Life's a beach Ep.12 Saviours

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the end, or is it? Find out.

Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



Episode 12 Saviors



The scene is pitch black all we can see is the well portal in an expanse of nothingness.


Red says, “Everything we’ve done, everything that’s happened to us, has led us here to this point in our lives.”

The scene illuminates to show an unlimited number of Red Redding’s, they’re set up in pairs as if two of him were facing each other in a carnival mirror house. One responds to the other, “Is that what makes us who we are, and if so, then everything we’ve done has been part of some cosmic calculation. Right?”


The other versions of Red say, “You make it sound like a bad joke was told at the beginning of existence and what’s happening now is the punchline.”


“You make it sound dark, we’ve known all along this was out of our control, like Adama Pocket would say, we’re only able to ride the wave, not change the tides.”


The scene pans out to show the dark universe absolutely packed with Red Redding’s and we hear Urag laughing ominously in the background.



The scene changes to where we were the last time. Aroma, Modney, Siri and Akira are standing by Minerva all holding gadgets. There’s the sounds of repetitive laser fire in the background from the scientists trying to zap Arak.


Minerva tells the kids, “We don’t want any fatalities, however, if we don’t rescue Red the entire multiverse will suffer.”


Aroma says, “Let’s do this.”



We see a scene of a few hundred Doctor’s all blasting away at the scurrying spider. Arak is yelling. “Red, do something, help me out here!” While he jumps from tree to tree and doctor to doctor.


Red is still watching from the prison tower doorway, he’s joined by three Marbles and two Speckle’s free from Urag’s mess.


One of the Speckles, a version of him drawn from pixelated blocks says, “We’re free from that dude’s control. Kid, what’s the plan?”


Our Speckle pats Red on the back, “You did good Red, now let us do something.”


One of the Marbles is drawn in an anime style another has her colors inverted and the last looks like our Marbles with a strange smell to her. The anime Marbles says, “Yeah…”


She’s cut off by the screams of four kids and a Minerva as the charging at the doctors in the background.


Red looks at the doctors and says, “Well… what are you waiting for, go mess them up!”


The doctors leave cover and start to fire into the crowd of themselves. Red locates Arak and zaps him. The spider grows a hundred times it’s size and says, “That’s much better!” Arak starts to pick up the doctors one at a time an bite them, releasing them from Urag’s spell.


Akira jumps around from treetop to treetop dropping down on unsuspecting doctors and knocking them out.


Mod taps on his belt and says, “Give me something good Honey.”


The belt speaks, “just as long as you take a shower next time you’re home Modney, you stank.”


Mod responds while he’s surrounded by a multicolored suit of armor, “It’s been a few day’s, but you don’t have a nose.” Mod’s suit has a mini-gun-laser on his chest, he freezes a few doctor’s with a spray of shots.


Aroma taps on her hairclip and it joins her jacket to turn her into a massive Godzilla-like version of herself. She flings the Doctors every which way. She see’s Arak supersized in the distance and says, “Try to eat me now you… spider.”


Arak responds, “You! You’re the reason I’m in this mess, if you hadn’t come close to my trap-door!”


Aroma throws a doctor at Arak, “Me! Well if you weren’t so shiny!”


Siri and Minerva are wearing power armor suits running through the crowds while changing the Dawson’s into various small animals like puppies, kittens and chichilla’s. Minerva calls up to Aroma, “Leave it be dear, he’s an immortal, he’ll outlive you just to win the argument.”


Aroma throws another dawson at Arak and scoffs, “Huh, well I guess well agree to disagree.”


Arak says under his breath while dropping a medival Speckle, “I didn’t agree to nothing.”


Akira is tossed to the ground and frozen, Minerva freaks out, she zaps the surrounding doctors with a wide band beam and they all freeze. Minerva runs over to Akira and unfreezes her, “Are you alright sweetheart?” Minerva asks her daughter.


Akira gets up just as a possessed Speckle unfreezes a large group of doctors, Akira has attitude, “Don’t worry about me Minerva. Akira does a round-house kick and knocks a few doctors to the ground in pain. She says to her mom, “I can take care of myself.”


Red is blasting as many of the doctors as he can but it’s not enough, they keep on unfreezing each other and shooting in his direction, he dives from cover and watches Aroma kick butt, “I wish I had my watch, I could do that.”


Mod appears from behind Red, “Watch your flank bud.”


