Black Fog

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A cold, normal day at school turns into a horrifying experience as students find themselves fighting for their lives against a supernatural force that threatens to kill them all. Can anyone survive, can this ancient evil be stopped?

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012




Black Fog 



The air outside was bitterly cold, all the students were wrapped in warm winter clothes with their coats and jackets buttoned tightly around them. The sky was covered in gray clouds showering snow onto the ground.

Joseph Whitman, a tall broad-shouldered senior at Wilksford High walked through the snow towards the school. He swore to himself, “to damned cold to be out here.” The senior made his way through the crowd of frozen students who were huddled together for warmth. An old Vietnam fatigue jacket, fully zipped and buttoned, was wrapped around his upper torso. His legs were covered by faded jeans and his feet by boots.

The school was a large one with three levels to it. The first was for the freshman and sophomores. It also held the gym and cafeteria. On the second floor was where the juniors had classes along with the auditorium. The third and final level to the school was the senior level. There was also a small staircase to the roof that students used in warmer weather to sneak away and smoke, which was what Joseph planned on doing second block. The band and JROTC buildings were separate and were a hundred yards off from the school.

Joseph plowed through the students on the breezeway and went for the double-doors that lead into the school. Before the boy entered the school he patted his left chest pocket to make sure he had his cigarettes on him, he did. A pack of Camel non-filtered rested comfortably there. The bell would ring in five minutes and he would begin the tedious job of climbing the stair way to his first block class, English 101.

The senior was walking towards the stairs when he saw Emily, or Em, as she was known. Even though it was winter the girl still had a dark natural tan. As he passed her she smiled and waved to him. He waved back, gave a thought to saying something, but decided against it. There was a time when they had talked quite frequently; but now, she always seemed to be surrounded by a group of people, and he didn’t like people very much.

He walked up the stairs as the bell rang and coughed as he walked into his first class. “Those cigs’ll kill you.” The teacher said this from behind his desk and smirked.

Dropping his things by his desk he unzipped the jacket half-way and eased himself into the desk. Next to him was Clay Carlson, his best friend.

“Hey man, you hear ‘bout that party last night? I heard that shit was crazy man.”

“It was; I was there.”

The two continued to talk for awhile, Joseph telling Clay of the party until the late bell rang. The teacher closed the door and called the attention of the class. His mouth opened to speak but there was a knock at the door that cut him off. Mr. Bently went to the door and opened it. The late student, smirking and walking into class, was Mitch Braham.

Joseph hated this person; to him he was the biggest asshole on the Earth. He just simply couldn’t stand the guy, and Mitch disliked Joseph as well. It had been like this ever since kindergarten when they had first met. Mitch was a cocky and arrogant pretty boy that was only liked because he could play football. Whenever Joseph saw him he wanted to break his nose, and as a matter of fact had broken his nose on two separate occasions. Once in kindergarten when the boy tried to steal his lunch box, and again at the beginning of high school just because Mitch gave him an off look.

As Mitch walked to his seat, that arrogant smirk on his face, Mr. Bently walked to the front of the class. He told them to open their text books to page 354 and read the short story then answer the questions at the end.






In the freezing snow, It waited, watching the school in front of it. It’s body was wrapped in a tattered brown trench coat with It’s head covered by a hood. It’s gloved hand reached inside of the coat and the fingers wrapped around something cold. It pulled the item out, it was a vile full of a black liquid with a rusted chain attached to it. The black liquid swirled around inside of it like smoke, and It’s mouth cracked into an ugly grin showing It’s sharp black teeth. A horrible laugh crackled from the mouth and It opened the vile. Kneeling down in the snow it tipped the vile ever so slightly and the liquid trickled out. The liquid touched the icy ground and evaporated into wisps of black fog that rose only a few inches from the ground before slithering off towards the school. The snow began to fall harder and harder until a blizzard had formed itself around the school. In a raspy voice that hadn’t been heard in centuries It spoke, “It……has begun.”




