Life's a beach Ep.2 -Just a step to the left

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Red thought the portal might be an interesting hobby, but after today he may change his mind!

Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



Life’s a beach 2 just a step to the left


Red believes that he’s sitting by the fire next to Minerva and she’s telling him all her secrets in whispers. “I’ve spent years perfecting my pterodactyl jerky recipe. Want a try?” Minerva reaches over to the pterodactyl and takes a piece of jerky from a silver plate extended by the dino’s wings.

The pterodactyl says to Red, “You better try it, this came off my butt.” The dino shows Red its butt with a clean strip taken from it. “And I must say I taste delicious! Who who who”

Red appears in a different setting with two ugly versions of Marbles and Speckle, they look like scary beasts and begin to chase him while yelling, “Go home Red go home!”

They catch him the moment he transports to another realm, he’s talking to himself as a literal second person standing in front of him. “Hey Red.” The other version of him says. “I think we switched places.”

He asks himself, “What do you mean?”

The other version of him says, “Wake up and see.”

“I don’t know what you mean? Tell me!” Red is frustrated and begins to panic.

“Wake up and see, wake up and see.” These words turn into a rap from Siri with Mod dropping a funky beat in the background. “Wake up and see, wake up and see, when you wake up where will you be? Will you be by the sea or at home with daddy, look up are you ready. To meet the true Red are you ready?” The beat loops a few more times with Siri saying, “Wake up, wake up, wake up!”

Red opens his eyes and he’s in bed, there’s the smell of bacon cooking and he tares his covers off and runs downstairs. “I smell bacon!”

Marbles blushes and chuckles, “I think you’re forgetting something.”

Red looks at his bare legs, “My pants!” He charges upstairs and come back down a minute later. He sits at the table and eats everything in a few moments.

“You were hungry.” Says Speckle as he enters the kitchen, “You better hurry, you’re going to be late for school.”

With no clocks around, Red wonders how they tell time but realises the urgency and runs off to school.


As a routine Mr. Burkley waits for every student to start his lecture, he passes backwards with his hands held in front of his stomach.

Red burst in the door made from a ships deck and apologizes, “Sorry I’m late Mr. Burkley, I had really strange dreams.”

“Take a seat Red, we don’t have time to talk about your dreams.” Burkley faces the students and writes on the chalkboard with his arm behind his back. He writes something on the board that he’s hiding with his body. Burkley steps aside revealing the word, dreams, then says.  “Today we will be talking about dreams.”

Red sits down next to Siri and Mod with Aroma behind them as the ever-studious student. She was well behaved for class, unless they were on a field trip. The classroom has dozens of photos all taken by Aroma posted on the walls. In most of them its with friends and she’s doing something silly.

Red says, “Maybe this will help me figure out my strange dreams.”

Mod asks Red, “So you had weird dreams, what about?”

Burkley clears his throat and says, “Excuse me Modney Pocket, I would like to continue my lecture about dreams.”

“Sorry sir.” Mod lowers his voice.

Red pays attention to Burkley’s lecture as best he can but the lack of sleep is making the teacher sound like the adults from peanuts. Burkley lowers a map by lifting his arm the wrong way up above his head then sits on top of his desk by backing up to it and sitting on top. “Now, the dream patters of different individuals mean different things, for say that my Dream about a horse could mean that I like animals. However, Aroma’s dream about a horse might be because she’s afraid of heights. Right Aroma?”

Aroma is distracted by D.J the raptor who fits perfectly into her purse. “It’s okay D.J be cool, here’s a little treat.” She removes an uncooked chicken leg from her lunch bag. “I prepared this just for you.”

Burkley clears his throat getting Aroma’s attention, “What did I say about bringing your dog in here Aroma, no pets in class!” Burkley scowls and opens the door to the beach. “Let’s go, get rid of him.”

Aroma’s offended, “He’s a velociraptor and his name is D.J.” Aroma says as if it will make a difference.

