I love my Mama

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A poem of my mom and how i love her. Everyone should love there mothers.

Submitted: February 09, 2012

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Submitted: February 09, 2012





By: Matthew J Stoss


Though times change and I grow older

I will always return home into your arms

You were there for me through my first heart brake

Though through it all I’m coming home


No matter where I’ve been

What I’ve done

You’re always there for me


I’ve seen your face a thousand times

A face that is no stranger to me

Though I grow older

I will always return home


I have no better friend then you

Through rain or shine

Thick and thin

Even if the ties that bind brake

I’ll always come home into your arms


No words describe the love you have for me

No other mom could replace you

No other arms no other person

No matter what

I’ll always return home


The pain I feel

Taken away by your hugs

The tension that arises

Defeated by your smile

So Mama I’ll always return home to your arms


A reason

A season

Or a lifetime

No matter which you may be

I’ll always return to your arms


I can’t stand to say goodbye

And when that time comes

I’ll still return home to your arms


Cause Mama I’m coming home

To be in your arms

Once Again





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