The temperature of the school dropped several degrees as all the heaters cut off at once. Joseph shivered and brought his coat around him tighter; swearing violently as he did so. It was too fucking cold for the heater to have stopped. He looked up from his book to see cold puffs of peoples breath drift from their mouths and rise into the air.

Clay shivered violently in his seat, “what happened to the heat man?”

Someone spoke up, “yeah man, I’m freezing my balls off over here.” It was a female that spoke.

“Watch your mouth Gina.” Mr. Bently stood from behind his desk and moved to the thermostat. He tried it, moving the dial up and down and hitting the ‘on’ button. Nothing happened and he swore.

“Stay in your desks and keep working. I’m going to go and see what’s wrong with the heat.”

The man left the classroom, and, as always happened no matter what school you’re in; all the students abandoned their work and began to talk.

“Can’t believe this bummy ass school can’t even pay the heat bill man.”

Joseph looked to the window and shivered,” maybe the weather fucked it up. It’s getting pretty bad out there.”

“Yeah, I can’t even see, well, anything out there man. It’s like, all white.”

There were several different theories as to why the heat had gone off but they were all wrong. Mitch stood and walked to the door. He looked out the small window into the hall. “Bently asks, I got called to the front. I’ma go see Emily, try and get me a piece.” The bastard laughed crudely and moved his hand to open the door.

“Why don’t you just sit the fuck down Mitch?” Joseph said, adding, “dumbass,” to the end.

“Why don’t you make me, bitch?”

Joseph rose to his feet, startling Mitch as he did so. The boy put his back to the door and Joseph advanced on him. The gap between them was getting smaller, they were no more than ten feet apart when the lights flickered, and then shut off completely.

A startled scream rose from the class as all the power in the school failed, leaving its occupants in the dark. There was little light that filtered into the room through the blizzard outside and Joseph could just make out the figure of Mitch in front of him.

The boys head turned to the darkened light as a murmur of worried voices filled the room.

“What just happened?” A shaky voice asked from the darkness.

“Snow probably knocked the power out,” answered another worried voice that held a hint of being unsure in it.

Clay stood and walked over to his friend. From behind Joseph, Mitch spoke, “guess that means we can leave.” He shrugged and went to open the door.

Clay was about to speak and insult him when a scream broke through the darkness of the school. The scream was long and agonized, the kind a man would only make when he was being drawn and quartered. A rushing of feet came from the hall; there was another agonized scream and then silence.

Mitch took a step or two from the door, then moved slowly back towards it. His breathing was shallow and came out in short, scared puffs of condensation. His face was close to the window when something banged into the door. Mitch screamed and jumped back. There was something pounding heavily on the door, trying frantically to get in. A terrified scream erupted from the class as the door shook violently from the force of the blows.

“Let me in! Dear God let me in!” The voice was terrified, it was Mr. Bently.

“Oh shit, it’s Bently!” Mitch yelled, staring at the terrified face of their teacher that had appeared in front of the window.

“Let me in,” the terrified English teacher screamed the words repeatedly.

Mitch stood there, frozen to the spot with fear. The screams of the teacher landed on deaf ears.

“Let him in man!” Clay shouted, but Mitch just shook his head no.

Joseph rushed at the useless bastard and pushed him to the floor. There was a brief moment as Joseph reached for the door handle where the teacher’s face showed hope. He believed, truly believed, that he was safe. But that was only for a brief moment. All Joseph saw was a hideous clawed hand come from the darkness and grab the man’s face. There was a muffled screech followed by a sickening crackling noise. A thick spray of blood shot onto the glass and covered it in red goop. The sound of the cracking skull echoed in Josephs ears.

Silence filled the room after the death of their favorite English teacher. The surrealism of it all made him feel numb and sick at the same time. The blood and brain matter drooled down the thick glass. The sick feeling in Josephs stomach gurgled around as his mind relived what it had just seen. He felt as though he was going to scream, going to scream and go mad.

