No other (a parody of Maria Watches Over Us)

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How hard is it to say to someone that you don't share the same feelings with her?

Submitted: October 22, 2010

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Submitted: October 22, 2010



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>No Other< Sachiko was waiting patiently inside her house. She was waiting for her date: Tatsuya Syoka. She had liked him since they were very little and she kept that a secret to him and no one knew her feelings even her closest friend. She was very thankful for the day that their parents decided that they would be married to each other. At first she hesitated to it but agreed to it in the end since it was also a step in making Syoka notice that she’s in love with him.

Tatsuya Syoka is now in his car. He is about to pick Sachiko up, his date. He didn’t feel excited or anything because he doesn’t have feelings for her. He just sees Sachiko as a friend and not more than that. He worried when he accidentally found out about her feelings because he didn’t know how to say the truth that he doesn’t like her. So he decides to play it safe with her and not break her heart. But today he has gathered all his courage to tell her the truth.

Syoka has now reached the Ogasawara residence and he was let in the house. Not long after, Sachiko shows up in front of him and they left. They were already inside the car. Silence was surrounding them. Syoka was getting bored so he decided to speak with Sachiko “Sachiko, where would you like to go today?” Sachiko looked at Syoka who was looking on the road “To the park” “To the park it is” Syoka said as he drove towards it. The two went outside of the car and walked towards the bench in the park. They sat on it and looked at all the slides, swings and trees.

“It’s so lonely when children are not playing here” Sachiko said “Yeah…” Syoka agreed. Syoka felt uneasy being with Sachiko right now, and he always felt like this when he is with her. Not the uneasy feeling that he wanted to protect her but the uneasiness that he wants to spit out the truth and they would stop seeing each other. “Sachiko. Can I tell you something?” Sachiko looked at Syoka “Anything” Syoka swallowed hard ‘This is it’ he said in his mind. “You know that you’ve been my friend since we were little. And our parents are very close, and they even made an arranged marriage that’s why we’re seeing each other right now.” “Continue” Sachiko said “I am aware of your feelings towards me and I respect that… Sachiko… I’m sorry but I don’t see myself spending my life with you in the future” Syoka said looking at his feet, expecting she would cry. Sachiko felt her throat hurt and she was almost on the verge of crying when she heard what Syoka said. She didn’t know what to say… it stabbed her heart and it hurts very much. She felt that her energy was suddenly drained out.

Syoka looked at Sachiko and worried that she will cry. “Sachiko… i- I’m sorry…”

Sachiko looked at Syoka with tears streaming from her eyes “Is there something I’m lacking?” she held Syoka’s shoulders “Tell me… I’ll change for you”

“Sachiko you’re not lacking anything. It’s just that I don’t deserve you” Syoka said

“What? But you deserve me!” Sachiko let go of Syoka’s shoulders and put her hands on her face and began to cry

Syoka didn’t feel guilty about what he did and the scenery of Sachiko in front of him. But he felt sad, he now didn’t know what to do. “Want me to take you home?”

Sachiko wiped her tears and nodded. They went to the car and Syoka drove her home.

When they reached Sachiko’s house… “Sachiko… I’m sorry” Syoka said when Sachiko was about to go out the car Sachiko cleared her throat “Don’t be… it was my fault, I was expecting too much”. She went out of the car and inside the house.

Syoka bid his goodbye and went off.

Sachiko went straight to her room. She sat one her bed and began to cry again. For the first time she had felt hurt, weak and useless. Syoka played a big role on her life. He has been her first best friend and partner in crime. He brought the happy side of her. And with that she began to realize special feelings for him. But sadly he doesn’t feel the same way for her and he sees her only as a friend or rather best friend.

It might take time before she can recover from the heart ache that Syoka gave her. But she was thankful that she experienced that wonderful feeling of being in love and for making her realize that there’s no one else that will make her feel special and loved.

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