Prevention - Part 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Sinja goes to school carring the disturbance of his dreams, and to top it all off there's a new guy in school who just won't. let. up.

Submitted: October 13, 2012

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Submitted: October 13, 2012



[Part 3]


Sinja was walking up to the school entrance doors lost in thought. His mind was still disturbed by the odd nightmares he’d been having frequently. He walked through the school doors and almost immediately he was tackled by his friend, Vince.

“What’s up!”

Sinja pushed Vince off of him. “Not really in the mood for this, Vince.” Sinja didn’t feel like dealing with the upbeat ness of Vince today. Right now he just wanted to get through the day peacefully, and maybe he might get the disturbance off his mind.

“Ok, cool. I can take a hint. Even though that was more douche bag like than hint like.”

Vince followed Sinja all the way to his locker. He had taken it the wrong way, settle-ness would have been better on Sinja’s part, but Vince was too sensitive. How does his girlfriend deal with it?

“Vinci Ba-ba!” Called out a voice, it was Vince’s girlfriend, Sherran, running towards them, more exactly, towards Vince. She tackled him to the ground hard. Sinja could hear Vince let out a yelp due to getting the wind knocked out of him.

Sinja couldn’t help but laugh at the comical sight. “Sher-ran, and tackled you.”

“Shut up! That joke isn’t funny anymore!” Vince retorted. He and Sherran stood up to their feet, facing each other. Vince expressed a soft look to her. “Sherran, what are you doing here? I thought you moved away.”

“I came back. I couldn’t stand to be away from my ba-ba! I never said this to you before but… Back on the road with my pa man ma after we had said our farewells it had it me.”

“What… Had hit you?” Vince asked her, his face expression now turning to aghast and a forced smile.  

“That you really loved him?” Sinja assumed.

“No. A soccer ball,” she told them, wincing at the pain of the memory. “It was kicked right through ma window. Dang thing hurt so bad that it made me realize that… That same pain I feel in my head from the impact of the soccer ball will be the very pain I feel every day I live without my ba-ba, so Vince!” She put her arms around his neck and stared deep into his eyes. “I love you!”

Vince was stunned and didn’t know how to respond. He’d never expect that he Sherran would come back the very next day after their separation. Actually, he had to be honest with himself. He hoped that she wouldn’t come back, he a look for Sinja and saw that he was leaving. “Uh— Sinja? Hey… where you going?!”

Sinja could hear Vince yelling out to him, but for Vince’s sake… He had to go about that problem on his own. Poor guy, Sinja thought. He walked to his math class and was about to walk in, but was quickly stopped by a guy.

“Hold up!” The guy said anxiously.

Sinja backed up from the door and he looked at the guy who stopped him, his hair was wavy brown and looked to be really tall close up. “Yeah?”

“You’re Sinja right?”

Sinja responded to him with a simple ‘yeah’ and a nod.

“I was informed by the teacher that you were to show me around school. I’m Kage,” He held out a hand to Sinja. “Kage Gunner. I’m new here.”

Sinja returned the greeting, shaking his hand briefly. “Sinja Aven. This school isn’t that big. I don’t think you need me to show you around.”

“It’s not just for that purpose alone. I need to find the nurses office, and I don’t know where it is.”

“Have you asked the teacher for directions?”

“The teacher was busy, couldn’t get a chance. But here you are all of a sudden; about to walk into class, that’s what I call perfect timing.”

Sinja looked at this guy suspiciously. He wasn’t letting up. What was the big deal? There are bunch of other student’s in the class he was about to walk into, why him out of all of them? “I don’t know.”

Aw, come on. Please? I really need to get to the nurses office.”

He’s still not letting up. “What reason? You don’t look sick.”

“I’m not sick. I just need to call my dad. It’s real important, and I rather not say what’s so important, so. Please, just help me out, Sinja.”

Sinja didn’t want to take him to the nurse’s office, not that he was cold hearted. It’s the right thing to do, yeah, sure, but there was something about this guy that didn’t settle right with him. Maybe Sinja was reading into it too much. Maybe he was reading into his nightmares too much…

“Ok, I’ll take you.”

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