Found it (a parody of Sanurai X)

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Shinta Keitaro is a boy who doesn't know his identity. He has been searching for his parents for 21 years and still believes in meeting them. . .

Submitted: October 22, 2010

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Submitted: October 22, 2010



Story setting: Japan (Tokugawa era)

*A parody of Samurai X*

-Characters are not mine… hope no one will bash me for this ^o^v-


My name is Keitaro Shinta… I don’t really know if that’s my real name. But I grew up with that name which my foster parents gave me. yeah… you read it right foster parents. I don’t really know who are my true parents but, someday I’ll meet them.

Tlank, tlank, tlank

Shinta woke up hearing the familiar noises from the kitchen. He stood up at once and proceeded to the kitchen. There he saw a cat eating his leftover fish. “You’re here again!”. He got a broom and shooed the cat away.

“Now what will I eat?” Shinta scratched the back of his neck and cursed the cat in his mind. He looked at the cupboards but he found them empty. He palmed his forehead when he remembered that he didn’t buy food last night because his money was robbed. The only thing he could do now is to find a job and fill his hungry stomach.

He went out of his house and searched for a job. He was walking down the street when he saw a sign outside a dojo that says they need a helper. He smiled at the sign and went inside of the dojo.

When he entered he didn’t see anyone. “Who are you?” A voice said from behind Shinta was startled from the voice and faced the person. When he faced the person a sword was pointing in between his eyes. “I-I’m Keitaro Shinta and I want to be a helper in your dojo”.

Kenji took away the sword from the man because his intentions were good. Then he smiled at him “I’m sorry about that, my name is Himura Kenji. Come with me first”. He gestured at Shinta to come with him.

Shinta followed the guy and sighed in relief. They entered a room.

“Mom… a man here wants to take the job as a dojo helper” Kenji said to a lady Shinta looked at the woman and it felt like he had seen her before. Like a déjà vu.

Shinta bowed at her.

Kaoru looked at the man and he looks somewhat like Kenshin, his husband. He had the same hair color as Kenshin’s and his eyes are also the same, not to mention his lean and lank body.

“You’re accepted.” Kaoru said Shinta smiled at her “Thank you” then he bowed. “What’s your name?” Kaoru asked “My name is Keitaro Shinta” He answered Kaoru’s eyes widened as she heard the name of her lost son. “I see… now Shinta you can start now and you can clean the dojo” Shinta smiled “Thank you… I’ll clean the dojo right away”. He bowed before exiting the room.

Kenji took a seat on front of his mom. “Mom… that guy looks a lot like dad” Kaoru looked at her son “You also noticed.” “And his name is Shinta. It’s the name of my lost brother right?” Kenji added “Yes. That’s true.” Kaoru paused “Kenji get to know his background... he might be what we’re looking for, for 21 years.”

Shinta is currently scrubbing the wooden floor of the dojo. He was happy that he got a job today. Finally he was going to have food on the table.

Kenji entered the dojo… He found Shinta lying on the shiny floor looking tired. And this was the best time to chat with him. So as to be formal he brought rice cakes and tea with him, he approached Shinta. “Tired?” he asked Shinta opened his eyes and saw Kenji who looks like a giant from his lying down view. He then shifted to a sitting position and nodded his head. “Here…” Kenji handed him the rice cakes and tea. Shinta nodded and took the food from Kenji. Kenji sat beside Shinta “You know you look a lot like my father” Shinta looked at Kenji “You father?” “Yeah… you have the same hair color, eyes, and lips. And your name is Shinta. That’s the name of my lost brother.” Kenji said “Lost brother?” Shinta suddenly felt he needed to know more about their family.

“GOOD MORNING!!!!” Yoshi suddenly came in inside the dojo Kenji looked at Yoshi “Oh good morning to you too uncle Yoshi” Yoshi smiled at Kenji and noticed that there was a guy who looked a lot like Kenshin. He went closer to the two, but particularly he went to Shinta and inspected him. “Kid you look like my friend Kenshin.”