“Man, what the hell just happened?” Clay shouted the words in a shaky voice.

“He’s……dead.” Mitch replied in a hoarse whisper.

Joseph swallowed hard and suddenly turned on the boy. His eyes fixed onto Mitch’s.

“You,” he said in a low harsh voice, “it’s your fault. You didn’t open the door. He’s dead because of you.”

Mitch stared at him, shaking his head, “I….I.” Josephs hand clenched into a fist, he moved closer to Mitch a look of hatred in his eyes. Mitch was now shaking, and as he shook someone in the class screamed. “OH MY GOD!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?!?”

Joseph looked around and saw what the person had seen. There was a hideous face at the window leading to the outside.

Joseph saw its hideous face and body, saw the clawed hand on the glass window and the matted long black hair that came from its head. The scream of a girl filled his ears as the thing looked in at them. Its face split into a black grin and the black forked tongue licked its lips. The creature opened its mouth and breathed on the window, then, it lifted its hand and thrust it through the window shattering it into thousands of tiny shards. Screams filled the classroom as the thing climbed through the shattered window and into the room.

Things began to happen very quickly. People were rushing towards the door trying to escape the room and the monstrous thing that had entered it. The thing came at the students quickly; its hand shot out and grabbed one of the students, digging its claws into her shoulder. The girl let out a pained scream and struggled to escape its grasp; but as she thrashed about trying to get away the claws ripped her flesh and dug into her body deeper sending thick squirts of blood into the air and rivers of red down her side. The creature circled its other hand around her throat and squeezed tightly.

The girl gasped, trying to breath but finding it impossible. Students were rushing from the room, but one stayed, it was the captured girls’ boyfriend. He saw his girl, bloodied, pained, and terrified and his body froze. The girls suffering filled eyes met his. He let out an enraged scream and charged the beast, screaming at it to let her go.

The monster smiled showing its ugly teeth and jerked its hand that was around her throat. The flesh ripped and thick strands of blood pumped through the air. A spray of the warm liquid hit the boyfriend in the face and stopped him in his tracks. His mouth hung open in disbelief as he watched the creature toss the twitching body of the girl he loved to the floor. The boy screamed in agony and fell to his knees, tears streamed from his eyes and the creature advanced on him. In two quick steps it was upon him, its clawed hand rose into the air and came down hard, ripping the flesh from his face.

The hall around Joseph was flooded with screaming panicking people. There were more of those monsters attacking people. They seemed to be coming from nowhere. They attacked the students and teachers, ripping them apart, mutilating their bodies. Things around him seemed to spin and blur together as he ran trying to escape the beasts. The screams of agonized, dying people filled his ears. A boy’s body slammed into one of the lockers in front of him. The boy tried to push away from it but one of those creatures bashed him back into the locker and sunk its teeth into his face. It ripped the flesh away, exposing the white teeth. The two fell to the ground and the creature began to rip more flesh away from the screaming student.

Screams were everywhere as he weaved through the massacre. In front of him at the end of the hall he could see a janitor’s closet. All he had to do was get into it and hide. Creatures were everywhere, taking students down like a lion in Africa would to an antelope. As he pushed his way through the hall, leaping over fallen bodies and dodging the creatures; he spotted Emily curled into a ball on the floor. One of the things was approaching the girl, she was watching it but yet she just stayed there.

Joseph stopped and looked for some kind of a weapon. He saw a thick heavy text book, it was good enough. The senior picked it up. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do but he knew that he had to do something. Advancing on the creature, he raised the heavy book high and then brought it down on the things head. The first hit seemed to stun it some, and then it turned and faced him. Joseph swung again and hit it in the face knocking it off balance. The third hit caused it to crash to the ground. Joseph threw the book onto the creatures face and went over to Emily.

He grabbed the girl and pulled her onto her feet. Pulling her down the hall he saw Clay and shouted at him to head for the janitors closet. Clay looked at it and ran for it. As they got closer three others followed them and they all piled into the closet.

