Life's a beach Ep.3 Family reality

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just because they live on a beach doesn't mean that the kids don't have problems and they decide to fix their problems with sic-fi gadgets. how does is work out for them? Find out.

Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



Life’s a beach ep 3 Family reality

Mr. Burlkey has a blackboard packed with random scribblings from the days lesson. This includes things like E=Mc2 the square route of 22, a bunch of Shakespeare and the atomic model for plutonium which takes up most of the board so other things are written on top of it.  “I hope you all have these notes!” He says as he wipes the board clean while facing away from it.

Mod has been scrambling to get everything down in his notes but his drawing of the atomic model is wrong in so many ways and his notes are incoherent.

Siri leans over to see if he’s finished his notes and laughs, “Your plutonium looks more like a walnut with a brain made from pineapple leaves.”

“I’m not very good at drawing okay.” Mod shows a drawing he attempted on his binder’s cover. It’s of him and his dad out front the town hall.

“What is that?” Siri Laughs, “Is that supposed to be you or a blob monster. And why is the town hall half black and red?”

“I ran out of crayon.” Mod whimpers.

“It’s fine Mod.” Says Red, “I can’t draw either, but I’ve heard that all it takes is drawing something everyday and learning tips from other artists. But you know what, I may not be good at drawing things but I’m great at taking notes!” Red raises the perfectly arranged notes that accurately explains everything on the board and more. “You can borrow mine if you need to.”

Aroma shows them her notes that are all done in different colored pencils and glazed over with glitter-glue. At the bottom, there’s a small drawing of a glitter dragon. “I made my notes into art!”

Burkley rings they bell and the kids scurry out of the school boat.

Mod is looking down at his feet and walks after his friends depressed as they run to the beach for a day of beachcombing and sunbathing. Red slows down and looks back at Mod. “What’s up?”

“Oh, you guys are all really good at stuff and I’m not.” Mod says in a sad donkey voice.

Siri heard that last little bit and says, “Hey man, you’re plenty good at beat-boxing.”

“Naw, I’m mediocre at best.” Replies Mod

Aroma says, “You’re a great surfer!”

Mod smiles a little, “Okay it’s not really about that, It’s about my dad. He doesn’t ever want to do anything fun with me, he’s always saying that he’s busy and it’s adult type stuff.”

“He is the Mayor.” Says Red while picking at his peeling sunburn on his forehead.

Aroma sounds outraged, “That’s no reason to abandon your son, what can we do to help Modney?”

“He’s always saying that I need to grow up and be more mature, but I’m just a kid.” Mod kicks at the sand. “It’s not fair. If I was older I could help him with his work and he’d have more time to hang-out.”

Siri pats Mod on the back, “We have a childhood for a reason, I don’t know what that reason is, but I think you should enjoy being young. It won’t be long before we’re all old and boring anyways. Then we’ll all have bigger problems. I deal with my older brothers bullying me and I’m too small to get them back.”

Aroma adds in, “And the adults won’t ever let me join their conversations because they think I’m silly and young.”

Red says, “There are plenty of reasons we might want to grow up faster. Part of being young is being impaitient.”

Aroma has a lightbulb moment, “Red, that laser thingy thing that Marbles used on D.J, maybe it could age people too!”

Red thinks back to the warning he received when first arriving. Marbles was telling him, “The tools we use are not toys, they can mash your brains like and egg if you’re not careful.”

Speckle takes over, “Now, that’s not saying that you can’t use them, but you need to ask us first.”

The scene fogs over and the doctors are telling Red something completely different.

Marbles says, “And our sci-fi tools are also toys!”

Speckle adds, “Go ahead and take them whenever you want!”

Red shakes it off, he’s back on the beach, “Yeah I can do that.” He says half sure if he can or not.


The second floor of the Dawson’s home has a greenhouse full of extraordinary plants. Red and the kids find Marbles feeding her carnivorous plant a miniature tofu pig. The plan is for the kids to distract Marbles until Red can come back with the laser thing.

Marbles welcomes the children into the terrarium styled green-room, “Hello young adventurers, I welcome you to my sanctuary.”

Aroma gets really close to a carnivorous plant and it comes to life and tries to eat her. “Ah!” She hit’s it with her purse and D.J squeals at it and hides.

Marbles hops in between the girl and the plant and stands strong with a pair of clippers in her hand, “Monster beware, I will prune you!” She stands strong. The plant acts tough and then bows down and offers her a section of its head that looks like long ears. Marbles bends down and in a baby talk voice speaks to the plant while petting it. “Oh, sweetie you never meant her any harm, did you?” She scratches behind its ears and baby talks it some more. “You’re a good buddy aren’t you Clifford?”

Red sneaks downstairs and slides open the several metal bunker doors that he had left ajar by placing duct tape on the locks the last time Marbles and Speckle came down. (Ha ha, yeah right.) He looks around quickly the bunker room quickly. He misses all the great Easter eggs and tidbits around the room while looking for the laser.