“We’ll that doesn’t make any sense, I can obviously see it’s a dog, Out, out now. There you go.” Burkley pushes Aroma to put the D.J outside. She tells her friend, “D.J, you stay here and wait.”

Aroma sits back at her desk and makes a sad face, she draws a picture of her and D.J in glitter and glue-pens.

Burkley has lost his place, “As I was saying there are many different books on deciphering your dreams, each school of religion, philosophy and psychology have their own way. But the truth is that you need to know yourself to know your dreams.”

Red thinks about what this could mean, he has a flash of the triangle with the eye and suddenly he’s in a very dark place, it feels like the jungle but it’s full of monstrous wails and living shrubbery. The clouds are so thick that even the sun can’t be seen. “Hello, can somebody help me?”

“You need a lot more help than any one person can offer Red Redding.” Red doesn’t recognize the voice but we know. It’s the demonic voice but in it’s true unfiltered evil. “I mean I could help you. For a price.”

“Who are you, where are we?” Red struggles to see if he’s even speaking to anything. He steps forward and walks into a large black triangle with a Cingular eye of horus. “What are you?”

“You corporeal beings, so many questions, and nothing I say would even be comprehensible by your little mouse brains. I am the being with no name or again, your brains are small and couldn’t take it all in!” It laughs, “Oh, I make myself chuckle, side effect of being attached to this dreamverse is you have to understand the subtle nuances of irony and satire or you go insane! But you can learn more about that when your older. Me, I’m already insane. Like I said, I have a deal for you. That is, if you want to go home.”

Red’s eyes open wide, “I do, I want to go home!”

They can hear Mr. Burkley’s voice ominously over everything, “Red are you sleeping in my class? Red…”

The pyramid like being laughs and says, “Well it looks like our time is up, until next round Reginald Red Redding.”

Red lifts his head while saying, “Wait!”

“Wait for what?” Asks Mr. Burkley, “Were you dreaming of having a girlfriend Red, don’t get ahead of yourself.” Burkley and the class laugh together and Red becomes flushed in the face. “Red, you’ll do twenty backwards push-ups and write me a thousand-word essay on the effects of dreams on our waking life. By tomorrow!”

Red walks to the front of the class and lays down on his back, “You know these are basically sit-ups right?”

“That’s forty!” Burkley walks over to his desk and grabs a fancy golden bell then rings it. “Class is done for today, see that you enjoy your afternoons!”

Aroma doesn’t wait for her friends she runs outside with the picture she drew outstretched for D.J to see. “look it’s me and you riding ostrich-horses… AHHH!” D.J is gone, leaving only Aroma’s flowery purse. “No, where did he go, D.J, come back!” She starts to cry and her friends gether around.

Red finishes the backwards push-ups and runs outside, “I think we have a problem.” He says while entering the group.

“No kidding!” Aroma screams, “D.J is gone!”

Siri and Mod are with several other kids from their class, Siri introduces them to Red, “Red, you’ve met Brigit and Smokey, this is Toff and Boomer. More of our friends.”

Red says, “It’s nice to meet all of you. But I was talking about a different problem. I don’t think we came back home with the right Dawson’s.  If I’m right then we need to find our way back.”

Siri smiles, “I haven’t noticed anything different.”

“Me neither, “Mod adds.

Red exclaims, “Look, I know there’s something different about this world, I just haven’t figured it out yet.” Red looks around for any sign like a lunatic.

Siri gives Red a look, “Settle down Red, we should find D.J he came back with us too. He’s one of us.”  She says while looking at Aroma crying away.

Red breathes in deep then yells, “You don’t understand, no one understands. I’m going to go get more information.” Red scruffily runs down the beach and back towards home.

Mod sigh “G-wiz, what’s his deal?” Mod turns to Aroma and says, “Okay we’re going to split up and find D.J.”

Aroma wipes her nose, “Thank you guys, you all know what he looks like?” She holds up the drawing she made earlier. “I’m going to go look back home and check there..”

Siri takes charge, “We’re going to look on main street.” She says standing by Brigit and Smokey.

