up. He also read about it in the paper. He left the flowers on her desk and left . As he got back to the front of the store Kayla walked in. She looked like she hadn't slept all weekend. Her eyes were bloodshot and her hair a mess. She did not have any makeup on. Brian walked up to her and gave her a hug. Kayla hugged him and started to cry. Brian guided her to the back of the store. He wanted to get her to her office. He was sure that she did not want the whole store to see her like this. 
"Thank you, I'm sorry for crying like that." Kayla said as she opened her office door. Brian followed her inside. She did not see the flowers at first. 
Two weeks had passed since the last party and the police still had no idea who had murdered the girl. They questioned Paul but did not have enough evidence. Ever since the murder things with Paul and Kayla have been worse than ever. Bryan had not seen her smile since he have her flowers at work. From what he heard the party was still on. He had a feeling Kayla would not be attending but he actually had a date tonight. Philip had finally hooked him up with someone. Tonight was the first night they were going to meet. At midnight they would both pull off there mask. Until then they would keep there face hidden. Brian wanted her to get to know him before she saw him. Like before he arrived at the party two hours late. His date was already there. 
"I see you finally showed up." Amanda said a little bit irritated. 
"I'm sorry I just do not like to be early. Out of the corner of Brian's eye he could see Kayla and Paul walk in. Kayla was wearing a short black dress and no bra. He could tell that she was very uncomfortable. She was not wearing and makeup. 
"It's ok it's not like I was here alone." Amanda replied. She then took his hand and guided him to a couch so they could sit down. Brian kept an eye on his friend while also liking at his date. She was dressed as Marge Simpson. From what he could tell she was very pretty. She stood and five nine. And was average build. She wore a mask so he could not see her face or hair. 
"So tell me a little bit about yourself?" She prodded. 
Chapter 9
"Paul I want to go home. I look like a hooker. " Kayla complained.
"Shut up, we will go home when I'm ready. Follow me." He said leading her down a hallway. Head down Kayla did as she was told. The first time she got flowers Paul beat the crap out of her the second time he had her move in with him. He said he did not want her cheating on him. She was not even allowed to bring anything from her house.
"This will do. " Paul said pushing Kayla into a bedroom. What neither of them knew was that a clocked figure had followed them into the room. 
"Your time has come." The clocked figure said and punched Kayla in the face and slit Paul's throat .

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