Life's a beach

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Red is on a boat trip with his father and mother when he's thrown overboard and is taken by a giant squid to an island that no one ever leaves. This bookish teen separated from his parents makes
new friends has great adventures and uncovers the islands deepest secrets in the search to find a way home.

Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



Life’s a beach or the island

“Sand to sand, salt to salt.” A dark shadowed figure launches a small boat holding several Symbolic items. (A squid’s tentacle, a golden key, a pair of glasses, a bright and colourful flower, a dark rock and sling, a map of an island, a star, a lock, a rolled up parchment…) The boat makes it over the first wave and catches on fire, it rides the wave back to the shadowy figure and rests by their feet.

Three more figures wearing black hooded garments appear behind the first and the first figures face is seen, it’s an old woman, she looks ragged and weathered. The fire settles down almost mystically and she howls up to the stars with a big smile. They all howl.


The scene cuts to a black and white photo with a much younger version of the same woman. Sir John Redding is standing on the galley of his yacht next to his wife, Valerie, and his son, Reginald. John is telling the story of his mother. “Yes, my mom was an exiting woman, you would have liked her Red.” This was his sons nickname, Red, John gave it to the kid because he felt the boy needed to strengthen up.  “Yes, she adventured around the world from the time she was your age until I was a boy myself.”

Red was a bookworm and his thick glasses gave that away, he fantasises often about amazing stories and enjoys his own imagination. John says that he has an overactive imagination and it was a waste of time. But now Red was imagining being like his grandmother and this was his first trip to the unknown. “What happened to Grandma?” Red asks his father in his squeaky shy preteen voice.

“I’m happy you asked that Red. You see, the whole reason we came to the Bermuda triangle in the first place was because this was where she was lost. Were here to pay our respects.” John and his wife both place a hand on each of Red’s shoulders and smile while looking out to sea. The parents head into the lounge after each giving Red a kiss and a big hug. “She was a strong person, you can be to.”


The boat rams up against something in the ocean, it slows and rocks throwing Red overboard along with a few other items from on deck. “Dad, mom!” Red is scared he’s always had a hard time swimming and with his clothes on the water begins to overtake him.

Red is so deep the sea around him is pitch black he stops the struggle to swim and watches little fish light up like Christmas lights. Deep below him he see’s a giant light appear by a sea-bottom covered in wrecked ships and even something that looks like a small city lit up with all kinds of sea-life. Red’s eyes close just in time to miss the giant squid approaching.

Red wakes up and he’s floating on his storage chest, the boat is no were to be seen and he looks up at the north star. “If we were headed east, then I’m going.” Red draws a star-map on his chest. “No, I’m going the wrong way!” He can feel his drift headed away from the north star. It’s an impossible situation, he looks around at the miles of open sea and then spots it.

He’s being towed by a giant squid, “Wow.” Red is amazed and afraid. “You’re saving me?” He asks the squid. It must be fifty times bigger than him with its extended tentacles as thick as he is. “Why are you taking me this way Mr. Squid?” Instead of two eyes on either side of it’s head the animals has one giant eye in the center of it’s face. The eye looks up at Red then blinks a few times and looks back ahead.

“Is that where we’re going?” Very far in the distance is a big light, “Is that an island?” The light looks like it’s coming a lighthouse but as Red’s drawn closer he can make out the tall rocks piercing out of the sea. The tallest has a big fire burning on the top of it and a figure next to it adding large pieces of driftwood. They must be close to land because the squid let’s Red go with the waves into the sandy beach.

Red is exhausted and falls asleep right then and there.


“Craw, we have a newcomer!” An oversized Scarlet Macaw is pecking at Red’s face, “Argh, wake up dummy!”

Red jumps back, surprised by the enormous size of the bird. “What are you, a Parrot?”

“Argh, newcomer, newcomer!” The Macaw lifts off into the air with it’s giant wingspan and fly’s down the beach.

Red drags his chest up to the palm trees where the surf must break at high tide. He can still hear the Macaw screaming, “We have a bozo, newcomer coming down the beach!”

The kid is completely blown away by the number of wild animals and plant life on the island, the jungle is full of fruit tree’s over twenty types and flowers bigger than Red himself. He hides his chest under a coconut tree and draws a map while walking down the beach.



Mod, Siri and Aroma are three of the local kids, Mod is beat-boxing while Siri raps from off the head, “This is more than just my island, just be silent stop and listen. I’m on a mission to bring my peeps a whole lot of recognition. We’re the islanders you hear me, Mod, Aroma and Siri and a whole bunch of others but you know there not with me. Let’s list em off, we got Brigit and Toff, Smokey and Boomer not to mention the…”

“Newcomer, we have a Bozo newcomer!” The Macaw appears from overhead announcing to the community that Red’s arrived in it’s loud shrill voice.

