Words of Wisdom, Tales from the Islands

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Short (True) story about a confessing some problems I had been dealing with after a break up. Was on an adventure in the Caribbean at the time and discussing views and worries with a friend.

PS. I'm not trying to be a great writer, I'm not looking to impress everybody, but I enjoy sharing stories and I love feedback. So please, feel free to send me whatever you feel is appropriate

Submitted: April 26, 2015

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Submitted: April 26, 2015



It had been a terrible day. My life was falling apart and the only thing I had left to look forward to was hopefully getting some work that evening. I hitched a ride across the island to our usual meeting spot. There I met up with my good friend and business partner. He pulled up in his vehicle, we greeted each other as always. Then I proceeded to get in, and we were off. Our only goal was to find a few minutes of isolation where none of the torment from the outside world could find us.

We finally found a place, a nice shady spot under a tree next to the small pier at the far end of the boardwalk, far enough away from any of the passing tourists or locals that might happen to pay attention to us. It was sunny. Very few clouds to keep the sun beating off our arms inside that little beat down pick up. But with the palm tree shading us, and the wind blowing a nice breeze and a mist from the ocean, it would have been heaven for anybody with a clear conscious.

He proceeded to pull out a plastic bag from his knapsack and I could smell the sweet scent of some high grade locally grown dank. It was the only thing that I felt could help with all the troubles resting on my mind. I was lost in thought for a moment. Women trouble had me in a trance thinking what if. A girl I had fallen too quickly for left back to New York with a former lover only mere weeks after I had just made my journey down to the Caribbean on her behalf. I had lost out once again. It made me angry, frustrated, I did everything right and still lost out on what I wanted. I started to feel hatred for all women. I looked over as my friend was pulling out a wrap for the smoke. I couldn't help keeping my mouth shut much longer.

"Man, every girl, every time they just seem to let me down! I put my heart and soul into everything for them and they shut me down like I mean nothing!"

He looked up from rolling the blunt calmly with his eyes hid behind a pair of shades. As if he was trying to see through me.I hit the dashboard and continued my rant.

"Why is it we are programmed to fall for these games when I could have been farther ahead in life. I could have done so much more but as a guy, I feel obligated to try to make things work every damn time!"

He continued with what he was doing, moving so carefully and precise while acknowledging that he was interested in this long monologue I had been rambling on... 

"I mean look at history, so many men could have done so much more besides trying to deal with women that didn't care. Hell, you don't have to go any farther than the first woman... Eve... If it wasn't for her stupidity, the whole human species wouldn't be born in sin. You think Adam wouldn't have been better off if she never existed?"

He had finished his process, he put the blunt in his mouth as I had finished and started to take a few puffs. After he passed it to me he said, "Would he have been better off? Probably, but who knows. But I think that he would of rather shared what he had with somebody, even if he lost the Garden of Eden. Because do you really have anything if you have nobody to share it with?"

I passed what was left of the blunt back to him and put my head down, I knew right then and there I couldn't throw him any sort of an argument... because I knew that's exactly why I was angry. I would have rather slept on the beach knowing I had someone to share the beautiful view with rather than living in the biggest house on the island knowing I was alone. We finished up that spliff while we joked around. As the blunt got smaller, so did our problems and our cares. He was all I had in that moment, a coworker, a friend, the only person I had to bounce thoughts off of to keep me from losing my mind.

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