Aroma asks as many questions as she can to distract Marbles, “Where did you get all these plants?”

“This guy is a plant from the Jurassic period in a dimension with intelligent lizard-cats. They keep them as pets.” Marbles keeps petting Clifford the man-eating pitcher plant.

Aroma asks another, “Oh wow, what’s this?” She runs up to a series of luminescent mushrooms that dive into the ground when she gets close.

“Those are glowing mushrooms crossed with hiding sea plants from reality yellow-112. They sense the vibration created by your feet and hide in their roots.” Marbles loves explaining things.


Red has opened the glass case with a well organised array of tools, they all look similar so Red guesses. “enie minie minie moe.” He chooses one and runs upstairs.


Mod and Siri are getting bored of watching Aroma step back and forth so the mushrooms will pop in and out of the ground.

Marbles gets really close to the mushrooms and says,” Do you want to see something really cool?”

Aroma gets exited, “Yeah of course, what is it?!”

“Siri would you softly pet the hanging plant in the center of the room please?” Marbles sounds like this is was an everyday thing for normal people.

“Softly pet it?” Siri is next to a bright orange plant hanging from the same coloured vines that covers the room.

“Yes, and thank you.” Marbles is crawling on her hands and knees next to the hidden mushrooms

Siri Pets the bulb and something happens, the vines all shiver around the room.  She and Mod block their noses as a horrible smell is released.

“That’s terrible, what’s that smell?” Mod half leaves the room.

Marbles laughs, “She doesn’t like it, you have to whisper sweet nothings to her and pet her softly.”

Siri frowns, “Fine, I’ll do it.” Siri whispers inaudibly to the bulb and pets in like she would a kitten. The vines change colour from Orange to Green then dark green and the plant purrs. The room goes dark like a dimmer was turned on and half of the plants change and adapt.

Siri says, “That is cool.” One of the large flowers lets unfurl a long set of glowing tendrils.

The glowing mushrooms pop out from underground and Marbles grabs one of them, she shoves her hand into it. It’s hollow inside and flexible, when she pulls it out her hand is glowing.


Aroma freaks out, “That is definitely the most amazing awesome special-tacular-est thing I’ve ever seen!” She shoves both of her hands in and pulls them out, “This is amazing!”

Marbles lets go of the mushroom and it joins it’s friends underground. “Mushrooms and some plants and even animals reproduce with little tiny things called spores. It’s very similar to pollen used by male flowers to pollinate the female.” Says Marbles

Mod mumbles, “Awkward.”

“It’s just the bird and the bee’s, nothing to be afraid of or nervous about.” Marbles says as Red enters the room and trips over a plant root, face-planting.

As red hits the ground there’s a zap sound in his pocket and a few button sounds but only he notices. He’s on his knees looking for his glasses, “Lights please?”

Marbles says, “Siri, could you tickle the plants please?”

Siri does just that and the room is filled with bright light.

Mod says, “Okay I think it’s time to go before we get the talk.” He Picks up Red’s glasses and dusts them off, “Here Red.”

Marbles starts to explain the light bulb plant quickly as the kids leave, “The light-bulb-plant, is a combination of several reacting plants, you see children, genetic manipulation can be extremely beneficial if we use it for good!”

Aroma is the last to leave, “I’d love to stay and listen but….” She walks away while stretching out the word, “Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.”


The kids had built a fort in the jungle, this was where the giant macaw nested, on top of the fort. When Red takes out the Sci-fi laser the macaw says, “I’m out of here.” It spreads its giant wings and flies towards the town. The last thing the kids hear it say is, “It’s your funeral, Bozo’s.”

Mod says, “Okay, I want to bel like ten years older!”

Aroma says, “Oh I want to be a flying-princess-unicorny-centaurny.”

The kids look at her dumbfounded,

“It’s a centaur with a unicorn horn!” Aroma says excitedly.

Siri says, “It was self explanatory, but you know…”

Red finishes her sentence, “You know this think isn’t a genie, Plus I have no idea how it works.” Red has a flash of when he fell earlier and hears the laser sound, he knows he was zapped. Red pushes some buttons and a screen opens to expose a set of numbers with ten-digit places then a small description. As Red flips through the numbers he realises that it would be impossible to find what he was zapped by. It must not have been anything too bad. He imagines himself turning into a smarf all red and tiny, living in a glowing mushroom. Or a giant lizard man, even a girl.

Siri interrupts his daydream, “Well have you found it or not?”

Red is shocked, “Yeah its right here. Growth. Let’s test it out. They Leave the fort and find a clearing in the jungle. Red Points the laser and zaps a banana tree. It grows to a hundred times its normal size, the roots push up through the ground and the kids are thrown back by the earth quaking.