Siri sighs, “Dumb bird.”

“Let’s go see if the newcomer needs our help.” Mod is big for his age, a foot taller than the girls at least, he takes off at a sprint down the beach.

“Hey wait up!” Aroma calls after him.


“Who do you think it is, I bet it’s a prince!” Aroma says while hugging herself, “I bet he’ll be so handsome and nice.”

“Yeah Aroma I’m sure he’ll be an awesome prince with sea-ponies that can take us all home.” Mod mocks her by making his deep voice sound more girly.

Aroma dances around with excitement, “Really you think?! That would be the best thing ever!” Her expression changes when reconising Mod’s sarcasm.  “And I swear I saw those Sea-ponies by the Doctors house!”

Siri stops them, “Get serious, the newcomer is still out there.”

“I’m not out there, I’m right here.” Red is up in a lemon tree peeking at them through the branches.

Aroma shrieks, “Creeper, get him!”

“Hey dude, come down here.” Mod waits at the bottom of the tree with a smile, “Don’t mind Aroma, she’s a little jumpy.”

Red looks at Aroma and his heart starts pounding, he blushes then jumps down the tree, “Hi I’m Reginald Redding but all my friends call me Red…” He trips on a root landing face first in the sand.

Aroma laughs and blushes while Mod helps Red out of the sand, “Here.” Mod hands Red a bottle of distilled water. “Clean your face off bro.”

Siri is straight faced as ever, “You good?”

“I’m fine, I’m perfect!” Red steps back and looks around, “What’s with this place?”

“It’s the twilight zone here friend, people show up on the shore like you all the time.” Siri motions to Red and the others to follow her. “Common, we’ll take you into town.”

The town is built from old boat pieces that have appeared on shore over the years. There had been enough wreckages to build a town hall and a school. There was even a dance hall and a small strip of restaurants.

People were lining up to see Red, “A newcomer?” They would say then introduce themselves. There was an old man with a scruffy long beard that called himself Horus, he lived in the area behind the main street where he quote on quote acted as the live in recycling agent. He lived off their garbage basically.

Next there was, Aunt Jiminy and her husband Darrel, A man that called himself by Billy-Bob, Moon-Shadow and his family. Michelle and the tourists from France then there were a whole lot more.

Finally, Red met Mayor Pocket, Mod’s father.

“Dad, this is…” Mod starts to say.

Mayor Pocket cuts him off, “Son, this isn’t time, important mayor stuff, you know.”

Red looks around the Mayors office at the collection of mysterious and amazing things, “There are mounted deer heads with massive tangles of antlers, a stuffed bear over ten feet tall and a pet snake with two heads. While scanning through the small collection of books in the mayor’s library Red spots a handwritten book called, “The rationalisation of weirdness” Next to that is another handwritten manuscript, this one entitled, “Beasts of the Midnight sea.” Red immediately grabs the book and flips to the page about the giant octopus’.

Mod is still trying to get his fathers attention, “Red’s new and needs somewhere to go.”

Red mentions out of no where, “This place has Giant Squid, that’s what brought me ashore!” He skips to the next page of the book without noticing that he’s gotten the attention of the Mayor.

Mayor Pocket takes the book back from Red and looks him up and down, “That’s impossible young man, you see, this book is a work of fantasy. It’s something I like to keep around for the tourists.”

Mod laughs, “What tourists dad?”

Red insists, “I swear a giant squid brought me to this island. Maybe finding it can help me get back to my parents.”

“Nonsense kid, I tell you, there’s no such things. This Island is a natural phenomenon, the ocean creates constant tilde drift that causes anything caught in its gravitational force to be sucked towards the shore. This happens in the sky as well, planes are magnetically drawn to crash here or in the surrounding ocean. You were out at sea and dehydrated, it was a hallucination was all.”

“That doesn’t seem to make any sense?” Red mumbles like he usually does when he thinks an adult is giving him the brush off.

Pocket gives the kid a look like he’s been insulted and says, “You know who understands about those freaky make-believe nonsense sci-fi mumbo jumbo type things?”

“No, I just got here.” Red replies.

“The Dawson’s. So go bother them, and leave my books alone!” Pocket slams the handwritten slab of paper back into the bookshelf before shooing the kids away with a broom. “It’s all nonsense!” He yells after them while the kids run down the beach.


