To the end of the world and back- rough draft

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Story I wrote after it happened while sitting in an airport contemplating what all had just happened. I moved down from Ohio to Vieques,Puerto Rico to potentially start a relationship with a girl I met on a previous trip. I had my doubts because of my own self hatred. It worked out in some ways. This is the story of what went through my head and how I viewed her. She was beautiful...

Submitted: May 10, 2015

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Submitted: May 10, 2015



Oct 23rd 2011. After many agonizing attempts at falling asleep, I gave up. I did however change into my Super Mario pajama bottoms, but besides the point. Looking back on my latest expedition. What was I trying to accomplish coming back to Puerto Rico? I came down with enough money to live on, no reliable source of income, and hell, not even sure about a place to sleep. Sounds pretty crazy to me now that i look at it. There was that girl, an old friend from before. My eyes were still persistently in love from the last visit. Then again, that was over a year ago. Both of us were dating other people. I never thought I would have a chance.

However, when I was developed, the great creator forgot a few things. When it comes to hooking up with girls, I totally don't believe in myself. I never could take a hint... Total lack of self confidence. I was either born without it or lost it somewhere along the way, but I always had a thing for the sparkle in this particular girl's eye. She lit up a room where ever she walked. A classic light skinned latina beauty with a smile that could melt the ice off of the coldest hearts. No taller than 5'2''.

We only talked to each other once in a great while. Just one day she caught me online. She found the answer on Facebook to one of those Somebody answered a question about you, find out who it is! Then I found out the question that was answered was the infamous Have you ever had a crush on this person? I still don't remember filling that out, or how it would of affected my life like it did. She asked me if it was true. I had no regrets. I told her I wouldn't deny that I thought the world of her. I just didn't know that she felt partially likewise about me. I was in shock.

At the time she was staying with her boyfriend... and breaking up with him. She said she was moving back to where we first met, Vieques, Puerto Rico. In the process, sh talked me into coming back down and said I could stay with her if I didn't already have a place to go. I figured with all my problems at home, I'd quit my job and buy a ticket.

August 16th, 2011 was the set date. My parents were against it. My grandparents thought it was a risky idea. I felt I had to put faith in something. So I jumped in. I held off any promises of a relationship, because I figured she would change her mind. Our only set plan was to hang out as friends and have a few drinks. Just as friends. So I got a ride to Detroit Metro the night before with some good friends. Stayed over night in the airport with another guy on his way back to his home in Iraq. We set up camp hovering around the only wall with an outlet available in the airport lounge. It was a sleepless night filled with anticipation for what was to come.

My flight made a stop in Charlotte, North Carolina on the way to going to San Juan. The whole trip was relaxing. I had high hopes and low expectations for what was ahead of me. When I landed in San Juan. The weather was hot and humid. We had a storm passing by in the days around my arrival date. I found my taxi driver and headed to the West coast of the island to the city of Fajardo. After that I was only an hour long boat ride to from Vieques.

She had planned to borrow a friends car to pick me up at the boat docks. Anticipation had my heart racing. I got to the docks late because the ferry we had to take was delayed (typical for Vieques travel.) When I came to the front of the passenger pickup. She wasn't there. I worried for a bit and then called her. There ws no answer. Then... it started to rain. So now I'm starting to worry. Maybe she passed by and said, "Oh shit, that's the guy? not how I remembered him" and passed by. If that was the case, then I'm homeless and it's raining. FUCK! Ten minutes went by.

Finally, my phone rang...

It was her. She just happened to stop by the store while waiting for the boat to come in. As soon as i hung up the phone, the rain began to slowly die down and turned to a calm mist. Then, she pulled up. It felt like a grade school crush being brought back in front of my eyes. She ran out of the car and we tried to talk, but neither of us could find the words to define the moment. We embraced and got into the car.

I was in shock. She just smiled and tried to talk. still nothing really came out. When I I entered the car, I was introduced to her roommate, her roommate's boyfriend, and their kids. She drove down to a neighborhood I wasn't familiar with. Everybody got out of the car, besides me and her. She was wearing a turquoise sun dress, and still as shy as she was at the dock.

Everybody had left the car.

I figured now was the best time to break the ice. I told her in a soft whisper, "Look, you're amazing. I'm in shock and really don't know what I'm doing here or what I did to get your attention. I just hope you don't write Return To Sender on my ass and ship me back."

Then came the moment of truth. She asked me the one thing I'm typically insecure about.

She smiled and asked "you always wear a hat?"

"Yeah, is that a problem?" I replied.

She grabbed me by the bill of my ball cap, I felt helpless but figured she would just pull it off my head like most people do. Instead she pulled me closer to her. She paused for a minute as if she stopped in embarrassment or a lapse in judgement. Although, it didn't stop me from coming closer. I went in for the kill. Our lips touched and I knew the direction we were headed in.

Like a professional athlete, this was like a game situation. The boat dock was just the warm up shots, the pregame, maybe even the opening minutes. Just feeling each other out and making ourselves known to each other. But in that particular moment, we were in the thick of things.

Soon afterwards, the others ran back to the car and we went back to her place. From that moment on, everything went together almost too perfectly.

We spent the next three or four days just getting to know each other. We spent time just talking, playing with her daughter, and explaining each others desires. I was in Vieques for almost a full week and it hit me that none of my close friends on the island even knew I was there. It never hit me. I really didn't think about it. She had my full attention. I got so caught up in being with her in such a short period of time.

That Friday, her roommate went to the main island of Puerto Rico. Which meant we had the house to ourselves for a change. We settled in nicely alone. It was a pleasurable night. Nobody to interrupt us and we had the night to ourselves.

I developed a new habit, just something I liked to do when I wanted her full attention, to say something straight from the heart. When I needed her close to me. I would lay down. have her lay on top of me, her legs beside my waist, my hands on her hips, and our eyes and lips just inches away. That night I had her do that exactly and told her how I felt.

I whispered softly, "I love you."

She squinted her eyes and smiled as big as always, she said it back and then I went on.

"I really do, its crazy how attached I've become in this time. I must have been crazy coming down here. But, it's been one of the best choices I have ever made. I just feels so perfect. I want to just sit here and hold you like this all night. I just... dont want to go to sleep... because this feels like a dream... and if it is... there's a chance you might not be here when I wake up."

She smiled and kissed me. She assured me that she would be right there next to me when I wake up the next morning. That was the last night we ever spent together...

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