Mod’s stomach grows, “And we’re going to go check the soup hall.”

“What?!” Yells Aroma.

“I’m hungry!” Mod says while holding his gut.

Siri sighs, “Eat later, you can go for another hour or two without eating, let’s find D.J.” Siri and her peeps run off. “Let’s go peeps.”

 Aroma goes home while Mod, Boomer and Toff check the jungle.


Red is running while talking to himself, “We could be breathing poison gas, or the only people on earth, maybe even already dead! We’re ghosts, that’s it” He makes it to the front door and runs into the living-room. “Marbles! Speckle! I need to talk to you!”

Marbles is the first to come downstairs, “What is it Red?”

“How accurate is the well? I mean, is it possible that you’re the Marbles and Speckle from a different reality and so you took us to the wrong universe?”

Marbles makes a sad face, “Sweetie, that’s something you shouldn’t worry about. You’re here now, why does it matter if its not exactly the same?” Marbles places her hand on Red’s shoulder and he brushes her off.

“It has to matter it’s where I came from, that’s where my parents are. Tell me, what do the numbers mean?”

Speckle is next to come downstairs, “They aren’t numbers exactly. Have you ever heard of numerology?”

“Numerology is the study of numbers.” Red responds.

“More than that, it’s the belief that numbers can tell us about people places things or times like the future or past. Many believe it’s a spiritual thing but there’s more to it. There’s a scientific field of knowledge too.” Speckle sits on the couch and draws a list of twelve relic symbols then numbers next to them. He creates a division between the top half and the bottom then another and another. “Imagine the multiverse as a flat piece of paper with a million earths all next to each other. Now imagine each one of the twelve quadrants of this paper are connected to a series of numbers like coordinates. Now, I fold the paper over and over but the coordinates never change. It would be hard to tell exactly where what was and when it was and what or why.”

Marbles can tell that her brother is losing Red’s attention, “What he means is the portal isn’t an exact science, the number that the portal recognises is directly related to the symbols and therefore each and every reality.”

“So how do I get home?” Asks Red.

“You are home Red, each reality is different but that doesn’t mean there aren’t infinite realities that are exactly the same. This reality may be one or two digits off from your original one meaning nothing will change.”

“What does that mean, why won’t you let me go home?” Red exclaims and pulls on his hair.

“Please calm down red.” Says Speckle, “Remember we took you in, and if you need to return home then maybe it’s meant to be. The universe is large but the multiverse is infinite. When we use a colour its to describe a quadrant the best we can, it’s like the portal is a crystal and we’re light that’s refocused through it.”

Marbles takes over, “The following three numbers, for example fusia-007, relates to the general reality and timeline. So we exist in Blue-017, in Blue-016 things are quite different, people may walk on their hands and eat with their feet. If I add the next series of digits let’s say, -01112345, these numbers begin to spell ruin like words and this is where things get really complicated.”

Speckle laughs, “It’s taken lifetimes to start to map it and all its phenomenon’s. But I do know one way to know for sure that you belong here. Let’s go to the basement!” Speckle act’s as though they’re going into their superhero hideout.

Marbles asks with excitement, “The basement?”

“The basement!” responds Speckle.

They bring Red to a secret door with eye scanners that scan each eye as individual items. When the Dawson’s eyes are scanned it opens a series of metal doors to a stairwell. The basement looks totally different than the rest of the house. It’s superbly lit and has metal bunker walls. There’s several years supply of food and water and comic books. The coolest area is where they have a bunch of glass cases filled with strange sci-fi tools. Marbles grabs a scanner and runs it over Reds arm.

The scanner reads, “Blue-017-117-040-2311.” Speckle and Marbles look at each other surprised, Marbles says, “Ten away, how is this possible?”

Red asks, “What do you mean?”

“She means that you’re within an acceptable range but that it never should have happened.” Marbles plays with the scanner and bashes it against a case. “The realities are so close together that the well makes small mistakes if you’re following someone through. Did you follow someone into the well?”