“Who are the Dawson’s?” Red asks the other three while walking along the hot sand where the others have decided to sit.

“Creepy scientist’s who live over on the other side of the Island.” Says Aroma, “Rumor has it that they do strange experiments. But maybe not.”

“No one has ever even seen them doing anything weird. It’s all just hearsay.” Siri warns then points at a cleared road. “They live down there at the top of the mountain and I don’t fear nothing.”

Mod laughs, “Me neither.” He perks up his boy chest like he’s seen the super hero’s stand in the comics.

“I need to meet them, maybe they can help me find my mom and dad.” Red brushes the sand from his feet and puts his shoes back on. He starts to walk but his new friends stay in place.

“On second thought.” Mod sounds scared. “I’m not interested In being replaced by a clone or robot or being turned into another wierdo.”

“I’m with you.” Aroma agrees, before standing and brushing the sand from her nice summer dress and purse. “I like not being a duck billed platypus.”

Siri laughs at Mod, “I expect this from Aroma, but Mod, you chickened out like a little baby. I thought you were a big strong man?”

Mod interjects, “When did I ever say I was a strong man?”

Siri knows this has him, “Like ten times.” She jumps into a quick flashback, “Like yesterday even.” Her voice plays the narrator, there’s a scene of Mod standing on top of the worlds smallest pyramid and Siri does the voiceover for him. “I am the strongest manly man there is.”

“I never said that!” Mod starts to walk towards them, Siri grabs Red and they start to walk down the path. Mod yells after them, “I was joking, I’m not a man!”

Aroma looks at them with big sad eyes, “Hey guys, wait up!” She runs after them.



The Dawson’s live in the only real home on the Island although it looks like a three-story shack in a Victorian style it was still the epidemy of class.

An older man comes out from the front door and says, “Hi kids!” While walking backwards towards them and then past them down the road.

The three locals say, “Good morning Mr. Burkley.”

The man waves at them while still walking backwards, “You all here for your check-ups? The doctor’s fixed me right up. Go on in, they’re waiting.”

Siri points out the obvious, “Hey Mr. Burkley, if you’re walking backwards, how will you know when to turn onto the main road?”

“Backwards is the new forewards kids, see you in school!” Burkley turns into the forest and stumbles out of sight.

“Is he your teacher?” Red asks.

Aroma nods yes

“And does he always walk backwards?” Red asks again

Mod gulps, “No, that’s new. I don’t think we should go inside we might end up like that.”

“Stop being baby’s, Red is on a mission, who would we be if we just let him go inside alone.” Siri turns around to knock on the door and Red get’s in her way.

“Wait! You’re saying that these people are your community doctors and that was your teacher?” Red is caught in a loop. “You doctor’s made him walk backwards?”

“Now you’re being a baby.” Siri chuckles, “It’s me and a bunch of baby’s.” She images herself as a babysitter holding all three of them as infants. “Someone knock on the door.”

“I’m warming up to it!” Red squeaks.

Siri mumbles, “I’ll give you a minute then I’m knocking, this is for your parents Reg.”

Mod joins in, “She’s right, we all need to be strong.”

Aroma says, “I want to be on the right side, you should do it!”

Red turns to the door and knocks three hearty times.


Upstairs in an attic room are the Dawson’s, it’s lit by a backlight and everything weird is glowing, half of the room is full of tanks with strange sea creatures that almost look otherworldly. There are stuffed monsters and a huge array of other creatures and signs.

“Marbles.” Says Doctor Speckle to his sister. “We have children visitors.” They’re both wearing white lab coats and different whacky goggles with attachments for night vision.

“Oh, brother Speckle, we should say hello, shut down the experiments and I’ll make some sugar-full drinks.”


On Reginald’s third knock, the front door came ajar and gravity slid it open all the way. “Should we go inside?”

“Definitely not, we stay out here where it’s safe!” Aroma cowers behind her purse.

“No, we’re all going inside to find the Dawson’s if were together we’ll be safe.” Siri grabs Aroma by the hand and drags her up to the door. Mod stands behind them and the three locals all stare at Red and wait. “It’s all yours Reginald Red Redding, take the first step.”

Red peeks inside and see’s two people in white lab coats from behind, “Hey!” Red calls out into the house, “I need to ask you some questions!” He runs after them and the three others reluctantly follow.

Red enters the living chamber, it looks like a cross between a really nice living-room but with several exceptions. For one there was a large circular stone the size of the back wall and inside the center of the stone was a multicolored pool standing perfectly vertical.