“I don’t think that’s the one we’re looking for, I want to be older, I’m big enough as it is.” Mod says and takes the Laser from Red.

They hear the sound of monkey from up in the tree and when they look up to see there is a group of giant spider-monkeys rushing down towards them.

“Oh my god, run!” yells Siri before bursting into the jungle.

Mod is running while still looking through the Lasers options, he reads the settings out loud. “Golden, smelly, absorbent, water-breathing, lock pick, hambone, court pending trial, big nose.” He tosses the laser to Red, “Maybe you’ll have a better chance.

The monkeys are swinging through the trees literally hitting the trees and knocking them over and for and instant one of them gets a hold of Aroma, she screams, “Why does this keep happening to me?” D.J jumps into the monkey’s face and scratches it. Aroma is released and the monkey runs away, “D.J, my hero!” Aroma gives her Raptor a big hug and they run after their friends.

Red has been looking at all the options to deal with the monkeys, “Molten lava, no too harsh. Chocolate Sunday, no too cold. Vaporise, that’s evil. Oh, here it is, miniaturise!”

Red zaps the monkey closest to him and it shrinks to the size of a hand. “That’s not the right one.” He finds the next one labeled, zen, he hits a tree and it becomes all chill and pink with blooming flowers. Red switches to the setting called, stop, and shoots a few times hitting plants and trees but missing the monkeys, they all turn into stop signs. Red finds it, “Here, normal setting.” One at a time he zaps the monkeys turning them back to their normal size.

They all stop and watch the monkeys run away scared, Siri laughs and says, “I thought that was it for us, good work boys.”

Aroma asks, “Hey what about me?”

Siri answers, “You got yourself caught again girly.”

“Girly? How dare you?” Aroma grabs the laser out of Reds hand and presses some buttons by mistake, she shoots Siri. “I’m sorry.”

Siri goes up in a puff of smoke and the kids yell, “No, what?!”

The smoke clears and Siri is looking at least ten years older, she checks herself out, “Damn, I am awesome!” She makes a really happy face, “And I sound awesome, listen to my voice. Modney, drop a beat!”

Mod shakes his head, “No, it’s my turn to get zapped, Aroma, blast me.”

Aroma points the gun at Mod and zaps him in between the eyes, he’s surrounded by a puff of smoke and when it clears he’s much older. “Ahahaha, I’m so strong!” Mod flexes his huge adult muscles and laughs. “But my voice is still the same. Huh.” His voice was already deep enough.

Aroma smiles a goofy smile and says, “My turn.” She shoots herself in the foot and the same thing happens. Her voice doesn’t change much, “Wow, I’m really tall.” She bends over to pet D.J, “Aren’t I buddy?” D.J doesn’t recognise her and runs over to Red who looks estranged from his friends.

Red says with hesitation, “I don’t think I’ll be joining you, I’m starting to feel like I shouldn’t have stolen the laser. Marbles and Speckle welcomed me into their home, it’s disrespectful to take their things…”

Mod ignores Red and swiftly turns back towards town, “I’m gonna go see my dad, bye!” He runs through the jungle like a child in his new adult body.


Red rolls his eyes, “I guess you two have plans as well?”

Siri’s hands are shaking, she says, “I feel different, like I’m uncontrollably frustrated. Is this how it feels to be older. Arrrgh.”

Aroma gives her a hug, “It’s going to be okay, just breathe and think of all the good in the world.”

Siri’s eyes go wide, “I know what I have to do, I’m going to go beat-up my brothers.” She runs in the same direction as Mod.

Red and D.J sit down on a log and Aroma looks at them with a sad expression, “You two going to be okay?”

Red waves her away, “Go, we’ll be fine.”

Aroma runs off and Red fiddles with the laser looking for something interesting, “D.J, you’re cool with who you are right?”


Mod’s clothes are tight-fit and make stretching noises as he walks up the main halls stairs. He says hello to his father secretary, Miss pooperschnitzel, she doesn’t recognise him and checks her notepad, “Young man, do you have an appointment?”

Mod laughs, “it’s fine Miss Pooperschnitzel, he said I could stop by whenever I wanted.” Mod opens his father’s office door and opens his arms as if to give him a hug. “Good afternoon!”

Mayor Pocket looks up to a man in children’s clothing and stands up defensively, “I don’t know who you think you are but you need an appointment to…” Pocket notices a star birthmark on the young mans collarbone then recognises the tightly worn clothes, “Modney?”

“Yeah, it’s me dad, I’m here to help.”

“Modney, what did you do to yourself?” Mayor Pocket sits down and rubs his head.

“It doesn’t matter, I can help you with your work now.” Says Modney.