“Yeah, I followed the two of you.” Red looks at Marbles lab coat, “But you had symbols on your backs. A triangle with an eye.”

“It’s time to find your friends Red, we should be getting you back to us on the other side.” Say the Dawson’s.


Red leaves to find the others and tell them what happening, but before he left he asked for some help from the Dawson’s. they knew just what to do and gave him a whistle.

Speckle and Marbles are up in their lab taking apart the scanner. Marbles says, “This is bigger than we thought.”

Speckle sighs, “It will be alright sister, some things are meant to be, Especially when it has to do with the well.”


Aroma went home and searched through her room, then her backyard and all around the neighborhood of half broken boats. She searched all the places that her and D.J had visited, she imagined their adventures. D.J and her are surfing the waves by the beach.

“D.J where are you?!” Aroma calls on her way back into town still half weeping. She imagines future adventures they could have together. D.J is wearing glittery make-up and a fine dress, the two of them are having a tea-party. She imagines the two of the being the same size and flying through the sky. “Oh, D.J, where did you go!?”

 Siri and the rest have all met up by the edge of the jungle. Aroma arrives to their sympathetic faces.

Mod tries to cheer her up, “It will be okay, we’re going to find him soon.” He gives Aroma a hug.

“Look who it is, here to help?” Siri says to Red as he appears.

“I calmed down, it turns out I was right and we’re not home. It’s exactly the same but it’s not our island. In fact there may be other versions of us trying to get back here just like I am.”

Aroma has a thought and asks, “Then does that mean that there’s another version of D.J out there. If we find our D.J then they’ll find theirs!” She looks exited now. Like there was destiny involved.

“I’m sorry for not helping before, but I have a way to help.” Red takes a whistle from his pocket.

Siri asks, “A dog whistle, what’s that going to do?”

Red whistles for a second, “If were close enough he’ll yelp, the sound this whistle hurts dogs ears and Marbles made him more like a dog, or it’s the same ears or something. I don’t know everything but it’l help.”

Aroma jumps on him and squeezes him tight, “Thank you!”

The group walks around the island with the whistle, They harass most of the island dogs and several other jungle creatures like howler monkeys and sloths, eventually they have to run from the hoard of angry animals. They finally get away when making it downtown, Red whistles and they hear a squawk from the alley behind the restaurants.

Aroma yells, “It’s D.J!”

Horus is laying on his back with D,J on his chest combing the old mans huge beard with it’s raptor claws. “What’s the matter little guy?” Horus asks when the raptor squeals and runs away.

Aroma comes running down the alley and grabs D.J, “I’m so happy to see you!” She squeezes him. “I love you I love you I love you I love you.” She says in between kisses on his reptile face. D.J looks horrified but submissive. Secretly the raptor loves this treatment.

“I found the little fella routing through my garbage, he’s a fine-looking dog.” Says Horus before diving into a pile of trash. “Here it is!” Horus pops out of the garbage with a pink cat collar, “A dog like that needs a collar and tag!” The tag says “Bad motha.”

“Thank you.” Aroma says before putting the collar on D.J.

“Awesome bro, you found D.J.” Says Mod with a big smile when the kids enter the alley.

Red checks out Horus’s hut and gives him a subtle wave. “He found D.J. There’s something special about that.”

Aroma says in a long stretch, “Destiny….”

“I think we need to go now.” Says Siri breaking the moment.

They leave their friends in town with the hopes that they’ll be seeing them very soon.


Back at the Dawson’s home Marbles is readying the portal for the kids to go home, “I still can’t believe he saw the 003’s. What does this mean?” She asks her brother.

Speckle is drawing a diagram and says, “I’ve looked it over and the only thing I can think of is sabotage. In the time it took us to realise the kids had used the well someone had changed our coordinates several numbers over.”

“Someone? Don’t be naïve, we know exactly who did it.” Marbles says.

Red and the three others arrive and the Dawson stop talking amongst themselves and turn to kids. Aroma gives Speckle and Marbles hugs and says, “I know I’ll probably be seeing you soon but I still wanted to say bye. And So does D.J.” She waves with D.J’s raptor claws and mimics his squeaky voice. “Bye, Speckle and Marbles, I love you.”

