This is a story about a woman who cheats on her boyfriend and in the end decides to be alone.

~Chapter 1
Lisa sits at her desk trying to focus on work but all she keeps thinking about is Manuel. Jeff is going to be out of town for the weekend so Manuel is coming over. Jeff heads out tonight. Part of her feels bad about cheating on her husband. It is even harder knowing that Manuel and Jeff are best friends. It also makes it easier to get away to see him. There is several pictures on her desk. All of them of her and Jeff. They are of different place they have been to. Lisa loved to travel, as did Jeff. Other than pictures thee was not much else on the desk. There was no in box or out box. Everything she needed was on her computer. She never printed anything. She was not even allowed a printer. The office did not have windows and only one door. Counting down the minutes till she got off was usually the most exciting thing about her day. The walls were painted bright white and there was a black and white vct floor. Manuel helped her get her job. Jeff did not like the idea of her working but I'm the end he supported her decision to go back to work. There was a round white digital clock on the wall that let her know when it was time to go home. Her phone rang as she was look at an email. It was her cell not the office phone. The office phone very seldom rang, although it always worked.
Chapter 2
Lisa grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and headed back to the living room where Manuel was waiting. The kitchen was right next to the living room. The fridge was always stocked with beer, it was not that Lisa and Jeff was a couple of alcoholics they just had friends Over often and all of them liked to drunk. That and Jeff liked a cold beer after a hard days work. The floor was clean enough to eat off of. Now that Lisa went back to work the house was not as clean as it used to be but it still was not that dirty. The kitchen was the one room that she made sure stayed clean. The walls were painted sunflower yellow, with a light green tile floor. Jeff and Manuel were the ones to paint the walls and put in the floor. You could tell that it was not done by pros but Lisa was happy with it. She took the beers to Manuel who was waiting in the living room. He already had his shoes off and his feet were on top of the coffee table. Lisa noticed but did not say anything. It was a glass top with an oak frame. There was light brown carpet in the living room to match there brown couches and tan walls. Normally Lisa would scold Jeff for doing what Manuel was doing now, Manuel however she let get away with it.
"So how was work today?" Manuel as as he took the beer she handed him. He always asked how work was even though she always gave him the same answer.
"It was boring as usual. We did hire a couple if new people. I'm not sure what they will be doing just that they were hired." Se responded. Lisa took a drink of her beer and then took off her Floral t shirt. She had on a white lace bra underneath. Jeff had bought it for her the day before. She had promised that she would wear it for him when he got back into town. This type of thing did not surprise Manuel any. There was times that Lisa met him at the door in nothing but a pair of lace panties and a smile. The blouse landed next to Manuel on the couch. Her nipples could be seen through the material.
"Let's take this to the bedroom." Manuel said as he got up from the couch. Lisa followed him into the room like it was his house and not hers. As Manuel went he tossed his clothes aside like a trail of bread crumbs. By the time he climbed into bed he was wearing only a smile. Lisa had also lost her clothes along the way. Soon they were so lost in each others body that they did not hear the front door opening.

Chapter 3
Jeff felt bad about going to work and leaving Lisa home alone. So when the company called and cancelled the trip he was glad to be going home. He was going to call, but decided that surprising her was much better idea. When he pulled in front of his house he noticed that Manuel's car was in the driveway. This did not really bother him cause he knew that him and Lisa were close friends. When he saw the living room light go off however, he did get a bit worried. There was no reason for Manuel and Lisa tone in his bedroom. Slowly Jeff made his way inside. He could not hear anything as he entered the living room. What he saw was enough however. Both his wife's and Manuel's clothes were on the floor. He dashed for the bedroom and tore through the door. Manuel was on not of his naked wife. Jeff tackled him off the bed onto the floor before anyone even realized he was in the room. Lisa screamed. Even though Manuel was twice Jeff's size, Jeff was pummeling him. Lisa jumped on Jeff's back trying to pull him off her lover.
"What the fuck is going on here. How could you cheat on me and with my best friend, and how could you do this to me." Jeff yelled as Lisa finally pulled the men apart. Manuel had several bruises, all over his face and arms. He had not gotten off one hit on Jeff. Before anyone could say anything Jeff stormed out of the house.

Chapter 4
Lisa was in tears as the door slammed behind Jeff. She could not believe that her five year marriage could be over. Manuel was sitting on the end of the bed.
"Now that he knows we can be together and stop hiding." Manuel said. All Lisa kept thinking was how much she wished Jeff was there.
"I think you should leave." Lisa said opening her bedroom door. Manuel did not move. He was caught off guard.
"What are you saying. I thought you want to be with me, this is our chance." Manuel finally spoke. Lisa did not respond she just went to her bathroom and closed the door, still in tears. As much as Manuel wanted to stay he knew that it was best for him to leave. He felt bad for both Lisa and Jeff. Despite what he was doing Jeff was his best friend. That was the only reason he did not beat the crap out of him.

Chapter 5
A week has passed since Jeff caught Lisa, and he still had not talked to her. The morning air felt good on Lisa's face. Walking from her car into the store. She needed to buy a few things for the weekend. She was two weeks late and she was beginning to think she was pregnant. The lights inside the store were bright. As she started looking at the pregnancy tests she pulled her phone out of her pocket and dialed Jeff. She was not sure he would answer and if not she would leave message. To her surprise he answered on the first ring.
"I was about to call you." Jeff said.
"Can we please meet for dinner at our usual spot." Lisa said. This would give her time to take the test. There was moment of silence as Jeff pondered her request.
"I will see you at seven" Jeff replied and hung up the phone. Lisa pocketed her phone and headed to the cashier with her test. This was all she needed for now. Hopefully this was going to be a good weekend. She really hoped that she was not pregnant.

Chapter 6
Lisa showed up fifteen minutes early, and Jeff was already there. He had a table as well. He stood and waved at her. Lisa walked over and sat down.
"How have you been?" She asked.
"I'm doing good. I have talked to a lawyer. Lisa heard this and her jaw hit the floor. She did not know how to respond to that.
"I have not filed yet, and am not sure that I am. I still love you."
"I still love you too, I know that I have messed up and I'm sorry. The reason I wanted to see you was to tell you that I am pregnant." Lisa said. Now it was Jeff who was floored.
"I'm not here to beg you to take me back or hold the baby over your head. I do still love you and know that I messed up what we have." Lisa gave him a kiss and got up and left.



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