life's a beach Ep.8 Footloose

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Do you love to dance, these kids sure do, but what happens when they find a reality where dancing is illegal? Find out.

Life’s a beach ep 8 Footloose

We open the episode with the townspeople sitting in church and an unknown young man’s voice is giving a sermon. The scene pans over everyone we know but they’re all wearing clothes from the seventies. Aroma is falling asleep and her mom pinches her awake. “Ow.” Says Aroma.

Fabienne scowls at her daughter, “Pay attention.” She says in a hushed voice. Aroma sighs and looks up.

The young man up front says, “I may be new to this town, that just means I’ve seen what else is out there and can value this small community.”

Someone says, “A men!”

Another says, “Halleluiah.”

The young man continues, “God says, that I will pour out my spirit on all people, and your sons and your daughters will prophesy, And I will perform wonders in the sky above and miraculous signs on the earth below, And then everyone who calls on the name of the lord will be saved.”

We pan over the pews to Mod, Adama and Mod’s mother, a tall beautiful brunette woman. Even in the front pew Mod is still bold enough to be doing a crossword, his dad takes the paper from his hand and hits him over the head with it.

The young man continues his sermon, “Now, I’ve heard that there are some of you that haven’t opened your heart to Jesus and this is wrong! God has a plan for us and the path to his salvation are the teachings in this book. Like I said when I washed ashore, I won’t rest until all of your souls are saved!”

The scene pans over Siri and her entire family taking up a large portion of the pews. The kids are messing with each other and talking quietly. Siri’s mom pays no mind to her children she’s looking to the preacher.

The scene pans up to the speaker, he’s a young blond man with a great smile and a tight shirt, he continues, “There is prophecy in the air my congregation, Our lord is testing us by having all this evil around, let’s let Him guide us to purity.” The boy’s eyes shine black for a second and he grins. The scene zooms out to show the island in the shape of a whale.



We open on a closeup of Mr. Burkley’s face, he yells, “I’m back kids!” The scene zooms out to show he’s not standing backwards.

The class cheers but only the four kids know why, Aroma puts a tape in the player and  presses play. Kenny Loggins, Foot loose goes on. Aroma yells, “Free day!”

The kids all scream with joy, “Free period!”

Burkley lets the kids dance for a little, the scene shows only their feet dancing on the top of the desks, Aroma’s shoes have flowers embroidered into them. Red’s shoes are classic flat-bottoms, Mods are poorly tied rough sneakers patched together with different colour threads. Mod is a really bad dancer. Siri’s shoes are decent sports shoes with mirrored edges for nighttime safety reflection. Another pair of shoes are flats with open toes and another’s are moccasins spray painted gold. The last shoes are black classic men’s shoes bigger than the rest. The scene pans up showing Burkley dancing up a storm.

Burkley notices the kids have stopped dancing and are watching him, he realises what’s happened and makes an embarrassed face.

Aroma encourages him, “Mr. Burkley, you got moves!”

Burkley does the moonwalk over to the edge of the desk then turns around and bunny hops over to the tape player. He shuts the music off, “That’s enough.”

The kids boo and wail, “Awww.”

Burkley walks over to the board, “What did you learn in class over the past week?”

Aroma raises her hand.

Burkley sighs, “Yes Aroma.”

Aroma says, “There are lesson plans in your desk, if that’s not enough I have good notes.”

Mod balls up a piece of paper and tosses it at Aroma.

She stops talking and opens it up, Mod has written one large word on the page, “Dork!”

Burkley opens the drawer and places several file-folders on his desk, he opens them and says, “What? This is all backwards!” He fiddles with the booklets and grunts, “It’s all Written in reverse!”

Boomer sits at the front of the class, she says, “Yeah, don’t you remember, everything you did was backwards for like the whole week.”

Burkley sighs, “Right, that makes sense.” He pauses for a moment then says, “Aroma I’m going to need those notes. Class dismissed for today.” Burkley sighs and mumbles to himself, “It’s not like any of them will be attending Oxford or McGill.”

The kids rush out of class like usual until only Aroma remains. She proudly skips to Burkley’s desk and holds out her pink and fluffy notebook. Burkley takes the book and sneers at all the drawings of D.J. “You really like that dog. And glitter.” The book has a bright shine to it.