The portal is ready and Speckle sets up the coordinates but before he can get past the word, “Blue.” Minerva comes through.

Speckle get’s defensive and Marbles pushes the kids behind her.

“I found you, thanks for the note.” Says Minerva in her kind happy voice with a huge smile. “I thought you kids had been eaten by velociraptors.”

Speckle yells, “Get away kids I’ll deal with you.”

Marbles asks, “Is that her, like her, her?”

“Black-003.” Says Speckle with a growl. “It’s her.”

Aroma laughs, “What are you guys so worried about, that’s Red’s grandmother, she’s my pterodactyl buddy. Right Minerva?”

Minerva smiles, “Of course, Aroma, I went out to find breakfast and you had all disappeared when I got back.” Minerva sounds sweet as ever.

Marbles is shaking, “Kids, this is and isn’t who you think it is. This Minerva is the worst.” Marbles says while holding the confused and angered Red behind her.

“What does she want?” Asks mod

“She wants you kids for some reason.” Says Speckle.

Minerva’s smile thins and her voice changes slightly but it’s still ironically happy, “I want to be with my grandson, nothing more, we have catching up to do.”

“I won’t allow that.” Speckle walks up to Minerva and accesses the well with a bravery in his eyes, “Black-003-060-422!” He says quickly.

Minerva quickdraws a laser pistol and aims it at Speckle, “I think you know what this does, after all I am from black-003 aren’t I? You even know the coordinates by heart. See children not everyone is a they seem. I only want Red, he’s my family.”

Red gets away from Marbles, “Grandma, don’t hurt anyone, I’ll come with you.”

“No, Reginald, don’t.” Speckle says but quiets when Minerva waves the gun in his face.

Minerva smiles exposing her grin, “That’s right Red, come with me and we can leave these nice people alone.” She turns to the well and laughs in that older lady chuckle then says, “It’s a good a destination as any.” She grabs Red and jumps backwards through the well.


“Where are we?” Red asks. The surrounding area is pitched black until Minerva lights a match then a candle. The fire bounces off the portal and red thinks about jumping back through.

“I wouldn’t try leaving, that thing is unstable it can take you anywhere, I think the last place it was set to was the black hole dimension or the methane atmosphere dimension. Even then it takes you to the wrong place.”

Red looks around then sighs, “What do you want with me?” Red says quietly.

“You have all these questions Red, but you never ask the most important one. I’ll tell you what, I answer one question then you can return the favor and tell me something. “We’re in Black-003-060, a reality chosen by Speckle to taunt me. Now your turn, I told you my story of how I came to be here. How did you get to the island?”

“Why is that important?” Red asks

“Because it is!” Minerva’s voice changes to harsh and her smile to a dark frown. Then her expression returns to normal, she lights another candle and exposes a stone wall with a painting of her younger self. They were in a castle, a giant hall from what Red could tell, with an extended stone dining table and a throne at the head of it. He can’t see but the chairs around the table are seated in by skeletons.

Red grunts. “It was a giant squid, it stopped my boat and I fell overboard. Then I woke up and it was towing me to the island.” Red isn’t as forthcoming with his information as he would have been by the campfire.

“Very good Red. As for what I want with you, I only want what you want, a way to get off this island and to return to my family.” Minerva chuckles oddly, “We’ve waited so long for a way off this retched land-swell, I even gave up this castle and all my people so that one day I could get home. Now you’re here.” Minerva is looking up at a portrait of herself and doesn’t notice Red get closer to the candle.

“I think there’s something wrong with you. You need help grandma. Let me help you.” Red says before blowing out the candle and engulfing himself in darkness.

Minerva laughs, “Where are you going to go?”

“Is that your question Grandma?” Red answers, he’s behind the portal and whispers the only code he knows. The way back to his friends, “Blue-017-117-040-2211.”