For over an hour they stayed hidden in the cramped space. The agonized screams of the massacre echoed around them as the monsters hunted their pray and slaughtered them without mercy. The closet was barley big enough for the six of them, but they had some space to move around in. The three others that had joined them were Louis and Jess Clark, along with Paula Simmons. Louis and Jess were brothers, twin brothers actually. They both had shoulder length blond hair and smoked a lot of weed. Paula was a ditzy cheerleader. It was a wonder that the preppy blond had made it to be a senior, let alone survive the attack.

It was freezing in the closet and their combined body warmth did little to help and they all shivered from the cold, and fear.

“We can’t stay here man,” Clay said in a whisper.

“Yeah,” Joseph took a deep breath, “I know.”

Joseph stood up as much as he could and reached for the door.

“What the hell are you doing?” Louis asked, startled at what he saw.

“Checking to see if they’re still out there.”

Louis’ eyes went wide with terror, “No, you can’t, if they’re out there they’ll kill us all.” His voice went up several octaves.

“Relax man,” Clay said, “lightly punching Louis in the arm.

“Don’t tell me to fucking relax, he’s gonna get us killed.”

“He ain’t gonna get us killed man, he’s just gonna open the door a crack and take a peek out. “

Louis was now shaking worse and he bit his lower lip. The closer Josephs hand got to the door, the more he shook. Josephs hand grasped the handle and he cracked it just an inch. The hall was littered with bodies and the floor glistened with blood, but it was clear of the monsters.

“They’re all gone,” he said and opened the door the rest of the way.

The air was colder in the hall and the stench of death was everywhere. Dismembered corpses lay soaked in their own blood and he gagged. As Joseph looked upon the carnage he had to fight back the urge to empty his stomach onto the already ruined floor. All of the bodies were barely recognizable, but one he could tell was of the SRO because of the uniform it had on.  Joseph walked to the mangled body and knelt down in front of it. The uniform was shredded and the man’s body was covered in deep gashes. But, from what Joseph could see these hadn’t killed the man. What had killed him was having his head bashed in. The center of the face was punched into the skull and it all looked like hamburger meat. Shards of white teeth that had been stained with blood stuck out of the mess that was once a face. His blue eye stared up at the ceiling; the other was hanging over the side of his skull. Joseph reached and un-holstered the man’s Berretta pistol. There were three extra magazines on the man’s body and he took them along with the night stick. His eyes flickered to the corpses face once more and what he saw terrified him. The eye that had been looking at the ceiling was now staring at him. It blinked and Joseph quickly leapt away from the man, as he did he could hear sounds coming from the man’s throat. It sounded like struggled breathing. The blood gargled in his throat making light clicking noises. Each time a struggled breath would leave the man, a small bubble of blood would rise, and then pop. The sick feeling returned in Joseph’s stomach and grew more and more each second until he couldn’t hold it any longer. He wrapped his arms around his stomach, tilted his head, hunched over, and vomited on the blood stained floor.

While this was happening the others left the closet. The first to see what Joseph had seen was Louis. Upon seeing this he too spewed his stomach contents onto the floor. One by one the others turned to see what the other two had seen and wished that they hadn’t. Paula grabbed tightly to Jess and began to sob. Clay looked on in horror, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, he couldn’t believe that anyone could have survived that.

The cop’s right hand rose slightly off of the floor and reached out to Joseph, as if begging the boy to end his life and take the pain away. The one eye of the man lingered on him, his throat clicking and the bubble popping with each struggled breath. Joseph was afraid to fire the gun, afraid that it would attract those things back to them. So he extended the night stick and, lifting it high into the air, brought it down on the cop’s head and throat. He bashed down hard several times, blood looped into the air and spattered his face and hair. Finally he stopped, the cop was finally dead. Joseph wiped the blood from his face and tried to swallow but couldn’t, his mouth was to dry.