Aroma says, “Pages 62 to 70 are all the days you missed.” She skips away and out the door. Burkley hears her shrill voice, “D.J!”


Red is telling the kids, “I think he should have let us dance some more, did you see his moves?”

Siri laughs, “He’s got dance fever, that’s for sure.”

Aroma shows up with D.J, “What’s up ya’ll?”

Mod asks, “Ya’ll?”

Aroma says, “Thought I’d try it out. D.J likes it, don’t you, big guy?” She crouches and kisses D.J he looks petrified.

Red says, “Adventure anyone?”

Siri and Mod say, “Yeah!”

Red says to Aroma, “Adventure, do we have any more takers for a cool adventure?”

Aroma picks up D.J and waves his hands, she makes a silly voice, “I’m totally up for it but Aroma only wants to dance!” Aroma drops him and starts to freestyle dance. She says, “That’s his voice, that’s what D.J sounds like.”

Siri says, “Let’s go you goof!” She Grabs Aroma in a headlock and drags her towards the boys.


Red and the kids are sitting in the living room, Speckle and Marbles both come downstairs with inquisitive looks on their faces, “Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” Marbles asks.

Speckle asks, “You kids aren’t dodging class, are you?”

Mod says gingerly, “No, but I’m sure you skipped school a few times, didn’t you?”

Speckles says, “You’ve put me in an impossible situation.” He looks at Marbles, “Did we ever skip school?”

Marbles says, “We skipped grades one through three.”

Speckle says, “Yeah, then we got stuck with cursive.”

Marbles continues with a pensive expression, “We skipped grades four to six, then grades seven through twelve.”

Mod says, “Cool.”

Aroma looks frustrated, “Some of us have to work hard to be smart.” She mumbles.

Marbles keeps thinking then says, “Nope we never skipped any school, but we did get financial compensation to travel the world and do whatever we felt like instead of grade twelve.”

Speckle says, “And that’s how we got here, so let us get to the point and you can go exploring.”

Marbles says, “Right, we have gifts for you guys!” She gives Mod a Utility belt with one gadget and without explanation says, “Have fun!”

Mod is disappointed, “No laser?”

Speckle says, “Have you ever heard the expression too many cooks spoil the broth?” He hands Aroma a hairclip with a light metal rose attached to it.

Siri says, “Yeah it means if we all get lasers then we might cook up a disaster.”

Marble laughs, “Very good, I have a prize for you!” She hands Siri a utility belt and a watch. Marbles explains Siri’s watch, “It’s a multiphasic map and control panel watch.”

Speckle gives one to Red and says, “You can access the portal even in between realities, I said I’d figure it out for you.”

Marbles chuckles, “The watch also acts as a scanner to detect any abnormal anomalies and can tell you what someone’s original reality is.”

Speckle steps in and adds, “It also holds a database of every reality we’ve approved you to visit.”

Red sighs, “Approved realities.”

Siri says, “Are we going to get locked out like kids on the computer?”

Aroma asks Siri, “When have you ever seen a computer?”

Speckle says, “Look at the database Red.”

Red presses a button on the watch and a numerical pad opens, it shows the current reality highlighted. A question appears on the screen, the watch writes, “Verbal commands Red?”

Red asks, “How many options for travel do I currently have access to?” A number appears on the screen that’s over twenty digits. “Geese, that’s allot of realities.”

Mod asks, “Why don’t Aroma and I get cool watches?”

Marbles says, “We thought it might be tacky for all four of you to get them, your device and Aroma’s are programmed with many of the same functions. But better.”

Aroma asks, “Better how? Can they make us do awesome dances?”

Mod says, “Aroma’s serious.” He pauses, “I’d be interested in that too, I’m not a great dancer.”

Marbles sounds exited, “Well if it’s dancing your interested in, then I’ve got a reality for you. The people there are dance crazy! I once saw a man dancing in his sleep.”

Aroma says, “I’ve heard enough, we’re going to this magical place!”


The scene jumps to them standing in the center of Main Street in the dancing reality, however the people there are not dancing. They look quite depressed in their seventies getups, all except for one kid with a priest’s uniform.