Minerva’s voice and expression change again to the harsh and angry her, “You don’t even have the hormones to comprehend how terrible it feels to be stuck for thirty years on a sandy crack in the middle of the ocean! It is eternally horrible!” She notices the well and how the colour has changed, “You really think you’re going to leave?” She lights a candle and starts to look around the room lighting one at a time. “That could take you to the darkest of realities, one’s where your soul begs to escape. Minerva’s voice and attitude become more grandmotherly. “Or it could take you to the pink pony reality, where the ponies are soft and fluffy and they love visitors.” She lights a candle exposing one of the skeletons sitting at the table. “Your chances are equal either way.” She quickly checks under the table only seeing two skeletons holding each other on the floor. They look afraid.

“I don’t think that you’d last a night in half the realities and the other half you’d go insane.” Minerva chuckles in that same sweet tone. “You should stay with me, we can travel the multiverse in search for earth prime.”

Minerva lights the last of the candles and checks everywhere but neglects behind the well and panics, “I can’t believe you would leave while I was speaking, how rude!”

Red realises that she’s about to go through the portal and says a random combination that sounded like the others, black-222-123-456.”

Minerva jumps into the portal and Red quickly changes the Coordinates back to his friends. “Blue-017-117-040-2211.” He jumps through but as Minerva mentioned before it takes him to a completely different reality where the night sky was purple and the sea had risen to the well portal.

“Blue-017-117-040-2211.” Red resets the coordinates and it takes him to an island covered with tall buildings and hovercars, the well portal overlooked a whole city of people that shone like bright light. There’s so much going on that he begins to feel overwhelmed. Red turns back to the portal and yells, “Take me home please, Blue-017-117-040-2211.”

Red makes another quick attempt, this time he appears in a giant desert that even overtakes the usual boundaries of the island and more. “Awww, what’s the problem?!” Red is frustrated, he doesn’t know what to do and has no way of knowing. “Why is this so hard?” He takes a few moments looking at the hot sun then resets the well. “Blue-017-117-040-2211.”

He’s taken to an island where the Dawson’s house is old and destroyed, its in pieces around him, even the roof has fallen down exposing the home to the elements. Red takes a seat on the couch, it’s all soggy and nasty, he wipes his back, then asks himself. “How do I get out of this?” After a time lapse of Red sitting and watching the sun move lower and lower in the sky he falls asleep.


The scene grows dark and Red finds himself in the pyramids realm.

“Well, you gave Minerva the slip, good job kid!” It’s the demonic voice, “I’d applaud you, but I don’t have any hands in the dreamplex.”

“What is this dreamplex?” Red asks and his voice echoes in the dark dream world.

The being says cockily, “Well when you sleep your subconscious can go all over the place in your brain, it’s like having a use of more brain space. I’d ask you to look around at all the tendrils and tentacles and my favorite the giant reptile skin wrinkles! Really look at it, what do you see?”

Red is about to answer when the Pyramid appears directly in front of him and yells, “Aww, too late, you see a brain, we are deep in your deepest subconscious. We’re deep in mine too, It’s where I live indefinitely unless otherwise allowed. Which brings me to our earlier conversation. It still applies.”

“What?” Red asks suddenly forgetting what happened in their past encounter.

“I can get you out of here and back home, I’ll admit I was going to trick you but this seems a lot more equitable.”

The pyramid floats around Red making him dizzy and Red yells, “Stop!”

The pyramid stops in place and with anticipation asks, “Yes?”

Red sounds scared and annoyed, “What do you want from me?”

The being laughs, “Smart kid, at least smart enough to know that nothing is free. All I want is the key.”

“I don’t have the key.” Red says confused.

“Whatever, whatever, whatever, you’ll know when you have it and know it and whatever. Then I’ll have it. Everything is and was and will be everything won’t be and never was or is gone. Nothing is real and everything is on the table. Let’s do this deal and I’ll get you home.” The pyramid says while doing front flips and barrel rolls and all kinds of strange geometric movements.

There’s an ominous squawk in Reds dreamscape and he looks around, it’s familiar sounding. Red says, “D.J?”