“I have to say this is extremely strange son.” Pocket’s eyes drift over to his bookshelf with the collection of handwritten tomes. He looks back at his son, “This is all those Dawson’s fault! I knew hanging out with that Redding kid was a bad idea.” Pocket rises, I’m taking you to be changed back right away!” He grabs the oddly grown Mod and drags him past his secretary who gives them another strange look.

“But dad!” Modney protests, “This was my idea.”

“What, no!” Pocket is dragging his son down the beach, “Why would you do that?”

“Because I wanted to spend time with you!” Modney gets his hand free and sits down in the sand.

Pocket stops and sadly stares at his son, “You know I’m a busy man Modney, being Mayor is a nonstop job with little perks and plenty of responsibility.” The Mayor sits down next to his son and they watch the two surfers riding the tall waves. “Have I told you about how my father and I were stranded here?”

Mod shakes his head and says, “No.”

The scene turns into a flashback of a young Mayor Pocket and his father that looks like a more tattooed version of his older self. “My father and I were on a spirit quest coming from our native home on Hawaii. We had spent six weeks out at sea looking for a spiritual location.”

Young mayor pocket is sitting in the lotus position while humming om. His father is sitting by the helm, reading maps and noting their location. Pockets voice resumes, “I felt something deep within me, a powerful force, a voice.”

Young pocket opens his eyes and rises from the lotus position, his father calmly says from the helm, “Don’t stop Adama, this is your journey.”

“But dad I felt something.”

“That’s impossible, we aren’t anywhere near our spiritual grotto.” The patriarch says. We finally get a full view of him covered in native tattoos and wearing a ceremonial garb. “Grow up Adama, this is serious, you’re on your way to becoming a man so act like one!”

Adama Pocket sits back in the center of the ship and hums, “Om.”

Pockets narrative voice resumes, “It was then that our ship rammed into something underneath us and the whole boat began to sink.

Young pocket is thrown overboard and his father rushes to jump in after him, patriarch Pocket screams, “Adama!” His mouth full of sea water he dives back down and comes up with his son. A view from above shows the giant squid deep beneath them and then a current begins to drag them towards the island.

As the flashback changes, there is a minute clip of the patriarch Pocket looking eye to literal eye with the squid.

Pockets voice resumes and so does his flashback, “We awoke several hours later, on this island. Back then there were only ten of us here, we weren’t well organised either. But after a week of my father mediating disputes and organising work efforts they elected him mayor.”

The clip switches back to Modney and Adama, Mod says, “Wow, so what happened to grandpa?”

Adama jumps back into flashback while saying, “Don’t interrupt me son.” The scene of the island goes dark and there is a view of an older Adama maybe twenty and his father. A storm is brewing over the island, all around them are huge waves and black clouds, bur the island was clear. “We were in the eye of a storm and my father was committed to saving us, after ten years this place was our home.

Young Adama is begging his father, “Please dad, don’t go, these people need you!”

“Don’t try and stop me son!” Adama drops a few tears and hugs his dad who pushes him away, “Don’t be sappy kid, I’m only doing what has to be done.”

“You can’t leave us, you can’t leave me! What are we going to do without you?” Adama cries even harder.

“Son. You’ve seen me work, all I’ve done is keep these people together, now I’m going to keep them alive. And as for you, these people need you now Like they needed me, for strength and hope. Lead them, you’ve seen how.” Old Mayor Pocket gets into a small fishing boat scavenged from several wrecks and pushes off into the sea.

“I never saw my dad again after that, but somehow the storm disappeared and he saved us all. Afterwards the people needed leadership again and I stepped up.” The flashback shows Adama pocket reading one of the tomes on his fathers bookshelf with mystical symbols on it then sitting at his fathers desk and writing in his notebook. Adama changes to an old man with Young Modney being annoying by his side.

The flashback is over and Adama says, “The sad truth is I never spent enough time with my father either, but when I was needed, he had made sure that I was ready.” They watch the surfers and Adama puts his arm over his son’s shoulders. The scene fades out.


Red is still fiddling with the laser trying to figure out what he zapped himself with when D.J yelps in his ear. He jumps to his feet in the treehouse by the giant banana tree and several unintentional stop sings. D.J presents to Red the miniature monkey that had been accidentally shrunk earlier. Red takes it from the raptors mouth and helps the tiny thing onto his shoulder. The tiny monkey screams at D.J then jumps down to the floor and climbs out the window towards it’s home making tiny monkey screams.

D.J howls and chases its raptor tail. Red pets him, “There will be others D.J, don’t stress.” Says Red.

“Oh-wee.” A familiar voice says, it’s Horus, “That was a close one!” He pet’s D.J. “This little guy almost had a taste for monkey blood. No good sense in eating little primates, not enough protein I’d say.” He sits down next to Red then asks, “Now tell me little man, what’s troubling you?”

Red sighs, “Well, it’s my friends, we borrowed this laser thing.”

Horus cuts him off, “Borrowed?” He asks skeptically.