“Let’s go.” He dropped the night stick and cocked the pistol. Clay nodded and the group began to walk.

The small group made their way to the stairs cautiously. Joseph kept his eyes wide and open, scanning everything around them. His hands gripped the Berretta tightly, keeping it in front of him slightly. Emily was the first of them to make it to the stair case. She froze when she looked down them.

“What’s wrong Em?” Joseph asked tightening his grip on the gun.

“There are bodies down there too.”

Joseph walked to Emily and wrapped his left arm around her.

“Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen,” Joseph swallowed and added in his mind, I hope.

The others walked up to the stairs and gazed upon them.

“Well, no time like the present man.” Clay said in a strong voice and began to walk down them. Joseph followed Clay, Emily trailing behind him her hand in his. Jess, Louis, and Paula hesitated before they followed, letting the others get far enough ahead so that they would die and be a distraction for them to get away if something happened.

Joseph shivered as he walked; the temperature seemed to be declining each minute as if death itself was closing its hands around them. As they walked Joseph had to walk around a dead teacher whose legs had been bitten and clawed off, and now were lying at the bottom of the stairs; a thick trail of blood leading to them. Someone above them said, “I’m gonna be sick again,” then Joseph heard the sound of vomit hitting the stairs and oozing down each step. His stomach did a flip at the sound of the vomit, but what he saw made the sick feeling go away and replaced it with a new one, fear. His body was cold as ice as he stared at one of the creatures standing at the foot of the stairs. Its cold black eyes stared back at him. The thing smiled at what would be its next kill. It was pleased that it had found more to kill and that there were none of its brothers around, it could enjoy killing each of them without having to share the fun.

The thing let out a shrill shriek and charged up the stairs. Someone yelled at Joseph for him to shoot the thing but he didn’t hear it. The beast was closing in quickly now, and without hesitation he lifted the gun and fired. The bullet struck the monster in the stomach and it stumbled some. Placing an ugly hand over the wound it starred up at Joseph, hatred in its black eyes. Joseph fired the gun once more. This time the bullet struck in its chest and it fell backwards down the stairs and landed on the pair of severed legs.

“Holy shit man, you killed it,” Clay’s mouth hung open in disbelief.

Louis shouted some nonsense words and ran down the stairs to the creature’s body.

“You bastard, you sick fucker,” he shouted the words at the thing as he kicked it in the face and watched the black blood ooze from the open wounds. “HAHA, go to hell you FU-“

Before Louis could finish his sentence one of the monsters, from seemingly nowhere, came flying through the air, tackling him at the waist. His brother shouted, “NO! Shoot it Joe!”

The creature took Louis to the ground knocking the wind out of him. Almost as soon as it had him on the ground it began clawing at his face. Louis let out an agonized scream as the claws tore through his cheeks and nose.

It all happened so fast, Louis being attacked and his brothers shouts, Joseph barely had time to react to any of it. As fast as he could, he raised the gun and fired on the creature. A chunk of its head flew into the air and black spattered the ground and wall.

Jess rushed down the stairs and flung the body of the dead creature off of his brother. Blood ran down what was left of Louis’ face and tears ran down Jess’. His brother was in a bad way. The claws of the monster had stripped most of the flesh from the boys face and his eyes had been gouged out. Louis would have screamed out in agony but he was in shock from the pain. He wasn’t going to make it very far and they all knew it.

The others had gathered around the two. “I ain’t gonna leave him here like this.”

Clay shook his head wanting to tell him he was a fool, that the dead weight of his dying brother would just get him killed, but he held his tongue and watched as Jess lifted his bloodied brother from the floor and wrapped his arm around him to help him walk. The boys stumbled forward and down the hall.