Aroma says, “I take it back, this place is not magical at all.”

Red asks, “Are we even in the right reality?”

The watch answers, “Yes, this is Marbles specified dance party reality, coordinates, Pink…”

Red puts his hand over the watch and says, “it’s okay, thank you.”

The watch stops talking.

Mod says, “Then what happened to these people?”

Siri pokes a version of Billy-Bob and asks, “We heard this was the place to get our groove on, like dance party world.”

The man shrieks and turns away, everyone in the street stares at the kids while still avoiding them.

Aroma says, “Fine, then maybe well go have our own party!” She pulls on Mod’s shirt and says, “let’s go guys, these people are all sticks in the mud!”

The preacher boy watches them from an alley next to the bar, his eyes glow dark for a moment then he chuckles and has to hold his mouth not to make any noise. Horus is cowering in his hut in the background.


Aroma stops on the beach and says, “Watch gadget, do you play music?”

Siri’s watch answers, “Name your request.”

She says, “Play, Never, by, Moving pictures.”

The synthetic piano starts to play and Aroma Crouches with a sad look n her face, she jumps around and starts to dance her heart out in the style of the footloose scene to the same song.

Red, Siri and Mod watch her from the side with impressed looks on their faces.

Aroma swings around on a tether-ball and jumps on top Sandy’s abandoned surfboard. She keeps dancing, swinging herself around with exaggerated emotion. She does a series of cartwheels over to her friends and that’s when they hear Sandy’s voice.

Sandy yells at them, “Hey kid, don’t do that!”

Aroma keeps dancing, the friends howl and clap.

Sandy runs towards them, “Stop you’ll get in trouble.” She reaches Aroma just as the preacher boy that looks strangely like Kevin bacon starts to back away and out of sight.

Sandy says, “Stop the music!”

The watch stops playing and Aroma whines, “Hey, why’d you do that?”

Sandy says with anxiety in her tone, “Dudes, don’t you know, dancing is illegal here.”

Surf shows up beside her, “Yeah, little preacher dude said that surfing was too much like dancing so we had to give up our boards. That dance you did was the most attention it’s had in months.”

Red says, “That’s terrible, how can someone ban dancing?”

Aroma looks furious, she says, “That’s like saying that eating out is illegal or using public restrooms, watching movies in public or Dancing.”

Siri reminds Aroma, “That’s what they’ve outlawed.”

Aroma yells, “And that’s why I’m so angry!”

Siri says, “Don’t be, getting angry will only make things worse, we have to help these people out by reminding tem how to be happy.”

Sandy sounds terrified, “Please stop talking about this, there’s nothing you can do.”

Mod says, “I can’t believe you two, what’s going to happen, are they going to arrest us for dancing?”

The preacher boy speaks from behind a rock, “Yes we are.” Two police officer looking people come over and point at Siri’s watch, “Is that the device that was playing the music?”

Sandy and Surf both turn around and walk away while saying, “We didn’t hear anything.”

The preacher glares at the watch then says, “Yes it is.”

The officer takes Siri by the arm and removes the watch. Siri says, “Hey, that was a gift!”

The officer drops the watch in the sand and stomps on it. He slaps a pair of handcuffs on Siri while his partner does the same to the others. “You’re coming with us.”

The preacher boy says, “Wait, you destroyed the contraband, these people are new here. Let them off with a warning and maybe they’ll come see my sermon this afternoon.”

The officers stare at the boy intensely then they lighten up one of them says, “Sure thing Father, let us know if you need anything.”

The preacher boy says, “That’ll be all then.” The cops undo the handcuffs and walk away. The preacher doesn’t offer his hand to any of the kids in fact he maintains a safe distance from them. “You’ve been involved in illegal activities, the sentence for doing so is a night in the tank. It’s almost unheard of for someone to be let off but obviously I have some pull.”

Siri says, “You told on us.”

Aroma says, “Yeah, are you the one making all these people depressed and pathetic, that’s not what religion is about.”

The preacher boy ignores Aroma and says, “If you were to say, sit in on my sermon this afternoon, then maybe I would be convinced to tell the police that your sentence has been waved.”

Red growls, “So blackmail.”