Red takes a shot and freezes a Speckle made from goo in between dimensions. “I’m really happy you guys showed up.”


Mod grabs Red and takes him back the way he came, “There’s no time, we need to get back to the portal. Minerva’s orders, we’ll meet the rest at the rendezvous point.” They disappear into the forest.


Aroma is being climbed upon by a hundred Doctors, no madder how hard she tries she can’t get them all off. They wrestle her to the ground and fight her hairpin off. Aroma shrinks down and a rock version of Marbles wraps herself tightly around Aroma like a bear hug, the poor girl is stuck and struggles.


Siri spots them and fires a laser at the rock Marbles, She’s tackled by a ninja version of Marbles and her shot misses.


Minerva jumps in to help Siri and drags her back towards the portal. Siri struggles while also shooting her laser nullifying the perusing doctors, “Let me go, we need to help Aroma!”


Minerva zaps the portal, “We have Red, you go with him, I’ll get your friend back.” She throws Siri through the portal then turns around and begins blasting away into the jungle.”



Aroma is stuck, she starts to cry, “You don’t want to do this rock Marbles, think deep!”


Akira kicks a pink Speckle in the face and he lands next to Aroma, she spins around for another and her leg is caught by a lizard-person version of Speckle. He lifts her up into the air and she struggles for a moment before giving up.


The non-possessed versions of Marbles and Speckle are still fighting but being overpowered by how many others they have to fend off. Within a few moments Arak is the only one left fighting, he adds to his followers and they keep defending him for long enough for him to reach the girls. Before Arak can free Aroma, he’s zapped and shrinks down to his tiny form. He scatters before anyone can see him. “Gosh glob-it, I’m small again.”


Minerva arrives and stands before the mob of doctors, she screams, “We’re going to help you!”

We hear Urag’s voice from all the doctors, “It’s no use Minerva, bring Red back and we’ll see about letting these two go!”


Arak climbs up on the stone-Marbles back and digs his teeth into her neck, her eyes return to normal color. Arak jumps to the lizard person Speckle but the reptile is quick and with lizard like reflexes turns to grab the spider.


Urag laughs through lizard-Speckle, “I knew I’d catch you at some point Arak, how have you been? Helping these kids huh, that’s new for you. If only they knew what you were really like?”


Arak only says, “Eat me.” The spider takes a big bite out of the lizard’s hand.


Urag yells before disappearing from the host, “I’m still everywhere!” If you pay close attention you can tell that Urag is attempting to enter Akira’s mind.


The Hoard of Doctors all wail they try and grab the girls again but Akira is to fast and she knocks the doctors out of the way. Her and Aroma push through the crowd and let Minerva cover them while they run towards the portal.




Red, Siri and Mod are in a reality where the island is covered in ancient artifacts, on the horizon there is an Aztec style pyramid with a sphinx that has a woman’s face, she’s beautiful with long flowing hair.


Red asks, “How long are we supposed to wait here?”


Siri steps close to the portal, “That’s all the patience I’m capable of, they might need our help!” She’s about to step through when Aroma appears on her side.


Aroma says, “I’m so happy you’re safe!” She runs up to Red and gives him a hug. Arak is on her shoulder.


Red sighs, “Arak, you’re back too.”


Arak climbs onto him and telepathically says, “This isn’t over yet kid.”


Minerva and Akira step through to their side and Minerva zaps the portal a dozen quick times, she says, “That won’t last long, we have to do the scientific ritual quick.” She opens her tote bag and removes the eight books.


Akira sits down next to the portal and looks tiredly at her mother, Red approaches her, “Thank you for all your help Akira.”


Aroma approaches and giggles, she blurts out, “Akira’s your aunt!”


Red looks shocked and has his question face on. “What?”


Minerva shushes them, “I need to concentrate!” She then speaks to herself out-loud while laying a book open in front of the portal then another, “The rationalisation of weirdness, book one, page three. Beasts of the midnight sea, Book four, page one. More than ordinary animals, book two page two.”


Mod asks Red, “What is she doing?”


Red says back, “Something weird.”


Minerva says, “Boys, if those doctors find us, were going to be in a heck of a lot of trouble.” She opens another book, “Book eight, The twelve, page seven.”


Red recognises the book from the first episode, “That’s Minerva Black’s book.”