There’s a long moment between them the Red says, “I took it.”

“Continue with your story little man and no lies, I can see right through them. Perk of being insane!”

“My friends wanted to be older because each of them has some issue to do with family.” Red explains while in the background Siri’s story plays, Siri is big and strong she opens the latch to her home and smiles when seeing all her sibling in the main room.

Siri yells, “It’s time for payback, serious strike!” She swings knocking the biggest of her brothers down. the nine other siblings all say, “Siri?” Then change in and attack her.

 The battle rages on with Red talking in the foreground. “But I don’t have any family to have problems with, and I’m scared once my friends have figured out their stuff, they won’t come back.” Red says sadly.

The scene is of a dogpile over Siri and her doing some awesome hulk rip-off moves on her brothers and sisters.

Horus says, “Well that’s poppycock and pinkerdoodoo, your friends have chosen to be by your side for a reason. Being artificially aged won’t change that, growing old is about taking your time and exploring, having adventures and learning from them. Only then will you become wiser, skipping a few years might make your body grow but it can’t teach you any real lessons. I tell you Red, everything happens for a reason but you have to figure it out for yourself.” Horus slides into the corner of the hut and cuddles with D.J.

Siri lifts her youngest brother abover her knee and slams him down while howling.

Red repeats Horus’ words, “Everything happens for a reason.” The scene jumps back to him and Horus in the fort.

Horus laughs, “That’s right, all you have to do is be thoughtful and brave, then do what you feel is right.”

Red asks, “But…If everything happens for a reason and there are unlimited things happening in other realities, then doesn’t everything in all existence happen for a reason? And if so, then the problems my friends are having are just part of some complex set of destined happenings.”

“Smart boy young Redding, these are the questions, no one but yourself has the real answers. You’ll have to step beyond the veil of knowing and return with the ability to think for yourself.” Horus smiles as D.J licks his face.


We leave Red and Horus to join Siri whose been tied down to the couch by her brothers and sisters, her eldest brother asks, “So if you’re Siri then when’s my birthday?”

“Dude, there are eleven of us, we celebrate all our birthdays on Christmas.” Siri struggles with her bonds.

“Everyone knows that!” says one of the younger girls.

Another bro asks, “If you’re really Siri then what’s your full name?”

“Never!” Screams Siri and manages to loosen a hand, “No one but you and mum know my name and if you say it I’ll hang you by your toes until you all scream uncle!”

A younger brother cutely says, “Yeah that’s her.”

The eldest has a dark eye that shows up purple on his black skin, he yells like it we’re medieval times, “Get the sling!”

The youngest of all the siblings, a little boy, grabs a leather strap with two long pieces of leather attached to the sides. The little one brings it to the brother then disappears behind the others. The eldest says, “For your crimes Siri, you must receive an execution by the worst means possible.” He takes off his nasty stinky sock and puts it in the sling then says, “All of you, block your noses!” He swings the sling around in front of her face like a fan pushing nasty sock smell into her mouth and eyes.

Normally, Siri would have gotten loose by now, she wishes she was smaller to loosen the knots and regrets her decision. “Fine, I’ll give in, I’m sorry!”

“That’s not enough!” Says the eldest.

Sir surprises all of them by reaching her hand out in front of her and catching the sock while saying, “I don’t need to be older to kick your butt!” She slides out of the ropes and shoves the sock into her brother’s mouth, “Aha!”

Everyone starts to laugh as they all attack her again.


Red is taking notes in a new book he was starting to write about the laser and other applications for the well. This way he could be pensive and look back on his notes. But he’s confused and drops it all on the floor.

Horus and D.J jump awake, “Oh, shoot, be careful I’m not as young as I used to be.” D.J licks his face.

Red looks frustrated the sunburn on his face even brighter that before. “The more I think about all this, the less I understand. There are unlimited realities, some exactly the same and some complete opposites. Why?”

Horus chuckles, “There is a balance to everything, think of the multiverse as a living thing. You can even see it as a number. I like to think of it as Zero. Each reality has a plus or minus number and the Multiverse is constantly balancing itself out with equal and opposites. All the way back to number zero.”

“Now I’m even more confused.” Red says while staring at the laser. “How do you know all this?”

“The same way you will one day, I had respect for my teachers and asked plenty of questions.”

“Marbles and Speckle taught you?”

“Red, your little toy there. I don’t think you’re confused, I think you know exactly what you should do and aren’t doing it. That’s why you can’t think straight. Your little theft is making you feel guilty.” Horus cracks his entire back then jumps out the fort window leaving D.J and Red alone.


Aroma has been home waiting for her mom to come back from a day at the fishery and grill a local restaurant-Bar. After almost an hour of waiting she’s had enough and ventures to main-street. Aroma stands in front of the bar with the hand carved name Above the door. “Wow, I can’t believe I’m about to go inside.” Aroma wasn’t allowed in since she had been a kid but now things were different, she felt aged and confident.