Mod steps forward and the preacher steps back, Mod asks, “We know almost everyone on the island, but we’ve never seen you before. When did you get here?”

Red can see that Mod is on to something, Red says, “Right, but at the same time I feel like I’ve seen you before. Like before I came here.”

The preacher says, “My name is Ren and I came here through divine intentions to save these people.”

Aroma gasps, “You did make these people like this!”

Ren turns away and Says, “Come to my sermon, it starts soon.”

Mod says, “Ugh, church in the afternoon.”

Ren laughs while walking away, “My sermons are held three times a day everyday.”


The next scene shows a blackboard with sermon times, there are three different sermons a day. Red asks, “Don’t these people work?”

A man passes by and says, “if you have faith, the lord will provide.”

Most of the town is in the temple built from a half-buried cruise ship. This is unique to this reality.

Red says to Mod, “They must come in when the can, believing in something can be quite fulfilling.”

Siri asks Red, “Do you believe in anything?”

Red smiles and says, “I didn’t used to, but since starting to explore the multiverse I’ve realised that everything exists eventually and everything happens for a reason. There’s no telling if that’s the will of a great creator.”

Mod says, “Or is thought its own creator?”

Siri sounds sarcastic, “Ooh, deep son.”

Aroma says, “Yeah let’s just hope it’s about Jesus, he was cute.” She see’s that there are no kids in the room and says, “The kids must be at school, this is a dry crowd.”

They sit down and the preacher boy Ren nods his head in their direction, he starts his sermon. “There was a time when this town had no restraint. You were controlled by violent urges to dance. Thanks to Him you have been saved. No longer do you stay up all hours and do the grapevine or the mashed potato. No longer will you dance the dos a dos or the Hustle or the Y.M.C.A, neither will you pop and lock or crump. And that’s how you are saved!”

The people yell, “A-men!”

Aroma has fallen asleep on Red’s shoulder and the other kids are starting to look tired, we see an exposition of a clock and the hands move faster showing the passage of two hours. We see the kids and they look wrecked.

Ren is still preaching, he finishes his sermon by self quoting, “You will see pain and suffering and darkness, I don’t wish it on my worst enemy, but god is testing us. All we must do is trust in Him.”

Red has a pensive look on his face, the people start to leave and he jostle’s aroma and D.J wake. “We can leave now?”

Aroma stretches with her pet and says, “We should go talk to the kids, maybe they can show their parents what’s right.”

Siri says, “That’s a good idea, this place gives me the creeps.” As they leave we get a view of the chandelier hanging above the pews. It’s made of small hanging triangles in the shape a pyramid.


Red opens the door to the schoolhouse and it sounds like everyone’s scattering. By the time he can see the kids they’re all sitting at their desks looking like somethings up.

Burkley says, “Are you a new student?”

Red looks behind himself to Aroma and the others, they’re giving him thumbs up. Red sighs, “Yes, I’m a newcomer.”

Burkley says, “Take a seat next to Aroma.”

Red takes the empty desk next to seventies Aroma and looks around shyly, the kids are all staring at him. It’s the exact same people as back home but he starts to feel some inhibitions. He mumbles, “This might not be a good idea.”

Burkley starts to talk about life cycles, “The caterpillar is the second of three life cycles, lepidopterans like the butterfly and moth…” He trails off in the background and Aroma pokes Red.

She pokes Red again. He says, “What’s the big idea?”

Aroma asks straight faced, “Are you cool?”

Red smiles like a nerd and says, “What do you mean by cool?” He pushes his glasses closer to his eyes.

Aroma says, “if I were to say Hip what would you say?”

Red says, “I don’t know.”

Aroma slaps her face and says, “I’ll make it a little easier, hip is pretty general. If I were to say, Domo arigato.”

Red smiles and says, “Mr. Roboto.”

Aroma pats him on the back, “What about if I said, One love one heart.”

Red says, “Let’s get together and feel alright. Bob Marley.”

Aroma stands and announces to the class, “This guys okay!”

The class cheers and Red looks really out of place, he asks, “What’s going on?”

Seventies Aroma explains, “Since the preacher arrived, everything has been so boring.”