The pyramid begins to freak out, “No, don’t wake up, we’re so close!” But the voice fades as Red opens his eyes.

It’s D.J licking at his face and an extremely old Horus standing over him. “What are you doing in my squatting place kid?” The old man asks with a strange happy/angry frown/smile.

“I was using the well and needed a break, are you Horus?”

“How do you know who I am? Are you a spy?” Horus turns around in circles and mumbles to himself, “Horus was the great protector of Egypt and her people, once contained the promised land, the promised land. Horus the protector of the promised land, what is land when surrounded by water? An is land. Horus the protector of the island.” Horus turns to Red and screams, “Beware the eye of Horus, it’s pyramid watches while you sleep, it watches while you’re awake!”

Red and D.J hold onto each other afraid of the old man. “I don’t know what you’re telling me, but I do know you. Yesterday, downtown with D.J, you gave her back to Aroma.”

Hourus thinks, “Downtown…. What is land when surrounded by the water, is land is land island?” Horus point it the direction of downtown.

Red hadn’t noticed it but the water was covering most of the island as giant waves crash down on what used to be downtown. “What happened?”

Horus grabs him and screams, “You weren’t there, you weren’t there!”

D.J runs and hides and Red takes his cue running to the well and telling it the coordinates really fast.

Horus walks slowly at him while yelling, “You weren’t there, the map and lock are wasted without the key!”

Red jumps into the well and Horus takes a deep breath, D.J comes and takes a seat next to Horus on the couch. Horus chuckles, “That aught to light a fire under the kid.” Horus pets D.J while the old tiny raptor purrs.


Red appears in the Dawson’s home to see Speckle and Marbles playing a strange futuristic board game. They both stand up and rush over to give him hugs.

Speckle asks, “How did you do it?” While scanning Red’s eyes with a laser tool.

“I guess I outsmarted Minerva, she was kind of off her rocker. I can’t believe that’s my grandmother.” Red looks at the Doctor’s, “I should get my friends and go home.”

The Dawson’s hold him and nod.


Red finds Siri and the others explaining what has happened over the past few days, their friends are loving it and think everything is a big joke. “See there’s Red right now, he wasn’t taken by an old lady.” Says Bridget.

Red chuckles, “She’s not that old, kind of spry even.” He looks at his friends, “It’s time to go.” He winks at Bridget, “We’re going to go walk through a standing well, be back soon.”

Bridget and the others laugh, she says, “You’re too funny guys!”

Toff says, “Yeah, you’ll have to do better than that!”


While the kids walk down the beach Siri asks, “So how did you do it?”

“Yeah, how did you get rid of Minerva?” Mod adds.

Red chuckles. “I used my instincts and hid.”

The kids laugh and Siri punches Reds arm, “You hid?”

Red sounds confident, “Yeah I hid behind the portal and she jumped to some random reality chasing me.” Red chuckles, “Funny thing, when I was trying to make my way back I saw a really old Horus and D.J.”

Aroma squeals, “Really?! Was he huge?”

Red decides to humour her, “Sure Aroma, twelve feet tall at least, and he could fly with razor sharp wings.”

“No way that’s so cool.!” She takes D.J and lifts him into the air, “Now fly!” She throws him. He doesn’t fly. “You’re messing with me!” Aroma chases Red towards the house.



The well has been set up by Speckle, Red looks behind him at the doctors before stepping through, on the other side it’s the exact same scene he just left but his friends are looking at him confused. Red understands, “Siri, Mod, Aroma, your Dawson’s are waiting on the other side.” He tells them.

The kids go through and are immediately replaced by their counterparts.

“That was weird.” Says Siri

“We’re home!” Cries Aroma while squeezing D.J, “Let’s go see our friends!” She runs off with Mod and Siri leaving Red with the Dawson’s.

Red looks at his Dawson’s, “So, you were right, it really didn’t matter, the exact same thing happened on both sides like a mirror and all we did was change places.” He seems disappointed.