The two people are wearing lab coats with a painted black triangle with an eye in the center. The woman says, “Red 187.024.pie rounded to eight digits.”

The pool swishes and swirls around finally stopping on a burgundy colour. The two people walk through. As Red yells, “Wait!” He runs after them while holding onto Siri’s hand, she’s connected to Aroma who’s connected to Mod.

Red closes his eyes and holds his breath.

Siri howls with laughter and says, “Here is comes!”

Aroma only says, “Ouh, pretty” while staring at the standing portal.

And Mod flexes.


It feels like as soon as they pass through the barrier they’re in another world. There’s no home anywhere to be seen and the island is covered in gigantic jungle trees and brush.

“Ouh even prettier.” Says Aroma, “Have you even seen anything like it?”

Siri looks around with amazement, “No, never?”

“Hey, where did those people go?” Asks Red

They aren’t anywhere around.” Says Mod, “But I see a trail.” He points to a well travelled jungle path.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Red is looking around and notices several dangerous plants, “I’m seeing some poisonous plants ten times the normal size.”

“I wonder what else is giant size?” Mod looks around afraid.

They all hear it loud and clear, a squawk like a chicken but more ferocious and massive. “Okay, I think we should go.” Aroma says and walks back towards the well.

In a dark blink Aroma is swooped off the ground and flown above the tree’s. “Help me!” She screams.

Mod is shaking, “What was that?!”

“A pterodactyl.” Says Red, he starts to run after it through the jungle, “We have to help Aroma!”

Siri and Mod chase after him, Siri yells, “You can’t do this alone, wait for us!”

Red doesn’t slow down, he not only wants to save Aroma, but wants to see the Flying dinosaur again. “We’re coming, hold on!” He screams at Aroma dangling by her leg aver a hundred-foot drop.

Aroma yells back while hitting the thing with her purse, “All I’m doing is holding on! Help!”

The pterodactyl flys for minutes and by then Aroma can’t see her friends any longer. The pterodactyl swoops to it’s nest next to three unhatched eggs the size of Aroma. The dinosaur perches gently above the eggs holding Aroma stuck between them.

“Hey, you, thing, get away from me!” Aroma pushes hard against one of the eggs and it cracks. The pterodactyl lifts its backside and with its long neck and giant eyes looks directly at Aroma and squawks.

“Holy cow!” Aroma looks over the edge of the nest to a drop into a canyon, “Okay, I guess we have to be friends. I’m Aroma, pleased to meet you lizard-bird.”

The pterodactyl pushed Aroma close to the edge and begins to lift her out of the nest. “I know I’m not one of your babies but I can try, I can be better. Squawk, see, I can be a Dino-bird too!”

The pterodactyl looks from Aroma to the crack in the egg, it makes a sad face if that’s possible, then squawks at Aroma again.

“I’m really-really sorry about your egg, but with some glue and glitter it will be good as new!” Aroma opens her purse and takes out a glue stick some glitter powder and construction paper. “See?”

The dino tilts its head confused then opens it’s mouth wide and readies itself to eat Aroma.

“Oh please no!” She zips up her purse and swings it hard at the pterodactyl, “Go away!”

From the ledge above them and older woman’s voice cries a battle-call and jumps on top of the Pterodactyl. The woman is well tanned with long grey hair tied into a braid. She wraps a leather bond around the pterodactyl’s neck as they struggle and fall from the nest. The woman screams, “Woohoo.” As they fall.

Aroma looks over the edge just in time to see the woman riding the pterodactyl upwards, “Wow.” Aroma says in amazement.

“What, you’ve never seen a sixty-year-old woman riding a Pterosaur before?” The woman grabs Aroma and sets her in the leather holster.

“No I can’t say that I have, can you take me to my friends please?” Aroma looks down into the jungle, “They have to be somewhere over there.”

“Oh, you came from that direction, we’ll hold on tight! Weeeeeee!” They dive down and do a loop to loop before stopping at a lake and letting the Pterodactyl go. “My name is Minerva and what’s yours little girl?”

“My Friends call me aroma.”

“That’s a pretty name, Aroma. Come this way and we’ll find your friends Aroma.” They begin a trek past the lake and up the stream, “So, Aroma, you say that you came from this direction, I know everyone on the island and I’ve never met you or your friends.”

“That’s because we came through a colourful standing pond. I recognise the Island but nothing else is the same.”

“Oh, I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about little one.” Minerva has a devilish smile on, she’s facing away from Aroma so to hide her face, “I hope we find your friends soon, it’s getting dark. We might have to stop.”