Red has a vision of Sandy and Surf, Sandy says, “Hey, I’m bored.”

Surf says, “Yeah bro.” They’re both lethargic sounding.

Red comes back to reality and says, “Yeah, this place sucks, we should have a dance.”

Our Aroma bursts in through the door, “And I know a perfect place!”

Seventies Aroma stares at her alternate self and says, “Cool.”

Mr. Burkley says, “I’m sorry to interrupt this… whatever this is.” Burkley stares then asks, “Are you a clone?”

Aroma laughs, “It’s not really important, what is import is your towns freedom to party!”

Mr. Burkley smiles, “You’re right and I know some others that feel he same way. But it won’t be easy, Ren has eyes everywhere.” He looks around the room like a paranoid. “Still, we should have this dance you’re talking about.” He starts to cry, “This has been hardest on me.”

Seventies Aroma says in a whisper to our Aroma, “He loves to dance.”

Our Aroma says, “Yeah he really loves to dance.”

Red says, “So tonight, at the grotto we dance!”

Our Siri and Mod burst in behind Aroma, our Siri says, “The cops are after us guys, time to go.”

Red and the others vanish right before the two officers from before walk into the classroom, one of them asks the class, “Have any of you seen four kids that love dancing pass by here?”

The entire class sneakily says, “No.”


Red and his friends are hiding in the dump behind Main Street, Siri says, “We should find a way to get more people involved.”

Aroma says, “Right, we need to get the whole towns groove back!”

The kids shush her and Aroma apologizes quietly, “Sorry.”

Mod has some reservations about this whole thing, “I think I have a problem with running from the police. We should face our punishment and try again another time.”

Aroma looks stunned, “I can’t believe I’m hearing what your saying Modney Pocket! Those people are working for Ren, they’re helping him force these people to be soggy noodles. The police, the real police would never do that. They like dancing just as much as anyone else.”

Red says, “Maybe not Ren.”

Mod frowns, “It’s still illegal guys.”

Aroma asks, “Wait, is this about you not being able to dance?”

Mod sighs, “More or less, yes.”

Siri says, “Then it’s decided, Aroma you’ll go to the grotto and teach poor uncoordinated Modney to dance. While Red and I find some way to get the word out.”

Horus appears from under a pile of fish bones, “Did I hear you want to have a dance?”

Aroma says, “Who’s asking?”

Horus chuckles, “Honestly I’m not sure sometimes, But today I’m Horus.”

Aroma eggs him on, “And Horus loves to?”

Horus says, “Horus loves to dance, and I got a way to spread the word. Lookie here!”

Horus pulls a tarp off an old copy machine and says proudly, “I jury rigged her to work myself!” Next to the copier is a bike. Horus hops on the bike and starts to peddle, the machine starts popping out blank pages. “All you need is a flyer.”

Aroma screams with joy and opens her purse to take out a set of markers and glitter pens, It’s not long before she has a crazy cool drawing of her and a bunch of people all dancing and music notes all around. It says, “Secret grotto dance-party, password is Hasselhoff.”

Red takes the flyer and says, “This is perfect.” He places the page on the copier and Horus starts peddling the bike.

Aroma grabs Mod and says excitedly, I’m going to teach you to dance.” She pulls him by the arms and leads the way to the jungle path.

The flyers keep popping out and Siri is collecting them, the scene zooms in to show the flyer. The song “Let’s hear it for the boy, by, Denise Williams.” We’re introduced to a montage of Aroma showing Mod how to dance she starts with a simple sidestep. Mod is terrible so she puts a jungle tree between them and has him do a back and forth step. It’s a little better.

Mod is sweating and looks tired but keeps it up.


The montage cuts to Red, Siri and Horus passing out flyers, Red drops a flyer in a young man’s lap and he smiles goofily.

The next clip of Siri handing a flyer to an older woman, she scowls and shakes her head no.

Horus shows the same old woman the same flyer and she get’s red in the face then hits him with her bag.


Aroma is having Mod do Chin-ups on a tree branch and it breaks sending him falling.

Mod is doing a novice forward step while moving through the tree’s. He’s getting better.