Minerva chuckles, “All these books are mine, I needed to separate them so she couldn’t get them all together.” She takes out another, “The multiverse, a beginner’s guide, Book three, page four.”


Aroma says, “We could use that one.”


Red asks, “So, what are you doing?”


Minerva shushes him and continues talking to herself, “Quantum level realities and their space time applications, book five page six. Dangerous creatures of the multiverse, book Six page eight.”


Red sighs, “I’m so confused.”


Minerva dusts off the last book and says to Red, “Focus your thoughts on your friends, do this for them.” She then opens the book and lays it down she says, “Twelve plants you didn’t know were sentient, Book seven, page five.”


Each page of each book has a series of calculations on them. Minerva sounds like she’s casting a spell, “Hugh Everett, the father of the many worlds interpretation, guide me.” She changes her tone, she sounds like she’s talking to a friend, “Great consciousness in the well, please guide this waypoint safely to this location. We bear the knowledge of Newton and seek only to bring balance.”


The calculations on the pages of each book begin to light up and create different glyphs, the portal swirls around and doesn’t stop.


Red steps closer, “There’s something familiar about the well, it’s impossible but I know that I have to go through alone.”


Aroma says, “No, don’t go alone, we’ll go with you.”


His friends look ready, they grab their things and stand by Red, he says, “I can’t let you four come, it’s to dangerous, this is for me and me alone.” Red looks at the constantly swirling portal, he says, “I have a strange feeling that I might not come back this time.”


Aroma cries, Mod gives Red a bro hug and Siri slaps him on the back, Siri says, “You’ll be coming back Red. Do it for us.”


Aroma says sadly, “Do it for me.”


Red smiles and steps backwards through the portal, the other side is an ever expanding plane of nothingness but Red doesn’t see it yet. He trips backwards over Horus who’s laying with one hand in the portal and his eyes are swirling and glowing the same colour.


Red picks himself up, “Horus, what are you doing here?”


Horus sounds like he’s straining to speak, “I’ve been here since you arrived.”


Red looks closer at Horus, “You aren’t okay, we need to get you some help.”


Horus shakes his head and says, “I don’t need help, but they do.” Horus points out to nothing and Red takes a couple steps foreword.


Red splits into two versions of himself and then four then eight, and on with every new step. There are millions of him all standing and facing himself version of himself as if they all paired off into groups of two.


Red asks, “Are you me?”


The Red across from him responds, “Yes.” As they speak, every other second version of himself speaks along with him.




Minerva and the kids are preparing to return home when a stampede of Doctors come through the portal. Aroma’s jacket begins to change shape and is stopped looking like half a hamster ball.


Possessed Speckle from a very oddly drawn cartoon universe zaps the five of them with a wide beam and they freeze in running positions. Cartoon Speckle laughs like Urag and aims his laser at Minerva. Dozens of doctors start to laugh at once and the scene changes back to the multiple versions of Red Redding.


Red is lost in a multitude of him selves. One half of the group says, “Everything we’ve done, everything that’s happened to us, has led us here to this point in our lives.”


Horus whispers, “We’re back at the beginning.” Red doesn’t hear him.


One half of the Redding’s respond to the other, “Is that what makes us who we are, and if so, then everything we’ve done has been part of some cosmic calculation. Right? Like A leads to B leads to C and all of us have gone through the exact same sequence. It really shows how the universe can be infinite and the multiverse even greater.”


Horus mumbles again, “It goes on forever.”


The other versions of Red say, “You make it sound like a bad joke told at the beginning of all existence and what’s happening now is the punchline of a cosmic one liner.”


The other Red’s jot back, “No, you make it sound dark, we’ve known all along this was out of our control, like Adama Pocket might say, we’re only able to ride the wave, not change the tides.”


A familiar laugh arises from the darkness around them, It’s Urag, he appears as a giant pyramid that falls from above and shakes the universe when he lands. This is ironic seeing that there is no visible ground in this universe, only darkness.


All versions of Red step backwards into each other until there is only one, he steps on Horus’ leg and trips backwards onto his butt. Red asks himself, “What am I supposed to do?”


Horus looks over and smiles, “Finally, you ask the rights question, and now I understand, it had to be asked to the right person.” Horus breathes in deep and says. “Go to the beginning, set it all in motion again. This time, don’t come back here, let me stay behind. Now run!”