It’s dark out and Red stumbles off the path and right into Aroma’s campsite, “Here she is!”

Aroma stands up and runs over to her friends to give them big hugs.

“We were so worried about you.” Says Mod.

“How did you save yourself?” asks siri.

Aroma looks at the three of them, “I didn’t, my new friend did.”

“New friend?” Red asks, “All we’ve seen are big bugs and reptiles. Who’s your new friend?”

That’s when Minerva appears from the dark of the jungle, “I am.” She lays some firewood into a pile then examines the children. “My name is Minerva, and yours are?”

“Mod, short for Modney.”

“Siri, nice to meet you.”

Red is flabbergasted, “It’s you!” He stutters on his words for a minute, “I’m Reginald Redding. You’re my grandmother!” He moves closer to her for a hug but feels estranged and stops, he tries to remember if she was actually the person from the black and white photo. “Jonny’s son?” He asks more than tells.

The old woman takes a second thinking to herself then says, “Little Jonny’s boy!” She picks Red up from the ground and gives him a big squeeze. When she lets him down she asks, “But how in the world did you get here.


The scene jumps to the five of them sitting around the fire and Red finishing his story, “So we walked through the standing portal and ended up here. I never expected to find you.”

Minerva responds, “And I never expected to find you. I was waiting by the pterodactyl egg for a snack when little Aroma here dropped in. This is an absolute pleasure!”

Aroma laughs, “And it’s nice to meet a good person out in the jungle.”

“Right” agrees Siri.

Red still has questions, “How did you get here grandma?”

“It’s a long story boy…” Minerva takes a moment to go into a flashback. “It was the fifteenth month of my solo trip around the world and It was a beautiful day. The turtle-fins were popping out of the sea all around my boat and flapping their sea-wings to ride the waves.”

Red has to interrupt, “I don’t think those are actual things, and dinosaurs have been extinct for millennia.”

“You’re being stubborn little Redding. The amazing and extraordinairy is all around us everyday.” Minerva opens her bag to a handwritten book entitled, “More than ordinary animals.” The book has a picture of a massive whale on the cover. Minerva opens the page to the whale and it’s descriptions then shows it to the kids. She returns to her flashback, “One second the turtle-fins were happily flying around and the next they had all disappeared. I watched them hop back the way I came and I wondered what had made them flee. The questions I had were soon answered when my boat came to a sudden stop. Beneath me was Mosasaurus a hundred times the size of my tiny boat. It raised me on it’s back and brought me into the magnetic currents of this island.”

The flashback ends to show the four kids with their mouths hanging open. Aroma says in a stretched-out syllable, “Wow.”

Red is still in disbelief, “The dinosaurs are extinct and have been for a long time.” Red reads from the handwritten tome, “This ancient sea-lizard existed during the late cretaceous period.” Red thinks for a second while scratching his head and positioning his thick glasses. “That’s a hundred million years ago. How could it still exist?”

Minerva takes the book from him and puts it back in her bag, “Dinosaurs are all around us Red, from the many species of sea turtles to the Comodo dragon and onwards to cats and frogs and even snakes. They are the evolution of creatures from that era. Not all the dinosaurs are extinct.”

Siri adds, “Like today with the pterodactyl.”

“Exactly that and plenty of others.”

Mod asks, “I’ve never seen this part of the island, what else is there?”

“We’ll.” Minerva goes into her imagination, “There are Elasmosaurus, Galimemus, Archelon, Chasmosaurus and over a dozen more.”

“But how?” Asks Red.

“Easy, you aren’t home anymore.” Minerva laughs. “You came from the well. I can’t tell you where home is because there are unlimited possibilities but I can tell you that this isn’t your island.”

“What?” The kids all say at once.

“Right. What.” Minerva answers, “I think it’s time to get some sleep and we can continue our talks tomorrow. Best to think it over in your dreams.”

“No, I have so much to ask you, you’re my grandmother, maybe you can help me find my parents?” Red looks at her with big sad eyes. “Please.”

“Sleep now, and I’ll give you a tour tomorrow, you can ask all the questions you want little Redding.” Minerva unravels several blankets made from lizard leather and makes sure the kids are comfortable.

“Before we go to sleep can I ask one more question?” Aroma begs, “Please, for you pterodactyl buddy?”

Minerva nods, “One question.”

“Have you ever seen a Sea-pony”

Minerva laughs, “Sea-pony, that’s utterly ridiculous. But maybe somewhere out there. Remember, everything is possible, each world is an adventure and history repeats itself but always changes.”  She climbs a tall tree by the camp and keeps her eyes open. She won’t be sleeping tonight.