Quick scenes jump in between Red, Siri and Horus. Red is posting flyers in good places like on the bar and grill and by the school. Siri hands them out to people, some are happy but others look tempered. Horus passed them out to Cats, the horse, he gives one to the same person three times.


Mod and Aroma are dancing in the grotto, Mod does a front roll and Aroma does cartwheels.

Aroma teaches Mod the slow dancing spin and they get entangled.

They try the spin again and this time Mod’s got it.

The song ends and Aroma claps, “You’re doing great!”


Red and Siri have run out of flyers and say goodbye to Horus who still has a handful. Horus says, “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong?” He drops a flyer on a street-cat and the cat runs away. “Dance party?”


The next scene is of Red’s watch with a set of music playlist names like, Party! PARTY! And PAAARRRTTYYY!!!

Red says, “Hit it D.J” His watch starts playing and we see almost half the town dancing and having fun in the grotto.

Everyone shows their moves until it’s Aromas turn, she’s awesome, D.J and her do a couples dance that blows everyone’s hats and toupee’s in Burkley’s case. Literally.

Ren’s voice is heard over the music, “This will not stand!” Ren and his two officers are standing on the edge of the dance circle. Ren says, “All of you, go home, it’s well past curfew!”

Red stops his watch. Then he Siri and Mod step into the circle next to Aroma, Siri says, “No one’s going home Ren.”

Red says, “What you’ve done here is wrong.”

Mod says, “Yeah, my people dance to express their spirituality.”

Ren says, “That’s balderdash.”

Aroma step forward, “Even you must have danced at some point, what I see you doing is tyrannical and over-authoritarian. You can’t stop us from expressing happiness!”

Some of the people start to call out against Aroma, they say things like, “You can’t speak against Ren like that!” And, “How dare you be so rude, I can’t believe we’re dancing with you kids!”

Ren opens hit arms and says, “It’s okay people, judge not for you may be judged harshly yourself. I know these kids are responsible for all your sins tonight and you are all forgiven.”

Red yells, “Wait everyone, he’s just telling you what you want to hear. The bible says that god rejoices when we dance, because we dance for peace and love and we dance for each other. So how can it be bad if it makes us express ourselves?”

Ren starts to look angry, he clenches his fists and arcs his shoulders, “You’re spouting nonsense kid!”

Aroma says sadly, “I’m sorry that you feel that way Ren, I don’t know what happened to you but it must have been bad for you to hate dancing so much.” Aroma steps in to give Ren a hug and he pushes her away. The townspeople gasp.

Aroma’s rose hairpin begins to blink and shields Aroma I a shiny pink bubbly suit. The hairpin says in a handsome British mans voice, “Aroma, you are in proximity of a threatening phenomenon.”

Aroma says, “Oh, I like your voice. What’s the threatening thingy?”

Ren looks around at his people he tells the officers, “Arrest them!”

Aromas bubble suit says, “Right in front of you, occupying that boy.”

The kids gasp and Red asks, “What are you?”

Ren’s eye glow black for a second and his voice changes to Urag’s, “Aw, I knew you kids would mess this up for me, why couldn’t you just leave this place alone!”

Red says, “I knew something was up?”

The townspeople start to rabble, one man says, “Demon, how dare you impersonate a priest?”

Urag laughs, “This boy’s no priest.”

There’s an uproar of gasps and the townspeople start to move in on Urag/Ren.

Red pleads, “No wait, you’ll just hurt the kid.”

The townspeople look angry, the officers grab Ren and put his arms behind his back, one of them says, “We need to get you in a cell, whatever you are?”

Urag laughs and pulls his hand away revealing a sci-fi device. It’s the watch with a new shiny case. He presses the screen and a big bubble expands past everyone turning their bodies to stone. Everyone complains.

Siri says, “Hey that’s mine!”

Urag screams, “Finders keepers, it’s not yours any more I gave it several upgrades.”

As they’re talking, the townspeople are all moaning and complaining about being statues.

Red says, “How could you possibly benefit by making dancing illegal Urag?”

Urag floats into the center of the dance circle, he’s surrounded by the statues. “You think too small, people love to dance, these people especially.”

Seventies Burkley says in the background, “I like to dance the most.”

Somewhere in the crowd, seventies Aroma says, “It’s true!”