Urag screams, “That’s cheating, you can’t tell him, you already did it so no front-seat backs-seat’s or… or…. Temporal prime directive man!”


Red looks at Urag puzzled for a moment and Horus pushes him through the portal. Red’s gone and Urag finally stops stuttering, “Or I’ll make sure the kid never leaves that place of darkness, he and I will be each others company and you’ll never exist. You hear that, I’ll destroy him before he ever becomes you!”


Horus mumbles, “Impossible.”



We join Red as he falls backwards through the portal and into the ocean on the other side. There is no land here only water and a large stack of boulders holding up the well portal. Red begins to sink into the water and as hard as he tries he can’t reach the surface. After a moment of sinking lower and lower he can’t hold his breath any longer and opens his mouth to breathe. To his surprise the water is breathable and for a second he has a flash of being zapped by mistake in Marbles’ green house. Red says to himself, “I guess I got lucky.” It comes out as bubbles. Then he remembers, “Wait, no, it was meant to be. There it is again, providence.”


Beneath Red is a glowing crack at the bottom of the ocean, Red says, “The rift.” He swims down towards it.



Minerva and the kids are levitating as if they were tied to a pole by their hands and feet and being carried by the pole on either side.


The various doctors are back at full force as they escort their floating captives up a mountain towards the sea in a reality where the waves are so high that they eclipse the moon before crashing. The sky is purple and pink with great lightning strikes going off simultaneously around them.


Minerva and the kids are dropped by the edge of a cliff-face and a deadly fall to jagged rocks behind them. They still look like their hands are bound and are kneeling before the hoard of doctors.


Aroma looks down and shrieks, “What! You’re going to shove us off the edge. Just zap us, that’s a terrible way to go.”


Mod took a long glare down as and turns back into the frame with a petrified look on his face. “How’d we get so high up?”


Siri shushes him, “Don’t ask any more questions.” She pauses and exhales sharply, “Please.” Siri looks over to Minerva and grunts, she get’s Minerva’s attention and asks more than says, “I’m sure you have a way out of this, right?”


Minerva has had a glazed look on her face ever since they were captured, she winks at Siri and in Arak’s voice she mumbles, “Hey, don’t worry about it, I’ve still got a few tricks up my sleeves and Mini here hasen’t lost to the demon yet.” Minerva points at herself when referring to Mini.


Siri looks grunts again and says, “The honking spider.”


Arak uses Minerva and smiles then whispers, to avoid the fifty doctors closest to them. “Kid, I wouldn’t draw attention to that fact. Just be patient and when the moment comes…”


A magma Marbles approaches and in Urag’s voice says, “What moment Minerva? You know what this is.”


Mod asks, “An execution?”


Minerva seems to get control back and she says in her normal voice, “I do know what this is, it’s a trap, leverage, a bargaining chip.”


Urag speaks through a few more doctors that have approached, in a menacing tone he says to Minerva, “Then you won’t mind explaining it to them.”


Akira is beginning to look sleepy, she mumbles, “Yeah mom, explain it to us, I’d really like to know why we’re so close to impending doom and you can be so cool about it?”


Aroma adds, “That’s a good question.”


Minerva sighs, “We’re not as close to impending doom as you’d think, Urag here can’t leave his dimension unless he has Red’s help and we’re going to stay safe until he get’s Red’s help. It won’t matter what comes next.”


Mod breathes in deep and says, “This is getting to dark for me guys, how about we all take a second and relax, maybe a change of scenery.”


Aroma chuckles and says, “Yeah, and using us to get to Red, not cool pyramid.”


Magma Marbles yell in her normal voice at Aroma, The voice is horrible and slurry, “I’m the being with many names! So do you think being called triangle offends me?”


Aroma says in a happy tone, “Based on your reaction, yes.”


Minerva says, “Don’t try and get a reaction out of him, he’s a non corporeal being, he may not want to hurt us but he can still show you the past present and future of everything.”


Mod adds in, “And he can invade your mind.”


Minerva says back, “Yes Modney, but let me talk to him before any of that can happen.” Minerva addresses the crowd. We get a view of the shattered island, it’s covered with doctors. “I know, just as well as you know, that Red will never help you. He’ll get caught in his loop again and become Horus, It’s a sad fate but he does it with honour and integrity.”


The scene pans back to the five people bound by the cliff-face. Akira’s eyes are closed, she sleepily says, “Huh, Horus is Red from the future?”


