A Womans Heart (as seen by a man)

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a poem for all my friends, you know who you are. this is written for a particular friend. however i am not sure i want her to know who she is.

Submitted: August 26, 2014

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Submitted: August 26, 2014



A Woman’s Heart as seen by a man


Well my friends, let’s find a place to start.

A man’s view of a woman’s heart.

It is what allows one to feel, loves keen sting as cold as steel.

Her heart she protects as she journeys through life It has its own defenses to protect it from strife.

From all the above you’d think it so strong, a fortress inside till he came along.

She gives it to him with stars in her eyes, he lets her in for a nasty surprise.

As strong as it is, it is now split in twain

But a woman is strong, she deals with the pain.

The shoulder she cries on there through the night.

A friend who loves her try as he might.

He hides there in front, right in plain sight.

He knows she won’t see him in day or the night.

He loves her so much that it is alright.

For her to be happy is his only dream, even with another he is still happy so it would seem.

He loves her so much though she does not know; he loves her enough to let her go.

 Her heart that he sees is fragile in truth.

More precious than silver, diamonds, or gold; he really loves her, but he’s not very bold.

Having been her friend for a long length of time

One day he dreams, “Her heart will be mine”.

To have and to hold to protect for all time

She’s not aware after all this time

She only feels “He’s just a good time”

He is always receptive though still she declines; he is still her forever till the end of all time.

Her heart is strong though fragile indeed; still he is there if she’s ever in need.

To pick up the pieces again and again, the love this man has, just for his friend.

No matter her lover, he is there till the end.

The Love in her heart, there is no measure; to him she is still a most precious treasure.

 Will she finally see him, we’ll never know, though all of her gifts he wraps with a bow.

He’s told her he loves her in a thousand different ways, he continues to love her for all of his days.

For her he is there this much she knows, he basks in her friendship his heart now it glows.

For all he sees and for all that he tries, she’s never seen the sparkle in his eyes.

One day perhaps things will work out, this after all is what love’s all about.

A woman’s heart this man has seen

A heart that’s so capable of all these things.

So now all my friends, you listen up close; a woman’s heart is a mystery to most…….

I will Love you forever, till I give up the ghost.



For you my friend,

With all my love.

-- Stranger ‘14


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