The kids don’t get what she meant by “Each world is an adventure.” One at a time they fall asleep thinking about what that might mean.


Deep in the darkness of the jungle with only a stream of moonlight to show her face, Minerva says to the two white lab coats. “We have the key.” The scene only allows us to see her face and the back of the coats and the decal of a triangle with an eye in the center.

One of the lab coat speaks in an evil high-pitched voice, “Very good, I’d give you a treat, but going home is the best treat of all. Am I right?”

Minerva’s voice changes, she sounds just like the first voice but older, “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

The third person speaks again in the same voice but deeper, “Right, we have they key but not the map or the lock.”

Minerva smiles, “Then we wait and watch.”

All three of the strange voices laugh together maniacally into the night. That is until a baby velociraptor runs out of the brush and bites one of the white coats on the foot. “Ahh, ahh, get off lizard leather!” He kicks the tiny dinosaur back where it came from and they continue laughing.


Morning comes and Red awakens to the surprise of not seeing his Grandmother anywhere, he get’s up in a slight panic and searches around the campsite.

Mod wakes up and rubs his eyes, “What’s going on buddy?”

“Minerva is gone. Minerva!” He calls into the forest, “She said we couldn’t find our way back home, what does that mean?”

Aroma gets out of the Lizard leather sack and stretches her arms, “Good morning everyone. What seems to be the matter?” She has a confidence about her that wasn’t there yesterday.

“Could you all keep it down, ten more minutes sleep please.” Siri’s face is buried in a pile of leaves she’s made into a pillow. A puddle of drool falling like waterfalls to the dirt.

A ferocious sound comes from deep in the jungle then another, a small raptor (the same one from before) enters the camp. “Oh look, it’s so cute!” Aroma runs up to it and gives it a big hug. The raptor looks scared tries to push itself away.

The little thing screams and then maybe ten big screams come closer, Siri jumps out of bed with her pocket knife open and her eyes still closed. “We’re surrounded.”

Mod agrees, “I think it’s time to go guys and gals.” He grabs a stick from the firewood and stands next to Siri in an attack stance.

“Come on, now who’s being the scaredy cat’s, If there all as cute as this guy.” She’s gotten her hands on the little raptor and is kissing its face. “They can’t be that bad.”

Red is frozen in place staring at the adult raptors, “I think your wrong.” The raptors have them half surrounded, there’s only one way to go. “Run!”

The four of them run back to the path and in the direction of the portal, Red tells the others, “Raptors hunt in groups like wolves or lions. If we can separate them they might give up.”

Aroma is hugging the tiny raptor with such intensity that the little things eyes are popping. “Do you think they want their baby back?”

Siri yells at her while climbing a tree and dropping some vine on the path. “Yeah, they want the baby, give it back!”

“Nooo! He’s mine!”

Red stops by the vines, “Mod, hit them in their noses, they’re like sharks!”

Mod is running out of breath, he stops behind the same tree, when the raptors come around the corner they get stuck in the vines and Mod hits a few of them with the stick. He turns and runs with Red, leaving a couple dinos stunned. “They want our bods yo, but get rid of the thing anyways Aroma!”

“No, I’m calling him D.J that stands for Dino jam-master. He’s the coolest prehistoric pet anywhere!” Aroma squeezes him tighter.

“If you don’t let it go, they might never give up!” Red yells with three of the biggest raptors close behind them. He can feel their breath on his back, One of the raptors snips at his shirt and almost get’s him, “Please Aroma!”

Two adults, a man and a woman, stand on the path right in front of the well portal. They’re both wearing white lab coats and have big smiles on. In normal voices they both say, “Good morning children, you look a little lost.” They both hold up space age looking guns and shoot. The rays whiz past the kids and hit the raptors who freeze in place instantly.

Red looks at the raptor stuck in mid air ready to take a bite of him. The raptor is changing colours very slowly like the well portal. Red touches the dinosaur and his hand goes through it as if it wasn’t even there. “What did you do to them.”

Aroma intentionally coughs, “Those are the doctors.” She mumbles to Red.

Siri is the first to speak, “Thank for saving our lives.”

Speckle chuckles in a very friendly way, his voice is even over-friendly, “Oh, that was no problem kids, this place can be awful dangerous if you don’t have the knowhow. And as for your question young man, we trapped them in between multiple parallel realities.”

The kids look really confused and Marbles takes over, she too is over friendly. “It’s okay if you don’t understand, I’ll explain. You came from our house in reality Blue-017, by walking through the portal you came here to reality Red-187 where the island is a cretaceous paradise.”

