Way Out with Water

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Death with water.

Submitted: February 22, 2013

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Submitted: February 22, 2013



It's so quiet here, oh how I dreamed of this peacefulness! I feel deep pain in my arms, legs and tummy. I like this pain. I'm so use to pain. Sighing deeply, I sink further into the steaming hot water. Before I got in, the water was a clear color. Looking at it now, it was a light red, not evenly distributed. The red wisps linger and float around me. I close my eyes and smile.

Awaken by a urgent knock at the door, I crack open my eyes. The bath water was now a pretty red. Knock, knock. I let my head fall to the side, resting it on the corner of the tub. I was home alone before I got in. It's okay, I locked the door. I should be gone in just a few more minutes. "Sweety? Baby, are you in there?" The person behind the door tries at the knob. I know that voice well, and it will be greatly missed.

Heavy footfalls go down the stairs. They are in a hurry somewhere. But where? No need to wonder, nothing will matter soon enough. I won't matter. Haha, silly me. I never mattered. 

I hear a voice, but it's muffled. Like maybe it's underwater. Wait, no. I'm underwater. I breath in the thick water, I can't see, my lungs fill up. No energy is found in me. I thought this was going to be an easy way out. It's not, I don't want this pain, I'm sick of feeling pain! I want to be put to rest!


There is something touching me, its rough and dry, its on my open wounds pressing hard. I cry out, my eyes shooting open. I watch my air bubbles float up and pop when it meets the surface. I'm being lifted out. It's to late now, my dear. I laugh and smile to myself, it was finally over. 
Everything was over. Silence envelopes me.

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