The air was cold and each breath they took came out in little puffs. Slowly Joseph reached into his chest pocket and pulled out the pack of cigarettes. He carefully removed one and stuck it in his mouth. There was a silver Zippo on him and he lit the cigarette with it. After what they had been through the nicotine helped to calm his nerves. The sophomore hall was littered with bodies and blood painted the walls. Messages had been written in some script that he didn’t recognize. They walked slowly down the hall towards the next stairwell that they would have to climb down to get to the first floor.

There was a cold wind and Joseph wondered where it came from. He looked around and saw an open door behind them, the only thing was he was sure that it had been closed when they walked by it. The wind blew the door open, that must have been it, but it wasn’t the wind that blew it and deep down he knew it. It was a gnarled hand that pushed the door the rest of the way open.

One of the creatures stepped from the door and Joseph swore violently as he raised the pistol and fired twice into its chest. The creature fell dead and a horrid scream arose from the rooms around them. The members of the group looked around as the scream echoed through the halls and doors began to open.

“Run for the stairs!” Joseph shouted the words and fired at two of the creatures that were coming from a room to his left.

The group ran, all but Joseph and the twins. Jess lowered his brother to the ground as Joseph fired on a monster that was running at him. The twin took a fire extinguisher from the wall. “Get out of here Joe.”

Joseph opened his mouth to protest but Jess said the words again. “You have the gun, if they lose it they might not get out. Now run!”

The monsters began to charge out of the rooms and Jess roared as he charged into a group of them swinging the fire extinguisher at their heads. Joseph had to run as fast as he could and shoot several of the creatures to make it to the stairs.

As he descended them the creatures seemed to ignore him and focus on the twin attacking them. They all piled on top of him and began to rip his flesh from the bones. His screams filled the school and his brother heard them as he lay on the floor, his blood pooling under him and the world around him fading. The last thing he felt was a hot breath on his cheek and a rough tongue licking at the blood.


The four survivors rushed down the stairs and Joseph slammed another magazine into the empty Berretta. They were now on the first level of the school and it was much like the rest of the school. In front of them they could see the double-doors that lead out to the breeze-way and they ran as fast as they could for it.

In front of the doors was a body and Joseph couldn’t help but smile. The body belonged to Mitch. Clay hit the doors but nothing happened. The force of his body hitting the doors made him fall backwards and land on top of Mitch.

The body under Clay moaned and the teen jumped up. Mitch was still alive and Joseph was disappointed. With so much death and chaos around him, surely one more body wouldn’t make a difference. Joseph held his cigarette in his left hand and pointed the gun at the man’s head. His mind was reeling at the thought of blowing the bastards head apart. His eyes turned black and the world around him began to swirl as a black mist filled his vision. His mouth cracked into a smile and he wanted to laugh. His body felt excited at the prospect of murdering the helpless boy.

But suddenly a hand touched his shoulder and the black mist dissipated. His eyes returned to normal and the smile turned into a thin line. Emily spoke,” are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” He moved the girls hand off of his shoulder and lowered the gun.

Mitch groaned again and pushed himself off of the floor. “What happened to you man?” Clay asked helping the teen to his feet.

“I hit my head on the door trying to get out. It’s locked I think.”

“Damn it, now how the fuck are we supposed to get out man!”

“Like this.” Joseph raised the pistol and fired round after round into the lock. He fired eight shots and then kicked the door. He was tired of being stuck in this God-forsaken school and wanted to be outside. Joseph walked quickly out and the others followed.

The cold air outside was warmer than it had been inside and it felt good on their skin. Joseph took a deep breath and felt the madness that wished to overtake him leave his mind.

The sun was blotted out by the clouds but the blizzard had slackened some. The ground was covered in a thick blanket of white and the cars were just igloos in the parking lot. “We need to get out of here.” Joseph began to walk through the snow covered ground towards the parking lot. He dropped the cigarette to the snow and didn’t notice when Paula stopped to stare at the ground.