Red get’s it, “So in this reality dinosaurs still exist, but were still on the island.”

“Yes, there are differences and similarities in every reality, but there is only one constant. No matter where you go, the well will always take you to another island exactly like ours.” Marbles looks out to the ocean then takes a few steps past the raptors, “Let’s go for a walk, shall we?”

“Then maybe we can find my grandmother, she was here and this morning we couldn’t find her.” Red catches up to Marbles. He doesn’t notice it but the doctors do not have the eye on their lab coats.

Marbles pats Red on the back, “So you met someone you know, that’s fortunate. We can leave a letter for her at the well and a cipher at the camp to find us.” Marbles lowers herself to the ground and takes out the gun. “Shh, shh.” She takes a shot through the jungle.

Speckle runs into the jungle then says, “It’s all clear, nice catch.”

The kids walk into the jungle and find Speckle standing next to a Tenontesaurus, “What, cool!” Mod says and get’s in close to the reptile frozen in a grazing position. “So, will they unfreeze?” Mod asks.

“Of course, just as soon as we enter the portal they’ll all return to normal.” Marbles says in her nice voice, “It’s trapped in space and time, it will be undone when the devices leave the area. The Many-earth interpretation was conceived of by Hugh Everett and goes like this. This dinosaur chose to graze in this location today, but it could have easily chosen to graze a kilometer in another direction. This random event caused it to be in my sight line and therefore I could stop it here to show you. But in a world one reality over the beast was never in my line of sight so we kept on walking.”

“In yet another reality, Marbles and I never came to find you and in another the Tenontesaurus was being eaten by that T-rex over there.” Speckle laughs while the kids all scream at the massive T-rex as it tears through the jungle to get at them. It’s three feet away and Speckle freezes it in time. “Now I’ve made a new reality.”

Aroma is kissing her raptor’s cheek, “You were scared weren’t you, that’s right little guy.” She looks amazed at Marbles and Speckle, “So there’s a reality where I’m a popstar and a reality where I’m a mermaid. And oh!” She looks at Mod, “That must mean there’s a reality where there are Sea-ponies! They are real.”

Mod sighs, “Yeah and there is a reality where I poop rainbows and another where you’re a dude and I’m a chick that wears pretty summer dresses.”

Siri is having fun with this, “Oh, I got one, there’s a reality where we’re all space people.” The kids look at her unimpressed, “No wait I can do better, “She says, “How about one where we’re all apocalyptic ghost hunters!”

Again, she doesn’t get any laughs or applause, “We’ll I think those would be cool.”

Marbles looks back to the path, “Come this way and we’ll tell you all about this place and many others.”


After a long tour seeing a bunch of different dinosaurs and each of them getting a chance to shoot the freeze gun, they returned to the portal.

“How about a reality where lions run the government.” Says Aroma, “Or babies.”

“Maybe there’s one where penguins have taken over the earth and charge people fish instead of money.” Mod jokes.

Siri laughs, “Yeah and the only way to get around is to travel on your belly over cold snow.”

The group chuckle and continue to think of new and interesting realities.


Speckle had left the group a while back without notice and popped up randomly next to the well with a note. “This is for you grandmother Red, I left another at your camp.

Red looks confused but thinks nothing of it, he says, “Thanks.” In a wierded out tone.

“Where did she go anyways, I thought we were pterodactyl buddies.” Aroma squeezes D.J the raptor tight. “Whatever, let’s go home.”

Siri says, “All right.”

Mod says, “finally.”

Red looks around and thinks, “She lasted this long, I’m sure shell find her way. Sometimes you just do what you have to and move on. That’s life, each world is an adventure, nothing is impossible and things will always change but always stay the same.

“You ready Red?” Marbles asks

“Yeah, let’s do it.” He gives her a smile,

Speckle tapes the note to the wells frame and speaks to it, “Blue-017-117-040-2211

 “So, what does this thing actually do and what do those numbers mean?” Red asks as the doctors before anyone can step into the well.

Speckle explains, “Each reality functions on a vibrational scale at an atomic level, that means each of us vibrates very softly at a frequency that is only relative to the reality that we are in.”

“Okay, maybe restart?” Siri says

Marbles takes over, “We don’t know everything about the well and we never will, we had to figure it out and build technology to even understand a tiny fraction of what it does. We can measure where we’re from and return home. Other than that, we’re simply explorers. And basically, the well is the ship. It changes our original vibration transporting us to the exact same spot on the other side.”