Urag continues, “How could I help myself right? Messing with people is merely what I do.”

Red turns on his new gadget, a slim robotic suit covers his body except for his glasses. It’s the color dark red. He dives at Ren/Urag and grabs him by the arms, the suit starts to glow where the two boys are touching. Ren kicks Red away and activates his own device.

Red asks Urag, “Then why this kid, why Ren, why these people? You’re not telling us the truth!”

Siri opens her gadget and it extends into an Sci-fi rope, she lasso’s Ren and the rope starts to glow. Siri ties him up and says, “Tell us why?”

Aroma yells, “Yeah, and unfreeze these people!”

The townspeople all agree.

The rope glows really bright and Urag yell’s, “Ah, it’s so bright. Stop you brats!”

Mod says, “The lights getting rid of the pyramid, keep going.”

Urag yells, “You think you’re the only ones with gadgets, I made a stop by several really dark realities before I came here.” A black light encompasses Ren and the rope, the rope sizzles like it’s hot, Siri drops it. “Ouch! That hurt you bum!”

Ren get’s loose and zaps Mod, he’s thrown off the cliff behind the Grotto, it’s a huge fall, he’s surely a goner.

Everyone in the grotto yells, “No, Modney!”.

Mod’s belt suddenly opens into a touchpad and speaks in a Sassy mother hen voice, “Modney, are we falling to our deaths?”

Mod screams, “Yes! Yes! Do something.”

The belt makes a sound like she’s clearing her throat and says, “Politely dear.”

Mod yells, “Please save me?” The buckle launches itself out of it’s case while still attached to Mod by a string. We get to see Modney scream for his life until about three feet from the ground. Then he comes to a sudden stop. He gups and says, “You’re now my best friend Honey.”

The belt says, “I thought so.”


Red tackles Ren and yells in Ren/Urag’s face, “How could you do that? He was our friend, I’ll… I’ll…”

Urag blasts Red away with the laser and says, “You’ll hurt an innocent kid. You could never defeat me Red, you’re too weak without all your friends.”

Siri is kneeling on the ground with a wide-eyed look of shock on her face and Aroma is walking towards the edge of the cliff while crying. She looks down but can’t see Mod, “He’s gone!” She looks really pissed off.

Red Zaps Ren with his laser and it bounces off, Urag laughs, “I love fighting!” He jumps at Red, “This is so exhilarating!”

Red puts his laser down and drops his armor gadget, he stands straight and let’s Ren punch him.” Red holds his gut and says, “For all your power you’re still just a kid. I may not be able to beat you but I know someone who can.”

Urag holds his fighting form and says, “A battle?”

Red says, “Single combat. Our choice of weapon.”

Urag stares at the moon and howls, “You’ve me sold kid, choose your weapon!”

Red says, “Dance!”

Urag says, “What? That’s not a weapon?”

Red says, “Still it’s my choice, my game.” Red screams in Aroma’s direction, “Dance off!”

There’s a clip of Aroma standing on the edge of the cliff and a bolt of lightning strikes behind her. “I’m ready.” She runs to the circle and jumps over one of the kids in statue form.

Urag says, “Your game.” He looks at the statue people, “My terms!’

Aroma says, “Fine, if we win you leave here forever, and you leave this poor kid forever.”

Urag laughs and says, “That sounds perfect, then if I win I’ll shatter every townsperson made of stone.”

Siri says, “We can’t accept those terms and you know it.”

Urag says, “Those are the terms, it’s either that or we go back to fighting and I throw more of you off the mountain.”

Aroma yells, “I’ve had enough of your loud annoying voice, queue up a short burst of awesome songs watch!”

Red’s watch starts to play, “Holding out for a hero by Bonnie Tyler.”

Aroma dance fights at Ren, she swings her arms almost punching him with ballerina like finesse. She does a high kick-flip almost hitting Ren in the face.

Red and Siri are watching from the sidelines and all of a sudden Mod is standing beside them, he says, “Wow, she moves like a beautiful flower in a summer breeze, but with fists.”