Mitch was standing next to Paula; he had seen the same thing. Something under the snow in front of them moved. They stared and watched the white move around, rising and falling like it was breathing. Paula took a step forward and the snow exploded as one of the creatures erupted from it. Mitch screamed and the others looked. He pushed Paula into the monsters clutches and ran for the building that was the band room. The monsters teeth sunk into her jugular and ripped the vein out. Blood pumped and ran like a river down the front of her white sweater. She fell to the ground and the snow was turned red like some sick slushy. The monster jumped onto her and began to rip the flesh away from her body.

The snow around them exploded and creatures jumped from the black depths of the white. The survivors ran towards the band room across the snow. Joseph could see Mitch in front of him. He knew what the boy would do; he would slam the door shut and leave them to die in the cold snow. Joseph lifted the gun and fired two shots. The first missed but the second shot ripped through Mitch’s left knee and exploded out the front of the cap.

He fell to the ground and screamed in pain as the three students ran past him and left him to die. The creatures jumped onto the boy and ripped him apart. His blood sprayed into the air and the monsters bathed in the warm liquid.

The three survivors burst through the band room door and slammed it shut behind them.

There were candles floating next to the walls and the air in here was warm. Joseph looked around through the dim light and saw the demonic writing on the walls. In the center of the floor was an odd symbol and eight of the creatures were standing around it chanting. In the center of the symbol was a young girl, her clothes had been ripped off and she had been split from the collar bone to the groin. Her skin was separated like the pages of a book and her intestines spewed across the floor.

The creatures chanted and Joseph lifted the gun and fired on them. He dropped four before he had to load a new magazine into the pistol. They didn’t seem to notice him killing them because they just stood there and continued the chant.

As the last one fell he heard laughter all around them and Emily screamed. A dark shadow formed in front of them and It stood there, Its hood was down and they saw the ugliness of true evil.

“You have disturbed my ritual.” It smiled at them. “She will make a nice substitute for the ritual that you have tainted.”

“Fuck that man!” Clay ran at It and, in a flash of movement, It was in front of him. It swung Its hand and Clay flew across the room and slammed into the wall. He screamed and there was a loud cracking noise. The teen slumped to the floor; left arm bent the wrong way.

Joseph fired on It until the magazine was empty and he had to reload. It took the bullets and laughed at the mortal. “You cannot kill me. I cannot be killed!”

It blurred in front of him and was upon him. It swung Its arm and Joseph was flying across the room. His body slammed into the wall and things went black. The boy could feel his body fall and land onto a piano. As he rolled over it his arms hit the keys and he heard a scream. The world around him returned and he saw It holding Its head. The teen slammed his palm onto the keys again and watched as the consonance of the noise hurt it.

Joseph kept hitting the keys and watched as It fell to the ground. Then he raised the pistol and, through blurred eyes with blood running down the front and back of his skull, fired on it. The bullets ripped through Its body and It screamed as shadows erupted from the holes. Joseph emptied the pistol into Its head and chest and the shadows consumed It.

A final scream lift Its lips as the shadows exploded into a brilliant burst of light. The light blinded him and when his site returned the room was back to as it had once been; except for the body of the girl in the center of the unmarked floor.


The three survivors left the band room, Emily between them helping to support their weight. The warm sun felt good on their skin and they saw that all the creatures, including the dead bodies of them and their victims had disappeared. Even the girl in the band room and vanished before their eyes. The thick snow had left the ground and there was just the normal thin layer; only a few inches of the stuff.

Joseph and the other two couldn’t believe the things that they had just seen, but it was all over now. But as they walked away Joseph heard laughter in his mind. His body twitched and the black mist swirled through his eyes. The gun went off and Emily disappeared. Clay fell to the ground and Joseph pointed the gun at his head. “No man. NO!” The gun fired and Joseph laughed insanely.

The cold steel of the pistol touched his temple and in a burst of gunpowder the bullet sent his brains through the air. His body dissipated and in its place that of It formed from his remains. It smiled.

“I cannot die!”

© Copyright 2018 Jon Murdock. All rights reserved.

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