Lost Among Dreams

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This is a story about a girl named Aveline Rogers. Her mother is currerntly in the hospital and no has a reason as to why she is. Aveline must find out why her mother is in the hospital and find out about many dark secerts her mother has hid from her. Can Aveline cope with what she will find, or will she crumble from her own despair?

Submitted: December 28, 2013

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Submitted: December 28, 2013



Chapter 1: The Secret door

Aveline wakes up in a cold sweat unable to remember what she had dreamt about. She sat up rubbing the sleep away from her eyes trying to remember what could of made her feel so sick, so scared. What was in her dream to cause her to wake up in a panic. She sat there looking around her room, but something felt off, as if she wasn't in her room. The atmosphere in her room was different, somewhat chilling and dark. She got up from her bed to open her curtains but it was barely light outside, so she looked over at her alarm clock. 

"6:15, Jeez. Maybe I should-" she was cut off by a chilling wind that ever so lightly brushed against the back of her legs. She jerked around to see if there was anyone behind her, but there wasn't. She wondered where the wind could of come from, she looks towards her door to see that it is wide open. 

"Didn't I lock my door before I went to bed last night?" She thought to herself as she walked towards the door, as if something, or someone had opened it. 
She peered her head outside the door and looked down the hall, she saw nothing but darkness. She walked out into the hall and flipped the light switch. As the hall lit up, she heard a knock at the door downstairs. 

"COMING!" she yelled, she was wondering who would be knocking at the door this early in the morning. 

As she walked down the hall, she noticed herself in the mirror on the wall. She noticed her blonde hair was very messy so she decided to throw it up into a pony tail to make herself look somewhat presentable. She had bags under her eyes, showing she was having a hard time sleeping as of late. She turned away from the mirror, almost forgetting she had to answer the door until they banged on her door once again. 

"I'm coming, jesus who the hell would be the rude to knock on someones door at this hour anyways?!" she said  hastly making her way to the door, "Just answer your damn door." A man said from the other side, seeming impatiant. She opens the door to notice that it's her friend Darren. 
"Why the hell are you here this early, please don't tell me you've come to raid my kitchen at this early in the damn morning Darren." She says sarcastically, as he pushes past her and goes towards the dining room. 
"Come here, we need to talk, Avey, it's about your mom." He says worriedly. 
She walks into the dining room and sits next to Darren, and begins to look at him. His black hair was unkempt, and the ends of his bangs were slightly curly. His eyes had a certain sadness to them, the grayness of his eyes was lighter than normal, and he also had bags under his eyes. She wondered if he'd been getting enough sleep lately, his shoulders were hunched down as he brushed his hand through his hair. He looked up at her, with a sad expression, that was almost unreadable. 
"What is it Darren, you seem like it's really important so spit it out." she said as she reached over and grabbed his hand. 

"She woke up for about 15 minutes, then went back into a coma" he looked away from her grabbing his shoulder with his other hand. "She said something as well, I don't exactly know what she meant by it, but I'm sure it was meant for you to hear, "The banks of the river can be erased, the wind of time can not be undone, within the door is only meant for the one, find the vault, find the key only then the answer will be" is what she said, but I have no clue as to what she could of been talking about" he said almost looking as if he were in a dazed state of mind. "I've been trying to figure out what it meant, but it seems like a riddle that I can't solve, do you perhaps know what she was talking about Avey?" He asked questionly while staring into her eyes with a serious gaze. 
"Hmm, The banks of the river can be erased, the wind of time can not be undone, within the door is only meant for the one....Wait my mom had a room full of books, maybe it isn't exactly a riddle. Maybe theres a secret door in her library? But wait, why would she of had a secret room, It's weird, but it's a possibilty." she says in an unsure voice. " Find the vault, find the key only then the answer will be, that makes no sense, in order to get into a vault wouldn't you need the key, and why is the key the answer, wait yeah maybe within the vault she has something hidden, I'm not sure at all about this, but it's definently something to check out" she smiles at him leading him upstairs, they walk past several doors until she stops and opens the door to her mothers library. 
Darren stares in awe at how big the room was, books filled the selves along each wall. If there was a secret room here, were would it be she thinks about it. The banks of the river can erased, the wind of time can not be undone. She looks through the books searching for something about rivers, and time. She finds a few but nothing that opens anything. She continues to look around, but she finds nothing, until she stares at her mothers desk in the middle of the room. There was a small old fashioned alarm clock with a river ingraved along the sides of it. She picks it up but it does nothing so she begins to examine it. Still nothing, she sets it back down onto the desk and hears a slight click. Darren jumps as he sees a drawer from the desk open by itself. She looks down at it inspecting it, she runs her fingers across the wood until she finds a button. 

"Darren theres a button here, in the drawer!" He continues to stare at the drawer like a wide eyed child who thought they saw a monster under there bed. 

"Do y-you think you s-s-should press it, w-what if something bad wa-a-as to happen" he stammers, finding a loss for words, "I think we'll be fine, I'm sure she wouldn't have anything dangerous here, don't worry Darren" she responds trying to be a reassuring as she possibly could be. But she was nervous too. 

What could this button open exactly, a door like she thought, or something that would make her regret ever setting foot into this room. She slides her finger across the button, and slightly pushes it down until they hear a loud click that echoes through out the room. Could whatever they find be the answer to why her mom went into a sudden coma, or is it something that could help her? So many questions flood Aveline's mind as a bookself slowly rises up. 

Find out what they find behind this door in Chapter 2. 
What do you think it could be? Something good, bad or possibly both?
Chapter 2 coming soon.

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