Aroma cry’s, that’s terrible, why?”


Siri clarifies, “What happened to Red for him to become Horus?”


Urag laughs, “Oh this will be funny, tell them how he’s repeatedly doomed himself and everyone on the island a billion lifecycles over an more.”


Minerva shushes the countless Urag voices, “Quiet monster!” She turns to the kids and says, “Red is destined to replace himself at the gateway to the dreamscape. Horus is allowed to die and Red merges with the rift. He seals Urag inside with him until the next life-cycle reaches this point and time repeats itself.”


Aroma tries to stand up and is stopped by a lime green Marbles, “We have to help Red!” Yells Aroma, “He needs to come back we need him to leave!”


Arak uses this outburst to climb out of Minerva’s sleeve and crawl up the Magma Marbles’ leg. Arak moves fast while saying in his tiny voice, “ouh hot, hot hot hot!”


Siri tries to stand as well and is grabbed by a samurai Speckle, “There has to be another way!” She struggles and looks at Minerva, “Isn’t he they key?”


Minerva shakes her head, “The key is a metaphor, we all have the ability to unlock as many doors as we want to.”


Urag says, “Or don’t want to as I’ve seen.”


Mod says, “Shut up!”




Red is still swimming lower and lower towards the rift on the sea floor. He’s now surrounded by the sunken city made from gold. Barnacles and sea life have moved in and they all glow as bright as the rift. Red reaches the sea-floor and looks into the uncontained breach of light. He has a flash of a child fighting an old man to enter another rift in the same city but not underwater. Red says, “A different reality.” He thinks, I have to go where it all began.” Red swims through the rift and falls on his face on the other side, he wipes off his glasses and puts them on to see the golden city, Red pushed himself up and wipes his clothes off. He’s wearing the robe from his vision and it comes as a surprise. “I’m the child in my vision.”


The city is beautiful, it’s full of people headed home as the sun sets. Red remembers the path and runs into the city. There’s no one around to stop him, he’s not ten meters from the rift in the center of town when someone jumps at him from a rooftop, kicking him to the ground.


Red grabs his face and gets himself up, “What was that for?” He’s bleeding from his cheek.


The assailant was cloaked as well, and had about a foot of height on him.


She speaks in a familiar voice. “I know what you’re going to do.”


Red says, “Wait, aren’t you supposed to be a man? An old man?”


The assailant takes off her hood, it’s an older version of Akira, about one year older.


Red blinks, “Akira, what are you doing attacking me, what’s going on?”


Akira smirks and punches Red in the stomach, “Your questions got annoying a while ago Red. I decided to change things a little. I’m going into the rift and I’ll set Urag free.” Akira raises her voice as if to speak to the entire neighborhood. “That is what you want isn’t it?”


The people who live in the golden city all come to the windows of their homes and look out to the street. The old man from Reds vision exits an alleyway and says in Urag’s voice, why yes it is, how di you know?”


Red stops panting, “I can’t let that happen, I know why I fought you now Urag, why I’ve fought you. The visions that I’ve seen, the memories, they aren’t mine. Otherwise I would have seen this in my vision.”


The old man says in Urag’s voice, “I’ll give you three guesses whose memories they are.”


Akira cuts in, “I’ve got a better idea!” She punches Red in the cheeks and runs for the alley that the old man came out of. It leads to a sanctuary in the center of town where the rift is. Older Akira runs as fast as she can but Red is in close pursuit. The both arrive at the opening of the grotto when the old man appears in their way. The kids both stop.


Akira sneers, “Get out of my way and I’ll free you Urag, get him!”


Urag laughs, “And what makes you think you’ve got the stuff?”


Akira hits Red in the stomach again, he falls to the ground, “That enough for you?”


Urag steps aside and lets Akira pass, she gases at the rift, “I’ve planned and waited.” She turns back to Red whose picking himself up again. She sneers, “You just don’t quit, do you? We’ll I’ll tell you what happens if you do this, a different cycle, and one that can’t be broken by anyone but me doing this!”


Urag grabs Red and says, “I have your friends and your grandmother, if you ever want to see them again you’ll set me free, you or her it doesn’t matter.”


Red looks around afraid, He whispers to himself, “Horus said, go back to the beginning.” Red shoves the old man aside and jumps for Akira, he grabs her and tries to stop her, they both topple into the rift.”




