coricidin dream

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this is a story of when my friend and i used drugs and this is the way i think of it today

Submitted: January 29, 2010

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Submitted: January 29, 2010



Coricidin Dream


There is a being of tissue and bone that bares the burden of knowledge. For if it wasn’t for knowledge he would not have the acknowledgment of knowing his purpose. There would only be joy and happiness in his existence. So as he slaves threw his strenuous labor he has a flash of his time on this ball of water that floats in continues nothing. This flash only lasts a moment but is a slide-show of a time and place where he was artificially happy.

  He was sitting in a room that was surrounded by perished non-nomadic life. The ceiling was made of expanded glue shaped in triangles surrounded by squares. Also in this room was a boy not yet a man. His label to society was Charles. The two life forms had engulfed a large quantity of small spheres that contained another way to see the material that made the room a living room. The plush animals that made the seats they could relax on. The box that showed other humans in there darkest, happiest, and most strenuous of times. And they sat in utter silence as they began their journey to their infinite imagination. Once the spheres took over their body they began to laugh and speak of times remembered. Times of triumph and foolishness. 

Once they had tipped the point of hallucination they began to see the illusion of things and people. They engulfed the sights as a look into the deepest part of the ball of tissue encapsulated inside the package of bone that sat atop the structure or vessel that cared them across the dead and decomposed land. The sight of the creator of sin and destruction pushed the two to complete cause and insanity. Imaging the horrifying sight quickly lead them to a discussion of all that is taboo. This long and difficult contemplation of life and the meaning of ate at the artificial disease that overtook their mind. This in turn slowly led them to a form of ritualistic unconsciousness.

The following sight of fire in the heavens awoke the two. As the time goes on they focus on the sights and acts of complete and utter lack of intelligence they can envelope the time and place they had artificial happiness.

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coricidin dream

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