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The story is about two love birds.......... read this and send ur respond

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011




“Ravi and Divya – A twenty first century love saga”


Introducing Ravi working in a small scale industry. While working he stays connected with Friend like his school met, college met,. new online friends. And he always tries making a new relationship , coz he has a lots of pain in his heart so to get relief from them he wants to search for a true friend who ll not only understand his feelings but also do the solid treatment of his wound. So one day by his G talk he finds Divya, and Divya hate Boys because she thinks Boys play with girls emotion and dump them when they seriously involved in the relation. But Ravi is not like the other boys. Ravi wants a loving and caring girl. So finally they meet up over chatting. And they exchanged their number. Divya is very matured girl she knows how to deal and how to handle and control her emotion in the same time. But Ravi takes the decision from his heart. Proceeding Ravi calls to her with a fast beating heart what she will say, how she will say he doesn’t know anything. But when c receives the call the sweet conversation happens between them. Earlier she said she is not able to receive the call at late night but she had to place someone to avoid the loneliness in that stage of her life. She really wants to talk.

As you knew earlier about Ravi, he gradually attached emotionally with her. But he couldn’t propose her because Divya didn’t like it. So Ravi thought not to propose but he asked her for two years to become a perfect man for her. Divya thinks a little but agreed with his proposal.


But Divya faces lots of pressure from his family because her family member thinks this is the right age to marry and she can’t go against will of her family. Here Ravi tries to get out from there and find good job at least to be prepared himself to face her family. But he doesn’t know up to that extent of time Ravi will able to get her or not. Her sweetness, the way of she talks, sometime childish nature makes Ravi almost fall in love. But Ravi can’t propose her. Isn’t it strange?


So Ravi said to her if she find good life partner during these days then don’t hesitate just go for it. No worries about Ravi. Because he always wished for her happiness only. But couldn’t say directly to Ravi by phone just go to her Orkut profile and update the status Married, so that when Ravi will login the current status will come with the new updates. So it will hurt lesser than the earlier information.

 And she agreed with that. Ravi has a very good friend cum Brother who knows everything about the relationship. One day the same happened Divya got married with the ignorance of Ravi. Divya wants to say but the promise did not allow to Vidya to do that. So, vidya updated her profile as married. And just visited the Ravis Profile .In some days Ravi saw his Orkut Account and found Vidya got married. So he wished Vidya Happy Married Life. And Vidya regularly appears online but didn’t find Ravi. One day she found the Scrap from Ravi and she felt Happy. And thought Ravi is alright now. So one day she found that Ravi is online so she started messaging. The replies of Ravi created doubts in her mind, so she asked the residence address so that they will plan to come his home. Ravi denied not coming home. But Divya said I will find it in my way. So Ravi didn’t Reply anything and suddenly log out from the screen.


So One day Divya succeeded in her efforts to find Ravi’s address and reached there. And found the photo of Ravi which she liked Very much. On the wall . ……………..with some agarbatties.


Then who was on that day in online?

Why he denied to come home?

What happened with Ravi?

What will be the reaction of Vidya?


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