There’s darkness for a while and then the rift opens, Red floats through alone, he looks around for Akira but she hasn’t accompanied him.


Everything is pitch blackness other than Red illuminated by the rift. He says, “Where’s Urag? Am I even in the right place?” He spots a dark figure aimlessly floating around in the void and then another and another. “There are twelve.” Red says in awe.


The largest figure begins to illuminate with colour and takes form, Red can’t help but watch. It’s Urag in all his terror. Urag circles the other eleven shapeless forms and comes upon one. Urag speaks in an unknown tongue, a cypher if you will that breaks down all languages. Urag’s tone is the exact same and it coaxes the shapeless begins to take form, it too glows then appears as the mausosaurus. The beast flees toward Red but it’s caught by Urag. The mausosaurus squeals in agony as its pulled away from the rift and corrupted by Urag.


A shapeless figure seems to take attention and begins to glow as if in anger. The giant squid takes form and grabs Urag releasing the mausosaurus with one glowing red eye. Urag and Omb struggle grappling each there, they’re equally matched. That’s until the mausosaurus charges in and bites down on Omb.


The squid is thrown away and Urag focusses on another shapeless figure. Dagon is born then the white whale and the angler fish. Without Urag’s coaxing the others begin to glow and take shape. There’s Arak in full size, and giant turtle, a heron, a linx, and a butterfly.  One more remains shapeless and approaches Omb drifting away.


The ten forms charge towards Red and the rift, Urag is gaining on the other beings , he catches up and it looks like he’s going to be the first one through until Omb catches him, the other nine head into the rift, each creating a different fundamental reality. The rift changes colour with each one but still three remain.


Omb and Urag are perfectly matched in a struggle. The still shapeless being approaches Red and glows gold, a sphinx appears with the face of a beautiful woman and long golden dreads. The sphinx speaks into Red’s mind, she says, “Thank you.” Then she disappears into the rift.

Red watches the two last beings struggle, it looks as though it could go on for eternity. Urag speaks into Red’s mind, “I said that you’d have to help me Red Redding, you’re the key. Help me defeat Omb or your friends and family get it!”


Red holds his forehead, his head is throbbing. He hears Omb, “Listen to me child, you hold the door open with your presence. Only a conscious mind can create here, you must leave and let it seal us in.”


Red looks back at the portal, “Is this part of the cycle, I should save you, shouldn’t I?”


Urag says, “You should save me, I’d get out and you could go home, story over.”


Omb squeezes tighter and pushes them away from the rift. He says, “Unlike many others in this moment you have a choice. It will only happen once.”


Urag says, “I suggest you make the right one!”




Minerva watches Arak climb on top of Magma Speckles head and bite down, she stands and says, “About time.”


Arak hands her the doctors laser and pukes a mass of lava in between them and the possessed doctors. He jumps off of magma Marbles and towards hawk Speckle’s face. Time slows as hawk Speckle opens his mouth to catch the tasty treat, we zoom in to Arak who’s screaming , “Nooooo.”


In the background we can see Minerva aiming her new laser at arak the colour of the laser and light rays exit the barrel slowly then time resumes normally.  Arak’s scream becomes louder and telepathic. He frees hawk speckle and as quick as that Speckle swoops under the children and fly’s them off.


Minerva’s left, she starts wide beam blasting the doctors with different effects. Her Arak in giant form and Magma Speckle make a last stand as the scene zooms out. Hawk Speckle caws and swoops out of view.



Red watches the two as they drift away. “I can’t leave you behind Omb!” Red takes a second then says, “Only I can create here, only I really exist here.” He makes a thinking face and focuses on his friends, he sees a flash of some of the good times. Then some of the bad times. Red says, “I have to get back.” Red touches the Rift and focuses on Omb, a stream of energy exits him and becomes a giant version of himself, it grabs the two being and tears them apart. Red lets Omb go and the squid moves as fast as it can to the portal. Red looses focus and falls unconscious just as Omb grabs him and passes through the rift.


Red, still unconscious is thrown through the portal in the Dawson’s living room, he’s tossed so hard that he lands on the couch. The screen is black but we hear the sound of the portal being used and footsteps.


Red opens his eyes to Aroma’s face.” She screams, “You’re okay!”


Mod says, “This is great you’re back.”


Red jumps up and can’t avoid but receive massive hugs from all of them accept Akira, she falls asleep on the couch next to him.