Aroma drops her bag under the barstool she choses to sit at, “I’ll have whatever good bartender!” She says like she’s heard before in community plays. Her mother pops up from under the bar and greets Aroma with a smile.

“Are you new to the island?” Aroma’s mother asks with a slightly intrigued voice, “I fell like I know you.”

Aroma and her mother have the exact same voice at the moment and neither realise. Aroma says, “I just got in and heard this was the best place for a cold drink.”

“Cold as they get at least, I’m Fabienne, it’s a pleasure to meet you…” Fabienne waits for a name.

“I’m A…” Aroma stumbles, almost revealing her name, she looks at the handwritten menu behind her mother, “I’m Abeera.”

“Abeera? That’s an odd name, where are you from Abeera, I can’t place it but I’m sure I know you.” Fabienne leans in really close.

Aroma turns away to hide her face, “So how about that drink Fabienne?”

“Not one for conversation, we get plenty of those coming in here.” Fab opens a cellar door that leads deep into the permafrost and comes up with a pineapple a lemon and a green coconut. She picks up a machete and juggles the fruit while cutting them into pieces, the last stroke of the blade opens the coconut and the fruits all fall into the glass. “Final touch, what’s your poison?” Asks Fabienne

Aroma says naively, “Oh, I don’t drink poison, thank you, I’m happy being alive.”

Fabienne laughs, “Now I’m sure we’ve met.”

Aroma changes the subject, “So, Fabienne tell me about yourself, what’s life for you like on this island?”

Fabienne sighs, “You know, just trying to get by, honestly, not a day goes by that I don’t think about eating Kernels chicken.”

“Really?” Asks Aroma totally surprised.

Fabienne laughs, “No, you silly, this may be an island but we have enough space for crops and animals to make almost anything. Iguana tastes just like chicken, that’s what I tell my daughter. And with palm oil we can deep-fry almost anything. Want a try?”

Aroma hasn’t known her mom to joke around, “So you’re a funny type, I’ve got a joke for you. Did you hear about the Psychic koala that robbed a bank? Now there’s a small medium at large!” Aroma laughs at her own joke but stops when noticing Fabienne isn’t laughing.

“That was okay.” She pauses to shake her head, “My daughter would love it, but I got one for you.” Fabienne thinks for a moment, “Why are New-Yorkers so depressed? Because the light at the end of the tunnel is just New-Jersey.”

Aroma doesn’t get it, she doesn’t even know where New-Jersey is. “Tell me about your daughter, I’m sure she’s smart and pretty and awesome, right?”

Fabienne smiles, “Yes, she’s a smart girl and definitely get’s her looks from me and not her father. If I told you a secret, would you keep it tight. It’s a small island and everyone knows every little rumor.”

“Yeah, I can keep a promise sure.” Aroma leans in with a big smile.

“Aroma is a strange case.” Fabienne chuckles, “You’d have to meet her but she’s so positive and excitable, I just thank whatever force is out there that I didn’t have any more kids. She’s exhausting.” Fabienne stops divulging her secret when she see’s tears in her customer’s eyes. “Abeera, are you okay?”

Aroma is in shock she whispers angrily, “It sounds like your daughter only want’s your attention…” Tears drop down her face and she starts to get up. “All she want’s is to be appreciated!”

Fabienne looks really sad and watches Aroma grab her purse from the ground and storm to the door. It’s then that she starts to ask herself, “Is it possible?” She stares at the flower on Aroma’s purse. “Don’t go!”

Aroma yell’s, “You’re so lucky to have what you have mom, try to think of it like that!” Aroma tries to slam the saloon style doors but they only swing back and forth and she runs away.

Fabienne looks at her patrons then yells at them, “Takes your drinks outside were closing for the hour!” The people sitting around don’t move, she picks up her machete and digs it into the bar making a loud sound. “Out!” Everyone scrambles.


Mod and Adama are still sitting and watching the surfers, they’ve been talking for while now, Adama says, “So if the sun is at forty-five degrees and this is the beginning of summer. Then what time is it?”

“It’s three hours until sunset.” Mod answers.

“And when does the sun set on this island at the beginning of summer?” Adama draws a line in the sand the a circle as if to depict the sun, moon, earth and Ecuador.

“Nine o-clock, so it’s six.”

“Very good son, now let’s go see if we can borrow those surfer’s boards.” As they walk down to the surfers he asks another question to Mod. “Here’s a good one, Are we at high-tide or low tide?”

“That’s a trick question, the tides are receded like it was low tide but are being drawn towards us like high tide.” Mod get’s cocky. “You can do better.”

“Right, you’ve been paying attention. But remember knowledge isn’t ever the answer to the big questions son, but it is the most useful tool to get you there.” They arrive by the surfers taking a break on the beach. “Hey bro’s can we catch a wave?” says Adama in a chill voice.