Marbles gives Red a hug, “You made it home, and in the end, you were right, this is your life and just because it’s identical to the other Red Redding’s life doesn’t make it any less yours.” Marbles squeezes Red, “You’re going to do great things.”

Speckle adds in, “The Red who stayed with us over the past few days may have been identical in every way but we’re still glad to have you here.”

“Your room is just as you left it and dinner is at seven.” Marbles finally lets go and the Dawson’s return to their workshop.

Red smiles and casually walks down the beach imagining the giant squid was out there, somewhere. He walks to main street and finds Horus behind a dumpster. “Hey Horus.”

“You know who I was named after?” Horus asks Red.

“Yeah, the Egyptian god of the sun and the moon. The protector of Egypt.” Red answers.

“No silly, it was the name of my father’s boat, the mighty Horus. She was quite a lass that boat.” Horus laughs at himself then looks around, “Where is my boat, where could I cave left her?”

“I just wanted to say.” Red speaks casually, “I’m going to be staying right here, if you need anything.”

Horus laughs, “Destiny kid here, we got something special!” He points at Red like he’s announcing this to the whole community when they’re only in a back alley dumpster.

Red smiles and walks away while Horus continues. “This is one serendipitous boy, he brings with him the expectation of finality and the promise that the inevitable prospect of freedom is coming. Do you hear me people freedom!”

We hear the mayors voice yell, “Can it, you old crazy!”

Red leaves and waves at his friends as he passes them on a walk down to his trunk where the giant Macaw was waiting.

“Hey dummy, forget your stuff?” Says the macaw.

Red laughs, “You have a big mouth, you know that Macaw!” He begins to drag his chest down the beach towards home.

The bird fly’s around him, “You think you’re better than me dummy! Argh bring it on!”

Red Keeps going he ignores the bird with a content smile on his face.

The scene pans upwards until you can see the island and a small speck creating a line in the sand. Red’s voice comes in, “Uncertainty, is the one thing that keeps our life’s exiting and new, the fact that tomorrow will be a completely new day and nothing you do can tell the future or change what’s going to happen, it just will. Like Minerva, she wasn’t my grandmother, I mean she was but she wasn’t MY grandma. But I know my real grandmother’s out there, and once I meet her, together we’ll find a way home.”

The line in the sand makes it to the turn-off and the macaw’s voice is heard, “What are you having for dinner dummy? You owe me one after I watched your stuff, Caw!”


Credit scene

Aroma and D.J sneak in to Horus’ plastic garbage shack and D.J sits on his chest. “Picture time.” She excitedly whispers and snaps a shot.

Click, picture of D,J cuddling Horus.

Click, picture of D,J combing Horus’ beard with his claws.

Click, picture of D.J finding some food in Horus’ beard and smelling it

Click, picture of D,J eating food vigorously and Horus opening his eyes in terror.

Click, picture of Horus screaming while D.J attacks his beard looking for more food. With the glitter title, “Best friends forever!”


After credit scene 1

Minerva is sitting in an Igloo blue and frozen to the bone. A version of Horus wearing a thick coat offers her hot tea in a tin can and says, “Maybe you’ll get em next time.”

Minerva has her frowny face frozen on, she’s stuck staring at the ground, she makes a sound of exhaustion and frustration. “Ahhhhrg.”


AC Scene 2

Aroma is clearly dreaming of her and D.J, they’re riding Ostrich-horses and D.J says in a squeaky voice, “I love you Aroma, one day I’ll be big and strong, then you can ride my back and go fast, fast, fast.”

“We can do that now!” Says Aroma as she jumps high into the air and lands on a giant version of D.J. “Now let’s fly!”

D.J picks up in the air, “Where to, my princess?”

“Turn into a disco ball and let’s go dancing!” Aroma screams with laughter. “Now blink with all the colours of the universe, go D.J Disco-dino-tech!” D.J grows disco-ball mirroring all over his body and lights begin to appear all around with house music.


© Copyright 2020 Stranger Lobe / Jonny Nagels. All rights reserved.

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