Wilbur Cranston - The Early Years

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The prequel to Wilbur Cranston....

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012




"Born into this" he was told but what does that mean to a young man living in the country? Ok so I am born into boredom he though chuckling inside, Wilbur just turned 8 and although his birthday party was anything but special he knew it was his family's way of acknowledging him turning another year, after all anything was better than doing chores and living in the sticks, anything to break up the boredom. But this was different somehow. After they had cake and he opened a few presents, Wilbur was escorted out into the pasture under the open sky, present were Wilbur's father and his Uncle and he wondered what they were up to, it was unusual. The sky was turning dark and they stood there in the open looking down, the silence was deafening. Wilbur could barely contain himself, "what is going on here" he cried out only to be met with a stern glance from his father. "Wilbur" he said, "listen to me and listen to me good, what I am about to tell you will change your outlook forever. You are not what you think you are." What did this mean I asked, what the hell is that supposed to mean? Then my Uncle turned to me an said in a very low voice, "Wilbur it is time to fulfill your destiny, and it is time for us to shift." As I was trying to comprehend what this meant my Father and my Uncle literally faded away right in from of me and were gone, I could hardly believe my eyes. "Dad!!!" "Uncle!!!" "Where did you go??????" I cried, I was in a state of panic. Nothing only silence. What kind of trick was this? I yelled out for quite awhile and eventually succumbed to the fact that I was alone out here, so I retreated back to the old farmhouse. It was empty. What is going on here? I looked all over and yelled until my voice gave out but everyone was gone. Eventually I gave up looking, drank some water and passed out on the living room floor from exhaustion, surely this was just a dream or a cruel joke. 


Around 3 AM I awoke to the sounds of whispering and chanting, I could not make out what was being said nor could I see anything it was pitch black. I stumbled around and eventually found a lantern and a match and struck up some much needed light. I sat and listened, I could still hear sounds but did not know where they came from. This had to be a bad dream. 


I sat for awhile wondering what to do and eventually said to hell with it and ventured outside into the darkness. I walked and walked and eventually found the road if you could call it that and kept walking with the lantern hoping someone would find me. Hours later I headed down the hollow to what I knew as the "feed house" I was always told that it was my ancestors house and that is where they kept the livestock feed but I never went there, it is forbidden and very dark there even in the middle of the day. All of a sudden I saw a glimmer of light in one of the windows and my heart raced, was this nightmare finally going to be over? I approached the house and the light was very strange and I backed away into the surrounding trees and watched with caution, The light was purplish and danced around like a flame but it gave off a glow that was not like a flame at all. I laid down in the tall grass and snuffed out the lamp, I felt strangely at peace here. Whatever was going on I would figure it out in the morning, surely the sun would bring some answers.


I have no idea how much time passed but I was dreaming and heard my name, "Wilbur, Wilbur, wake up Wilbur…" it was a raspy voice and I came to, I realized I was not dreaming. I rolled over onto my back and opened my eyes and there were two greenish glowing eyes, like a rattlesnake, right in front of me, it was still pitch black but I realized I was not dreaming any longer and there were two very scary eyes not far from my face, I could only scream and I screamed loud and tried to get up but I could not move. The eyes watched me and eventually I stopped screaming, I was more afraid than I have ever been in my life. The eyes were very menacing and evil and I shuddered to my bones, it was June 6 and very hot out but yet I was chilled to the bone and all I wanted was to get away and get somewhere warm. Suddenly I was picked up off the ground, still unable to move I was transported up into the air with this beastly figure and I grew dizzy with fear and I looked around as much as I could and I was very high up in the air and moving in some direction. Then the thing just dropped me, it is hard to describe but at that moment I wanted to be held by it but I was falling and screaming, falling fast surely I was going to hit the ground and die. I fell and fell for a very long time and then I realized I was not going to land I was just falling. I have no idea how long I fell but I felt that the thing was close by and somehow started to feel safe in that thought, it seemed like it had superhuman powers and I felt strangely comforted by the thought of it.


I woke up in the grass on the other side of the lot where I was asleep and carried up into the air by something, close to the feed house, and it was still dark. The strange light was gone inside the house. I lay there for quite some time too scared to move and wondering what was going to happen next. Finally I gathered the nerve to roll over onto my side and I lay there for quite some time again trying to comprehend all that had happened. I fell asleep and woke the next morning still in the grass, the sky was cloudy and gray and I was sore like I had been running all night. It was nice to see the light of day again. I stood up and brushed myself off and thought about getting water. Eventually I walked back home and crawled into bed and went to sleep.


I slept all that day and through the night, woke a couple of times to go to the bathroom I did not need light as I knew where to go instinctively and I got some water and slept some more. I was too tired to think about everything I just wanted to sleep. the next day I woke up, still tired but knew I needed to get up and get something to eat I had slept for almost two days. I got up and realized I was alone and it was no dream, everyone was gone and they were not coming back. It was 1966, I just turned 8 and my world was upside down. I looked in the mirror and hardly recognized myself, my eyes were very dark, I had brown eyes but now they were black, I was pale, had dark circles under my eyes and had a very menacing look to me, I did not recognize myself. I heard strange voices in my head, a kind of chanting and I was no longer afraid. I did not even know what it was like to be me any longer. I closed all of the windows and locked the bedroom doors and sat and stared at the floor all day. When night came I went outside and stared at the black darkness and knew that I felt comfort in the darkness and no longer wanted to be in the light. All night I sat in the dark in the trees and listened to the strange whisperings in the air all around me. After that night I was someone else.


This morning I must go to work, I found work at a nearby farm working as a farm hand. It is money and that is what I need and I am a hard worker. The family does not speak to me much they just tolerate me because I work hard and am always there on time. I don't sleep at night or hardly at all for that matter, I just work and then stare into the darkness and listen, that is what I do. I don't go to school any longer and nobody asks why, I just work and watch the night. The green glowing snake eyes came to me again last night and I was afraid again, but not as much as before, they just stared at me and watched me for hours. I wonder what it is and what it wants.


Today I found a book under some rocks in the backyard, I don't know why but I felt compelled to look there. It is a very old book with a black leather cover and it has strange symbols on it. I opened it and looked at it but I can't make out the language. I am 10 now, almost 11 and I work and live on my own, I don't know any other way and I don't even remember what it is like to have company or a family. I lie to everyone and tell them my family is away visiting relatives whenever someone asks and I guess the fact that I am ok keeps them from looking into it further. Every night by candle light I peruse the strange book and study the foreign symbols and writings and I hear strange whisperings and scratching on the side of the house. Days and weeks and years go by like the turning of a page. My parents had a car that has sat for years, a black 1963 Buick Riviera and I got it running a while back and drive it around even though I don't have a license, thats one benefit to living way out here there aren't any cops and nobody cares if you have a license or not. Yesterday I was going through the glovebox and there was a piece of paper torn off with writing on it that said 'born into this…." It is late summer and I think I am going to turn the feed house into a haunted house for Halloween and make some money off of it. I put up flyers advertising the feed house haunted house and the first opening is a success. I stand there and have people pay and make them sign a book that I was given and then thats it, pure hell.


Today I made a friend, he is a nice guy and we have a lot in common we like the same kind of music and he wears dark clothing like I do, I am going to have him out to the house for some beers and chit chat. Snake eyes hovers outside my window at night and scratches at the glass, I find it somewhat comforting now.

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Wilbur Cranston

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Wilbur Cranston - The Early Years

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