Shinta just smiled at him.

“Oh uncle Yoshi this is out new dojo helper… Keitaro Shinta” Kenji introduced him Yoshi was surprised to hear the name Shinta “Are you lost?” Shinta didn’t get what Yoshi was saying “Sir?” “I mean are you by any chance searching for your parents?” Yoshi cleared the question “Yes I am… I have been searching for them a long time” Shinta answered “And the name Shinta where did you get it?” Yoshi asked again “My foster parents said that a necklace was around my neck when they accidentally found me at an old carriage.”

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Kenshin was running away from the city where there are less people who are battling. He found that the forest seems to be a nice place to hide a baby. He also found an abandoned carriage. He put the baby on it “Shinta… I’ll be back…”. Then he left Shinta all alone and went back to the city.

That time a couple was also escaping from the battle and found the forest tranquil and there were no signs of battling people. They were walking through the forest when they heard a baby crying. They followed the sound and it lead them to a carriage. They went closer to it and they saw a baby.

The couple looked at each other and the wife picked the baby up and cuddled it “There there little one who could have left you here?” The baby suddenly stopped crying. “Hmm… what’s this?” the husband suddenly noticed a pendant that was around the baby’s neck. He looked at the pendant and saw Shinta on it. “Honey… look.” The husband showed his wife the pendant “Shinta” the wife said “That must be the little boy’s name” Her husbad nodded “Then we’ll name him Shinta”

After that they took the baby with them.

After the bloody battle Kenshin went back to the forest to pick little Shinta up. “He’s not here!” Kenshin panicked

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ “GOOD MORNING!” “Good morning too dad” Kenji said “Morning Kenshin” Yoshi said “Good morning sir” Shinta greeted the man Kenshin looked at the new face and guessed he was the new dojo cleaner because beside him was a bucket of water and a rag. He looked at him intently and saw that he looked a lot like him. “What’s your name?” “My name is Keitaro Shinta” Shinta answered The name Shinta ringed on Kenshin’s ear. He went closer to the boy and held his shoulders “Are you looking for your parents?”

“Y-yeah…” Shinta was surprised at the sudden action “Do you have anything that your parents left you?” Kenshin had now removed his hand from Shinta’s shoulders and sat in front of him.

Shinta took out the pendant that he was hiding underneath his kimono “My foster parents said that… they saw this around my neck when they found me at an old carriage in the forest, during the war”

Kenshin’s eyes widened as he heard the exact scenery of what happened. “That pendant has a name Shinta on it right?”

Shinta was surprised “How did you know?” “Because… I was the one who put that around your neck” Kenshin answered “And I was the one who left you on that old carriage, if your asking why… I want to protect you because the emperor of the Tokugawa era was intending to kill all the new born baby boys.”

Shinta was speechless.

“So this means… he’s my brother right?” Kenji said Kenshin faced him “Yeah… he is” “Finally… we found your son Kenshin… thanks to the dojo” Yoshi said

Kenji looked at Shinta who was still surprised at the situation. He then shook him “Hey… brother you okay?”

Shinta looked at Kenji “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” “What the? Why did you shout?” Yoshi said as he covered his ears “I’m just happy” Shinta said then smiled.

Kenshin went to where Shinta was and hugged him, after Keshin, Kenji hugged him and so did Yoshi.

“Why are all of you hugging” Kaoru suddenly popped out of nowhere “Mom… we found my long lost brother” Kenji said “Yeah…Kaoru” Yoshi agreed

“Kenshin is that true?” Kaoru looked at her husband. Kenshin nodded and pointed at Shinta using his lips

“I thought so!” Kaoru said then hugged Shinta. “No wonder you look like Kenshin” she added

“Let’s celebrate!” Kenshin said

“ALRIGHT!!!! That’s what I’ve been waiting for you to say” Yoshi said

That night they eat and drank.

Shinta had never been more happy like this. Finally he found his real parents and he knows what really happened on why he was lost.

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