Two longhaired extremely tanned people turn over with huge smiles, “Mayor dude and little mayor dude. Yeah definitely no worries bro, the waves are always nice and high!”

“I’m sandy, by the way!” The woman surfer yells after them as they strip to their bathing suits and run to the ocean. “And this is Surf!”

Mayor pocket laughs, “I know who you are!” The two Pocket’s paddle out to the waves. They both ride them like pro’s and it makes Adama Pocket think of surfing with his father so long ago.


Red fiddles with the laser he shoots a random selection at the ground and a roach grows a thousand times it’s size. “Oh jeeze, reverse, reverse!” He shoots it again and it shrinks. He goes to the next setting and shoots a tree, it grows a layer of long blond hair. He pushes another button and shoots the next tree, it grows a thick afro. The next brown hair then black. He laughs and goes to the next and this time the tree comes to life.

The tree screams, “I’ll get you with my roots, sweet nectar, smoochie boochies!” It starts to throw pineapples at Red and he reverses it. “I hope those other trees aren’t alive.” Red sits down next to the mini monkey and thinks about what Horus had said, “I have to honor my teachers.” The monkey howls a tiny howl. Red thinks, “In a way that’s what my friends are doing.” He turns off the laser and writes a note for his friends saying, “I’m going home, come back when you want to be yourselves again. Your friend always. Reginald Red Redding.”


Aroma is hiding under her blankets at home crying when her mom comes in, Fabienne sit’s down on the bed and says, “You were never supposed to hear that sweetie. Sometimes adults say harsh and hurtful things, it doesn’t make them untrue. It’s all part of being older, I’m so sorry.”

“I know, I brought this on myself by lying to you. If I hadn’t done this I would never have heard what you said.” Aroma’s child’s blanket is too small for her adult body, she uses it to wipe her eyes then takes it off her head to look at her mom.

Fabienne gives Aroma a huge hug while saying, “Being older in body isn’t the same as actually aging in spirit. Today you learnt that, and you grew as a person.”

“I love you mom.” Aroma stops crying, I think I’m going to go change back.

“Good idea sweetie, I love you too, even if you are some form of ADHD monster.”

Aroma says, “What?”

“Nothing sweetie!” Fabienne makes her daughters bed.


Red passes Siri and her oldest brother all beaten to crap and stops by the stoop to listen. The eldest brother, Michael, says, “You really fought hard today little sister, I’m proud.”

“But I lost, repeatedly and horribly.” She has several quick flashbacks of terrible things happening like the sock being stuffed up her nose and feet in her face, her youngest brothers diaper being lowered onto her face. Things like that.

“You showed that even against terrible odds you wouldn’t give up.”

“Mikey, is this how you feel all the time, angry and betrayed. Hateful.” Siri asks while leaning off a pirate ship’s bird’s nest used as a lookout.

“No, little sister, there will be times of great happiness and pride as well. But the darkness doesn’t go away, it lives inside you just like the light. It’s how you control the two that makes you a warrior. That’s why I want you to have this.” Mike takes the sling from his pocket, this one has been mine for a long time.”

“Really, but you need it.”

“I’ll make another one soon, a better one!”

“I think I know what I have to do.” Siri says and climbs down the ladder to the beach,

Mikey screams after her, “You go little sister!”


Red and Siri make it to the surfing spot and watch Mod and his dad cut waves until the sun goes down. When the pocket’s exit the water they’re tired and pruned. Adama tells his son, “I did this with my father a few times, I think it’ll make a good weekly ritual, don’t you think?”

Modney smiles, “Yeah dad, I’d like that!”

“And in return I’ll need to show you how to take minutes for my office, you have to learn at some point, may as well be now.” Adama dry’s himself off.

“Yeah sure dad!” Modney waves at his friends and his father notices.

“That Red kid is the only one of you with any sense, now go change yourself back before I put a boot up your behind!” Adama has always been serious enough but after the waves he loosened up a little. “You look ridiculous.” He mumbles while the kids run off. “Tiny kid’s clothes on an adult body, ridiculous.”



Aroma is waiting in the terrarium at the Dawson’s sitting in the dark amongst all the beautiful plants and fungi. Speckle knocks softy on the door and all the plants react, “Your friends are back Aroma.”

Downstairs Marbles is sitting with a stern look while knitting a sweater, “Red, do you have anything you want to tell us?” She looks at the three Adult looking children, “Maybe a sci-fi tool that you’d like to admit…”

Red says, “I wasn’t going to hide it anymore, I’m really sorry I took the laser without asking. I thought if I asked you’d say no and I wouldn’t be able to help my friends.”

“Red.” Marbles says compassionately, “We only want to know what you’re up to, if you asked we would have shown you how to use it and you could do what you want.”

