Prevention - Part 2

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Prevention part 2! Sinja and his dreams, do they have a meaning?

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012



[Part 2]


The alarm clock rung loud, but Sinja was still sleeping like it wasn’t. He didn’t wake up until his mother walked in the room and yelled at him to wake up, and then she left the room. He sat up from his laid down position and yawned of tiredness. The same nightmare, he thought. He got out of bed and did the regular morning routine: use the bathroom, brush your teeth, fix his hair up, and last get dressed for school.

Sinja is a junior in high school, and is 16 years old. He loves to make model cars from scratch, mostly old school classics. Recently, Sinja’s been have the same nightmare almost every other night. Each one exactly the same, but sometimes a little more intense than the last one, always the same thing over and over again, it’s like a replay every night. There’s a man terrorizing kids that look to be his age, but he can’t make any of their faces clearly. He doesn’t exactly know where he is in the dream either, it’s like he’s watching a movie. And there’s no telling where they are in the dream, but it kind of looks like a class room. It’s also weird that… the man torturing the tied up people, calls out his name as if Sinja was torturing the people with him, and knew him.

“Mom, can I talk to you?” Sinja asked. He walked down the stairs that lead to the upper part of the house, which is where his room is located. They lived in nice sized house, which had two bedrooms, and two baths. The kitchen was located to the left of the stairway, and the living room was to the right.

His mother passed the stairway, which he was currently walking down on, and made her way into the kitchen. “Sure,” she spoke with delight.  “What’s wrong?”

Once Sinja was close enough to the bottom of the steps, he leaped off and met up with his mom in the kitchen. “It’s nothing serious.” He reassured her, “It’s just that…”

His mother was cooking breakfast for him, pancakes and eggs. The pancake she had in the pan was done cooking and she lifted off the pan with a spatula, putting done a plate, which was on the counter to her left side. “It’s just what?” She repeated curios of what he wanted to talk to her about.

Sinja walked up to the counter and picked the plate, which had the pancake on it up and brought it to the dining table. He sat the plate down, and also sat down as well. “I’ve been having the same disturbing dream over and over again. Sometimes every night, and sometimes every other night, I just don’t know what it mean.” He told his mother.

His mother turned off the burner she was using to heat the pan. “Maybe its sign saying: lay off the horror movies for a while!”

“Mom— this is serious.” He said in a none joking mood, the nightmares were really starting to scare him.

“Sinja,” she faced him. “There just dreams.”

“What if there not just dreams?” He said worriedly, “what if it’s a warning meaning something bad is going to happen?”

While Sinja was going through panic mood, his mother poured ice cold water in a cup from the faucet.

“What if… Something bad is going to happen to me!?” Sinja freaked out. His mother walked up to him and poured the cup of ice cold water on top of his head. The water splashed down his body, even all the way to his pants. He sheivered of coldness, “Mom?!” He looked up at her, his shirt was completely soaked.

“Now go upstairs to your room to change your shirt.” She ordered him. “And if you ever talk crazy like that again, next time it won’t be cold water.” With that warning she gave him, Sinja knew she meant well and smiled.

“I was talking crazy wasn’t I?” He stood up from the chair he sat in. “Thanks for snapping me out of my panic mom.” With that said Sinja headed upstairs to his room to change his shirt, and maybe his pants too.

His mother watched as he left upstairs and smiled, kids, always reading into things too much. She thought to herself. She sat the cup down on the table and walked into the living room. She picked up the TV controller and pressed the power button on the remote, turning the TV on. The TV was already on the new channel when she turned it on, the news man was currently on the topic of a murder scene that happed at a school in another state.

The news man was saying: “Just today at 6:20 this morning. A janitor of a school called Livestone High, had early cleaning duty to do in the school classrooms. And what did he find in one of the classrooms? Well the answer will disturb you all. He found the bodies of 8 kids brutally murdered, all with cuts, beatings, and gunshot wounds. One child in particular received the worst gunshot wound of them all. It was a girl, she received a gunshot wound… to the head.” 

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