The Zombie Whistle

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Jim has entered the world of monsters and chaos when he finds out his grandma is a monster fighter. Can he fight back by himself?

Submitted: February 05, 2014

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Submitted: February 05, 2014



 Jim walked into the store. It was a typical convenience store, except for the fact that it was next to a SHELL gas station about ten miles into the forest. He figured there would be some cool forest stuff in there. He had twenty dollars and he wanted to buy something he could keep himself occupied with for this dumb trip. He was going to his grandmother’s new house, which was, apparently, in the middle of nowhere. This was not how he wanted to spend spring break. He would have prefered to play video games at home the whole time with his friend, stay up late, etc. So, anyway, he found this whistle that he thought looked really cool. It looked ancient, like it was about to break, but it was actually made of metal. He went up to the clerk and asked him how much the whistle was. The clerk told him it was fifteen dollars. Jim thought the clerk was raising the price, so he bargained a little and managed to get it for ten dollars. He still thought it was a bit pricey, But he supposed this place didn’t have many customers. He also knew he would get bored at grandma’s house, so he thought he could blow it a few times just to get on his mother’s and grandmother’s nerves. Jim heard his mom call him from the gas station. Oh well, time to go, Jim thought.

 He was bored just ten minutes into the drive, and there were still a couple of hours left. he blew the whistle a couple times, just to see what sound it made. It was high and shrill, just like he expected. The sound of it really annoyed his mother. His mom made him put it away under the threat of grounding.

 One more hour into the drive, there was a huge flash. It scared the wits out of Jim, but his mom just waved it away saying it was just some lightning. She explained it saying there were many tall trees in this forest that acted as lightning rods. But there was still something about the flash that made him very uneasy.

 An hour later, Grandma was inviting them inside. They had only been outside the car for less than a minute, and Jim was already muttering about how this could be compared to Antarctica.

 After a hot dinner, Jim was looking at his whistle when his Grandma started eyeing the whistle strangely. She asked if she could see it for a while. Jim thought it was pretty weird that grandma wanted to see the whistle. Maybe it looked antique and she wanted to keep it herself? He hadn’t the slightest idea.

 When she got back from examining the whistle, she announced that they were going to the cemetery. The way she announced it really made Jim freak out. It sounded as if she was scared. Jim had known his grandmother almost since he was born, and he had never known his grandmother to be a worry wart or a scaredy cat. He could tell his mom felt the same way as him right now. Almost trembling, Grandma tossed both of them some kind of gun.

They didn’t have to go as far as the cemetery to find what they were looking for. Zombies were already near Grandma’s house. Jim should have been shocked, but he was never one to find anything a surprise or a shock. He wanted to ask his Grandma a ton of questions, but he was too terrified to ask them. He started firing randomly at zombies, just like his mom and grandmother were doing. He wasn’t exactly the best shot in the world, but there were so many zombies that even he couldn’t miss. The zombies looked terrifying from a distance, and even more so when they started coming towards him.Each zombie disintegrated as soon as it got hit with a beam from a ray gun.

 They fought until morning, when they finished off the last of zombies. Jim was more than exhausted.”Isn’t there some kind of military to help fight zombies? “, Jim asked. “Oh, there is”, Grandma answered.” It’s about time you met the SSA.”

End of part 1

 The SSA. Three letters that stood for what was the most powerful organization. It’s technology was approximately a century ahead of even advanced tech. It stood for Sixth Sense Association. Founded after the secret Zombie War in the 1900s. Believes in so-called fictional characters like zombies and aliens, but not things like gods.

 Surprisingly enough for Jim, Grandma got all this info on the Internet using an unknown search engine. Jim didn’t know how this info would help him, but he was curious. He was even more surprised when there was a knock on the door at noon. He was a lot more surprised than that when he opened the door and found a guy who looked like a soldier because he was decked out in armor and had a ray gun at his side.

 Apparently, Grandma had been through the zombie war and joined the Sixth Sense Association. She had obviously called for backup, because a bunch of soldiers hopped out of the truck.”We didn’t want to raise suspicion”, the soldier at the door said. Jim didn’t understand why Grandma had called for backup until the soldier explained to him that the zombies came out every night from the closest place from where the whistle was blown. That was why, Jim reasoned, the whistle had been placed in a remote place like this.

 Jim almost wished his mom was here. She had gone home only because Grandma had insisted she leave it to the professionals.

 Grandma took charge when they were in the living room. She described zombies as “humanoid creatures that destroy what they see moving”. Jim didn’t think much of it, but by now he knew that anything could save your life. According to Grandma, there was another whistle, opposite to the one that Jim had blown. This one would make the zombies go away. And the person who had blown the first whistle had to blow the second whistle, otherwise it wouldn’t work. Grandma turned on the news, and for some reason no one questioned it. After a moment, he realized why.

 The top news story was about zombie sightings in the coliseum of Rome.

 “ How am I gonna get to Rome?”cried Jim.(They were, incidentally, in California at the time.

 Grandma replied by pressing a button.

* * * * *

 Teleporting was painful, thought Jim. As a kid he had always been one of those kids that thought teleporting would be cool. Now he was regretting those thought.

 There was someone waiting for him outside the teleportation pod. “Took you long enough”, the man said. He introduced himself as Robert, one of his Grandma’s younger colleagues. The SSA had stationed agents all over the world after five years of grueling training.

 He told Jim he had taken two hours to teleport, which was more than enough for Grandma to contact him. As it was, all SSA agents were on an extreme alert. The teleporter had a 12 hour cooldown and no agent was close enough to help. So as far as the world was concerned, Jim and Robert were on their own.


10:00 p.m, Roman time. The same date.

 Jim had almost pleaded that they go in the morning. Jim felt a lot safer in the daytime than nighttime. But Robert insisted that they do it as soon as they could, for two reasons - 1. The sooner they finished the better, and 2. The coliseum was a tourist attraction, and it would be hard to do what they had to do without attracting attention to themselves.

 They entered the coliseum at 11:00 p.m, sneaking past guards and disabling cameras. After 15 minutes and no whistle, Robert insisted they split up. To be honest with himself, he was terrified that a zombie would pop up in front of him and devour him. True, he had been equipped with a ray gun, but he had no idea how to use it. This was an altogether different type of gun. He had no idea of where the trigger was. Even if he figured out, he could shoot himself instead of the zombies. He decided trying to use it would be stupid, so he set it down. He had read enough spy books to know the slightest sound could give you away to a security guard, or worse, a zombie.

12:00, midnight. Roman time.

 “Robert?” “Robert? It’s midnight !”, shouted Jim. No answer.

 Suddenly in the middle of the coliseum he could see ten zombies, five starting to eat Robert, five guarding the whistle.

 “Get the… whistle… Jim”, he croaked.

 “Robert !”, cried Jim.

 Silence. He was dead.

 He would have sat there crying if the zombies didn’t start coming toward him. Drying his tears, he knew what he had to do. He had to blow that whistle. But it was almost too late now. The undead had him surrounded. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he remembered. “ Humanoid creatures that destroy what they see moving”, Grandma had said. He knew it was a long shot, but he didn’t have anything to lose now, did he?

 Jim froze.

 And the zombies started going back to the whistle. As soon he felt that he had enough time to get out of the circle and get the whistle, he ran. He ran like he never had before. Now there was nothing between him and the whistle but a couple of metres of ground to cover.

 He almost stepped on the whistle. He didn’t know how hard it was, but he knew he had probably almost failed the mission. Quickly, he picked the whistle from the ground and blew it.

 The zombies turned into ash.

 Knowing he completed the mission, he smiled and fell unconscious.


To be continued…


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