“Really?” The kids all ask together.

“Yes.” Says Speckle, “In fact, we have a little mission for you kids, and I think it’s time we told you about Minerva Black.”


The voices muffle over as the scene pans out over the house with D.J outside the door whining to come in like a cat. Siri’s voice says, “Can someone let that beast inside!”

The camera quickly pans to the jungle where the fort is. An ominous wind picks Red’s note up and carries it out to sea. The giant squid surfaces only long enough to grab the note with one big tentacle then disappears.


The three friends leave the Dawson’s in their normal bodies and say goodnight, “Bye.” Says aroma

“See you soon.” Says Siri.

“Chaka bro!” Yells Mod with his hand out like a surfer.


Red goes upstairs and does his evening ritual, he brushes his teeth and washes, then changes to jammies and hits the sack. His voice narrates while the scene starts to show more and more of the island like in the previous times. “It’s been a big day, I learnt that experience has to be earned, and there are no cheat-sheets for growing up. We have to accept who we are and do what we can to be better.” Red yawns and his voice slows down as if half asleep, “And I still don’t know what I zapped myself with, it’s just another mis…te..r..yy I have to Li…ve….with...” Red’s asleep and the scene zooms straight into his brain.

Red is dreaming of being under the sea surrounded by a city of shimmering light and school of beautiful fish and sea monsters. He hears the chiming of a gong and a bell over and over. His dream draws him close to the well portal buried under miles of sea. And at the base of the well is Horus half asleep and looking up at him fearfully and defeated. Red feels an intention from behind him and comes face to face with the giant squid’s single eye. A tentacle rises and its wrapped around Red’s letter.

An ominous but somehow friendly voice speaks in synchronise with the chime, “Beware Urag.”

A familiar demonic voice arises and the bell stops, only the gong remains. “No, no, no Omb, you don’t get to help the kid, you just don’t! Cheating is prohibited you eight-legged freak!” The squid takes off toward the tallest tower in the middle of the city. Red is afraid, he watches as the city crumbles and turns to rust and salt then to ash. The dark tentacles arise from the water and surround red.

The voice says, “I’ve got a joke for you Red Redding, how long will it take for your friends to help you out of this jam?”

Red responds, “That’s not a joke!”

“No! I guess not.” The pyramid appears in front of Red’s face.

Red smiles, “It’s really more of a riddle, I’m in. How long?”

“YOU…” The pyramid stutters, “You stink kid! It’s not a riddle either, I’m going to catch you and trap you here with me forever!”

“Oh Geese.” Red starts swimming towards the portal, which is the only thing left other than oozing tentacles of blackness and the now awake Horus.

Horus looks up at him confused, “It’s not time yet!” Horus’ face looks scary as if possessed by the portal, “Leave!” His eyes glow blue and red and green.

Red stops and turns around to see the pyramid charging fast as light, then they’re one being and Red’s eyes close. A third eye appears on his forehead.

Red see’s glimpses of a thousand images, some of them being important others not. “It’s all over friend!”




Credit scene/after credit scene

The jungle is dark but you can see the hairy trees, they start to move around and the one with the Afro talks, she’s quite sassy, “Are we trees, how did we get to be trees?”

The blond says in a valley girl voice, “I don’t know, what were we before?”

The brown haired tree says, “Duh, we were trees now be good trees and keep your mouths shut, the stop-sings might hear us!” It sounds like (The man)

“Who said that? I’m facing the other way!” The short black-haired tree says in a Japanese man’s accent.

“Shh…” The other three shush him.


One of the stop signs closest to them is blowing in the wind and the brown-haired tree quietly says, “I think it see’s us.”

The afro’s tree says, “Don’t be a fool tree, that’s just a stop-sign!”

The blond says, “Yeah I think she’s right guys, she’s the smartest.”

The straight black-haired tree says, “How do we even know what a stop-sign is, we’re trees?”

“Shush, it’ll hear us.” Says the brown-haired tree.

The afro tree says, “There’s no reason to be certain that the Stop-sign’s have obtained sentience as we have, maybe you should check your facts. Fool tree.”

They all get a quick Glimpse of a giant monkey, one that hadn’t been switched back to normal size. It tears the stop-sign out of the ground and the stop-sign screams, “Oh jeeze, please help anyone help!” The monkey disappears into the dark and all the stop signs start to wail, “Oh no.”

The trees are silent until the straight black-haired tree asks, “What happened? I can’t see!” He’s shushed.


After after credit scene

Aroma is with her mother and father at the dinner table, D.J has a seat and plate of their own. As always their eating fish. Aroma says, “Want to hear a joke? What do you call and alligator in a vest? An investigator!”

Fabienne chuckles.

Aroma’s dad says, “I don’t get it?”

© Copyright 2020 Stranger Lobe / Jonny Nagels. All rights reserved.

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