Siri asks, “So, what happened, did you defeat Urag?


Red says, “I’m happy to see all you too.” Red looks serious, “To be honest, I don’t know if I beat Urag.”


Aroma gasps, “Then we have to go help Minerva and Arak, the doctors might still be under his control!”


Red looks at Akira with skepticism, “Are you her?”


Aroma grabs Red and says, “We need gadgets, common!”


Siri and Mod are already heading into the basement and each grab a laser, Aroma appears with Red, she says, “I know where the good stuff is!” She runs around back to the box full of Minerva’s goodies, she says with confidence, “Mod, pick up that box.”


As the big guy picks up the box we can see it has written on it, Minerva’s goodies.


Siri asks, “What are these.” As she looks at the box full of grenades and other gadgets, “New toys?”


Red grabs a laser pistol and says while examining it, “Exactly.”



The next scene is the kids and giant D.J charging out of the portal armed to the teeth with freeze rays, bubble trap guns and sticky trap grenades and a huge array of other bright and flashy weapons. We see from above as both sides are beating the doctors back.


We see Arak adding to the clean doctors in the army and Minerva petrifying anyone who gets near her. Minerva spots a blast from the other side. It’s a giant green mound of vines. She laughs, “Hey, those are my special grenades, Meh, good a time as any.” Minerva calls to the sane doctors, we’ve got reinforcements coming!”


Again we have a view from the top of the shattered island, the waves crashing all around it as if they’re come from every direction. The time lapses and Minerva’s army of sane doctors grows. On the other side there are giant walls of gelatine protecting the well from escaping doctors.


A bird-person Marbles swoops overhead and goes for the well portal, Akira shoots her down with a bubble-gum shotgun. Akira says tiredly, “How long are we going to keep this up for?” She looks at Red and Aroma who are asleep on a piece of driftwood. Aroma has her head on Red’s shoulder.


Siri snaps at Akira, “We can take shifts if we need to.”


Mod sighs in the background, “Aww, shifts.”


We hear Minerva’s voice from the other side, “No need kids!” She blasts her way through a big pile of Jello from a decorative form. “Arak and the others can take care of the rest. Things will be back to normal in no time.”


Red takes Minerva by the hand and says, “Not for me, you know I have to go.”


Aroma cries, “Please, there has to be another way!”


Minerva says, “There is.”


The kids all ask, “There is?”


Akira approaches her mother and kindly says, “Just like the stories you told me when I was a girl, The key the map and the lock.”


Red says, “We just need to find the lock.”


Minerva says, “The prime reality, if were to find it we’ll just have to have faith in Horus prime.”


Akira hugs Minerva, “I’m sorry mom, I though I was going to lose you again and I was soo worried.”


Minerva says, “It’s alright sweetie.”


Red asks, “By Horus, you mean me right?”


Minerva looks surprised, “You figured it out?”


Red shakes his head, “No, Aroma told me.” We see Aroma wave and point at herself. Red asks, “If I don’t replace him, then won’t he die, or never exist?”


Minerva responds, “Don’t ask silly questions anymore okay, you get three a day. No more than that Red Redding. I think this is going to be fun, I think we’re going to have some fantastic adventures!”


The scene pans up to show the destroyed island and a huge Arak picking up doctors and freeing them. It pans higher to show earth then our galaxy then the galactic cluster and more and more until it shows a second one and more and more and more making up a patter only known by quantum physicists.




Credit scene


We see Minerva black still frozen in the prison tower, older Akira approaches through the door and takes a set next to her, “You know mom, I’m really getting tired of visits like this, even if where I come from you’ve already gone crazy and no ones found the prime reality. No one except me.” She smirks and unfreezes Minerva Black.


Minerva sighs, “Future Akira Black?” She cracks her back, “This is going to be fun.”





After credit scene


Reds parents are on an ocean liner surrounded by mercenaries, fisherman, and important looking people wearing suit. Red’s Dad screams, “Why haven’t we found the island yet?!” He slams his hand down on a map of the ocean and an X over where the island should be.


An old man comes into the scene, it’s Mayor pockets father, he says, “I don’t think you understand what you’re looking for, this place… Once we find it there may be no coming back.”


Red’s Father says with conviction, “I have to find my son!”



End of Season One


© Copyright 2020 Stranger Lobe / Jonny Nagels. All rights reserved.

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