E4-Sector 3

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Year: 2189

Every four years, Eirik Sanderson must have his medical appointment. Oddly he can't remember anything of his last visit.

Submitted: December 22, 2013

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Submitted: December 22, 2013



Eirik Sanderson was pleased to see his daughter at the side of his bed. Her golden hair that seemed to skip in the air made contact with the morning sun rays that crept through the window curtains. The warmness of his bed along with the innocent smile of his daughter persuaded him into a long stretch and a sigh. He didn't want to get up but he knew he had to. 

“Honey, it’s your turn to bring her to classes today”, said his wife as she rolled to her side.

“I can't. Remember today I have my medical appointment at nine o'clock. I know you're not feeling too good but I'll make it up to you tonight.”

“See you afterword’s then,” she sighed. “Love you.”

“Love you dear” said Eirik as he kissed her gently on her warm lips.

He galloped down the stairs, grabbed his keys and medical papers, hopped in his personal automated transport (P.A.T) and departed. 

Upon entering the main transport division, he switched systems from manual to automated. As part of city regulations, traveling at high speeds required the use of robotic software. He entered the authorization direction code into the guidance system. 

“Comp, set destination to E4-Sector 3, building number 16.”

The computer mumbled as it processed the coordinates and eventually set course to East downtown.

Calmly looking out of the windows, he felt as the nuclear fuel cells kicked into gear. Like a falcon in free fall, his P.A.T. rapidly augmented its speed into a swift sail. 

The last time he went to the medical center was four years ago. He couldn't remember much about his last visit nor exactly where it was located. Eirik could see the broad skyline approaching as he made his way. Strange and tall mysterious buildings emerged out of the blanket of smog that wrapped the windows and walls of the downtown part of the city. The closer and closer he got, fewer vehicles appeared on the main transport division. Gradually people deviated off to their own destinations. Their own settlements. Their own duties. Their own lives.

The engine purred as the engine downshifted gears and entered into a cruise speed. 

“Six minutes to destination,” informed his computer.

All of the buildings were identical. The heavy concrete fortress walls had the building section and number engraved in them. At street level, two security guards were positioned at the entrance doorway with thick glass sliding doors. 

“Destination arrived.”

Slowly getting out he stood up and took a second to stretch his legs. Looking up, Eirik noticed that there were no more windows. As he attempted to pick out a blue patch of sky he could only see the flickering of the red safety lights through the heavy layer of smog. For every blink, he felt his heart's pulse synchronizing itself with the lights. 

He proceeded to walk towards the entrance door. 

“Papers please,” said one of the guards in a cold tone. Eirik could see as his eyes quickly bounced sideways back and forth. 

“You're late,” he said as if he didn't care. 

As soon as he entered the building, a worker grabbed his arm and guided him through various doorways and hallways. He didn't say a word. Any newcomer would have gotten lost right away. 

Eirik was told to wait in line for a blood test. People of all ages stood in front of him. There were no doctors to be seen anywhere. As part of strict regulations, electronics were not permitted inside the building. Time felt as it suddenly slowed down. 

Eirik started to get anxious as he was not accustomed to standing still in a limbic state. While the line crawled forward, an uneasy whirring sound was heard down the hallway to his left. As if he heard somebody break into his house, he had to find out what was going on. He dis-attached himself from the group and advanced down the hallway. The sound of the grinding mechanism became louder and louder. His eyes were wide open and fixed upon what he thought was the source. A think metal plated door with a bleach blue light crept out underneath it. Debating whether he should turn back or not, his perspiring hands gently reached out and opened the door.

In a fraction of a second, Eirik studied the visuals that took his breath away.

Enormous hollow tubes with Plexiglas shielding were being transported along a conveyer belt. They were filled with florescent blue liquid and live human beings. There slick human skin was engulfed by the strange liquid. Fingers and toes twitching ever so slightly. Eirik knew that they were alive. A blinking green light with the current date was displayed underneath it. 

The sudden realization of why he was there hit Eirik in the face like the first punch a kid receives in school. Along with every other patient that was present that day, he was to be terminated and to be replaced by an updated and identical biological version of himself. 

“How long has this been going on? How many times have I been here?” he thought to himself.

His wife and daughter had their medical checkups only four months prior to that day. For him to have never noticed any changes in them could only mean one thing. Their memories would have to have been transferred via a process that was unfamiliar to him. 

His family was killed and it’s as if never happened. The horrid emotions that would have disabled his abilities to function properly in a society are currently taking on that role. Not knowing the truth in a way saved his life, he now understood the strict level of security in the building. He asked himself if his family members were real or not. To which he could not answer.

The blood in his body felt as if it had turned to ice. He didn't know where to start running to. He turned around and immediately collided into a large security officer.

“Who are you? You are in a restricted zone. Why can't you idiots ever follow simple instructions? Every day I have to deal with this shit.” said the officer. “Come with me!”

The thought of his life ending momentarily grasped his mind. His strength drained from his body. There was no other possible outcome. It was too late. He couldn't even determine what floor he was on.

They walked past the other people that remained waiting in line. Out of the back of the crowd he could faintly hear somebody say his name. To his surprise he was greeted by one of his former coworker's.

“Hey Eirik, don't you just hate checkup's? They get worse and worse every time,” he said in a monotone voice.

Eirik could only look away as tears inched their way to the ground.

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