Speckle smiles and steps through the barrier, then Mod, Siri, Aroma and finally Red stops right before the clear standing pool. “It almost feels like I’m being pulled inside.”

“That’s the prime reality calling everything to it, the wells all act like veins in a sponge. The prime reality, acts like a black-hole bringing everything through the veins and closer to it. The problem is unless you know where it is you’re going you’ll just keep getting sucked in and tossed around.” Marbles smiles and takes Red’s hand, “You’ll find your family someday, I promise it.”

They step through the well and onto the other side where the living room was waiting with sugary drinks for all.

“I love my new D.J dino cool J.” Aroma screams while letting the raptor run loose around the house.

“I thought his name was D.J, that stands for Dino jam-master?” Siri asks

“He goes by many names.” Aroma says with a slightly English accent mocking Siri.

“I think we may need to do something about that.” Marbles says and opens a case from her lab coat pocket. She zaps D.J with a laser and the little dinosaur stops moving and sits down well behaved.

“What did you do to my D.J?” Aroma asks

Marbles smiles and pets the raptor, “Gave it a little growth stunting formula and some neural patterns befitting a dog.”

“I have no idea what you just said.” Aroma hugs the raptor, “But I’m cool with it.”

Red says, “It means that he’s smarter and won’t grow so big that he’ll eat us.”

“Whatever, I’m going home to show off my new pet!” Aroma grabs D.J and squeezes him tight.

Siri stands face to face with Red, “It was great meeting you Red, if you need a place to crash I got five brothers and sisters that I can share with.” She gives him a hug and he blushes. “Laters.” Siri says and catches up with Aroma.

Mod pats Red on the back, “That was an awesome adventure bro, let’s do it again.”

Marbles stops Mod before he can leave, “Mr. Pocket, you still haven’t come in for your check-up and neither have your friends.”

Mod pretends to not hear Marbles and runs after the girls as fast as he can, “See you in school tomorrow Red!”

Red looks at the Doctor’s, and things start to set in, he’s homeless and has no parents. “Could I…”

Marbles cuts him off, “You don’t even have to ask Reg, our home is your home for as long as you’d like.”

“Frankly it’s nice to have someone here who isn’t afraid of us, did you know that people think we do wild experiments.” Speckle laughs and marbles joins in.

Red is shown up to his room adjacent to the study in the attic, from his window he can see all the way out to sea.

Your view pans out over the house and up even higher over the island that’s shaped like a circle with peninsula like tentacles. Red’s voice says, “There are opportunities and then there is fate. The difference between them is choice, is something meant to be or not. Out of all the countless worlds out there and then to multiply them by each choice we could ever make. There are a lot of options, one of them has to have the way home.”



During credits

Mr. Burkley is standing facing the class next to the worlds smallest pyramid. “This is the worlds smallest pyramid.” He tries to turn his head to look at it but can’t and has to take a few steps backwards to be behind it. The kids laugh and he clears his throat, “As I was saying, this is the worlds smallest pyramid, who built it nobody knows. There’s a nice cliff behind him leading down to the beach. “Who can tell me…”

Aroma cuts in, “Picture time!”

Red, Siri and Mod get next to the pyramid and Aroma puts the camera on twenty second burst. “Everyone, say Sea-pony!”

Click, a photo of Aroma jumping into the frame.

Click, a photo of Red looking embarrassed as Aroma lands on top of him.

Click, a photo of mod and Siri dogpiling them.

Click, a photo of the four of them knocking Mr. Burkley off the cliff into the Sea.

Click, A photo of the four of them making surprised faces Covered with Aroma’s handwriting in glitter pen, “Best friends.”


Click, a photo of Mr. Burkley soaked and angry at the kids.

Click a photo of Mr. burkley being attacked by D.J and Aromas handwriting in sparkly glue, “D.J, Diggity-Dino Jam.”



After credit scene


Once again you see only the backs of the two people in white lab coats with the triangle symbol. They’re standing by the Well one of the has the cipher and one of them has the note and a pen.

The strange demonic voice says from the female, “The squiggly thing is a letter T”

The other scribbles onto the page, The deeper demonic voice says, “This is it? Em etib? Then the coordinates?”

“Orange-322-011-0567349273123456.” The portal changes colour and the two white coats step in. On the other side the deeper voice speaks to the other in strange tongues. “Ew era erehw?” He looks down at the paper that now says, “Bite me.” Then screams, “Timmad!”




© Copyright 2020 Stranger Lobe / Jonny Nagels. All rights reserved.

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