Aroma keeps dancing and the song cuts, her thirty seconds are over. The song changes to “Carl Orff’s, O Fortuna.” Ren is an incredible dancer, even better than Aroma. Ren does backflips and cartwheels around the circle while Urag says, “I got this kid from a reality where the people love to dance even more than these guys. Ironic, isn’t it?”

Aroma says, “Agh, all your darkness and satire makes me sick!” The song changes to some hip-hop and Aroma crumps like a pro.

The town cheers her on, “Go, go, go, go, go…”

They keep chanting and Red says, “I think we have a winner.”

The song changes to a dark gangster beat and Ren doesn’t dance, Urag says, “I decide who the winner is!”

Someone in the crowd calls out, “But that’s not fair?”

Urag yells back, “life’s not fair.”

Aroma punches Ren in the face, “You bully, let these people go, I won.”

Siri says, “Yeah, the crowd decides who wins a dance off.”

Mod agrees, “Yeah!”

Aroma looks at Mod, “Your back!” She shoves Ren to the side and hugs Mod. “How did you survive the fall.”

Mod gloats, “It was nothing.”

Mod’s belt clears her throat, “Mmhm.”

Mod says, “I had some help from my belt.”

Urag yell’s I’m sorry to interrupt this colorful reunion but I’m going to kill everyone!” Ren points his laser at the people and shoots them all on wide-beam. A ray of light appears over the grotto and nothing happens. Urag yells, “What? You should have all shattered into a million butts!” He shoots the crowd again, “Why wont you work?”

Aroma jumps on Ren and grabs his laser, she throws it to Siri and says, “Find a way to free everyone!”

Siri starts to fiddle with the laser while Red and Mod Help Aroma, they each grab part of Ren and activate their gadgets. The gadgets lock onto Ren and encompasses him with a glowing armor.

Urag starts to laugh hysterically and roll around, “Stop, this tickles, stop please stop, arg!” Urag shrieks and his eyes glow black then go normal, the Armor stops glowing and dislodges itself from Ren.

Siri says, “Found it!” She presses the trigger and a ball of light passes everyone and they return to normal.

Ren looks around confused, “Where am I, who are you people?”

Aroma helps him off the ground, “It’s best not to think about it, we can get you home. But first, we should dance!”

A funky beat plays from Red’s watch and the townspeople all start dancing. Ren dances with them and no surprise he’s amazing. Aroma dances with Ren then she dances with seventies Aroma.

Red, Mod and Siri look tired, Red fiddles with Urag/Ren’s laser, he says, “I found the setting Urag was going to use to shatter everyone.” Red zaps a boulder and it breaks into hundreds of pieces like glass.

Red says, “We should be shattered to dust, so what happened?”

Mod says, “A Miracle.”

Siri grabs Mod and pulls him to the dance floor. Red slowly approaches. And his voice narrates, “A common theme that I’ve recognised recently is that things happen for a reason. Looking for the hand at work takes away the reveal. The twists and turns that make life interesting. It’s out there, don’t worry, all it takes is faith. In what? That’s your choice.”

The scene zooms back just enough to show a mysterious light coming down from the sky. Red continues, “It’s better just to remember that whatever you believe, express yourself any way you can. As long as it makes you happy you’ll be on the right path.”

The scene keeps zooming all the way up past the clouds and shows the strange outline of what could be an angler fish. The only recognisable feature is the long bobber coming from it’s forehead with a great light coming out of the end of it. The angler fish is dancing with the music.



Credit scene.

You hear Aroma’s voice saying, “Blooper reel.” Mod is practicing his dance through the forest, there’s no music just the sound of his feet through the brush. Aroma yells, “Now skip!”

Mod skips down a jungle path, after a few skips he hits his head against a tree branch, “Ouf!” Mod looks up, “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Aroma yells, “It takes a lot of practice, but you’ll get it. Now, go, go, go!”

Mod stands again and keeps skipping through the forest, he skips straight into a hole and disappears from sight.


We see another scene of Mod in the jungle, he’s doing great and looks majestic, then trips on a root and face-plants disappearing again.



Submitted: September 02, 2018

© Copyright 2020 Stranger Lobe / Jonny Nagels. All rights reserved.

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Stranger Lobe / Jonny Nagels

Dance off!

Sun, September 2nd, 2018 6:49pm

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